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My House is a mood

Or rather, my house has a mood.

I wish I was exaggerating.

We shifted to this house last year in June, during the pandemic. We had specific requirements. We didn't know how long we were going to be working from home, so we wanted a good view. After much searching, this is the view we ended up with:

The colors of the water change by the hour:

It gets spectacular in the evenings:

And dramatic when it rains:

Not showing off, but this is not a bad view to live with. We hang out on the window, instead of watching TV. And we get amazing breeze from the sea. On most days, we don't even turn on the fan. In Singapore, not turning on fans and air conditioning is like an influencer not going on social media for an hour. Improbable. And yet, we didn't!

The problem is, its all dependent on the mood of the house. Almost like the house is a child. A child who has a talent, but refuses to show it when guests come.

When we first moved here, we were excited to have guests over and show off the view and the breeze. After much planning and setting up, when the first guests arrived, almost as if on cue, the breeze stopped. The sea became dull. Nothing to see. Nothing to feel. None of what we felt everyday. 

Husband and I fretted around wondering what happened to the breeze. After an hour, unable to see our guests sweating uncomfortably, we turned on the air conditioning. For the first time since we moved to the house.

And then it happened again. Every time we have guests, it's like our house goes into a suspicion zone:

Who came? 👀
Why are they here? 👀
Why do I need to treat them well? 👀
Do they deserve a good view? 👀
Do they really need breeze? 👀

As usual, we wait for it to warm up to the guests. Sometimes it happens, most times, as soon as guests leave, the breeze starts.

Till recently, most guests were over only for a few hours. And then, as borders opened, we got long term guests. When my in-laws joined us for a couple of weeks, I realised, the house wasn't unaccepting of guests, it just took time to open up.

The first 2 days, my in-laws got the same treatment as all guests. No breeze, lots of sweat, dull views. I tried joking to them about the mood of the house and as of the house heard, it only made it worse. 

And then slowly, when the house realised they were here to stay, it started giving in. Finally, one evening, they were treated to a glorious view and amazing breeze and that broke the ice. From then on, it was amazing.

Like a child who finally made friends with the guests.

I love my house, but I wish it wasn't so moody. Really. 


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