Friday, April 16, 2021

Day 16: The Sanity Prompt


How are you? Last year's situation brought us to the test. It wasn't only COVID-19 that gave us a lot of stress, though it might have been the main culprit. Mental health incidents could happen at work or even at home. Many have also experienced it. Write a poem about these experiences.


In March, it was shock,
In April, all emotions under lock.
In May, I was baking.
In June, happiness faking.
In July, video calls.
In August, juggling many balls.
In September, work took over life
In October, Konmaried many a strife.
In November, Mandala'd my time
In December, made lemonade from wasted lime.
In January, waited with hope.
In February, accepted it's hard to cope.
It's March, one year since we went home.
Was time stuck or flying?

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Day 15: The Uncertainty Prompt


This a migrant’s life. There’s always uncertainty, no matter how capable we are. Write about what you feel about a current situation at work or in your life.

Uncertain Poem

Should it be haiku 

or should i not bother to

count the syllables?

Or should it be a limerick?

I can make it quick

And make the AABBA rhyme

Simple and sublime.

But it won't sound exotic.

Well, I could make an acrostic poem

Hope everyone sees through the mayhem

Only the smart will figure out

Know what the poem is about

No, it's not about uncertainty

Or is it? I can't say with certainty

Who knows that the first letters of each

Sentence will cause the big breech.

Day 14: The Change Prompt


The only constant in this world is change. Have you been affected by any changes lately? It could be your job, hobbies, or the people that you hang out with. Changes happen everyday. Is this your perspective in life? What triggers you to change? Write a poem about your changes.

Change is the only constant. I propose to change our Fairy Tales. Here's Cindrella with a twist.

Cinderella on Insta

In 2020 lockdown, a girl named Cinderella was stuck,
Living with bad roommates and even worse luck.
They kept the house dirty and her OCD kicked in,
She kept cleaning all the time, spreading herself too thin.

Between the non-stop zoom calls and the messy house,
She didn't have time to even wear a decent blouse,
Tiny, dirty, ragged, overworked and tired,
Her friends joked she was the maid they never hired.

Then one fine night, her friends got drunk and
Before they knew, an Insta live party was planned.
They finally had a chance to get ready,
To enjoy with others and dance already!

Cinderella looked at her pyjama
And said with a bit of melodrama,
No one really cares what I wear, 
I'll wear my pyjama, to herself she declares.

The day of the party arrived, 
Cinderella woke up, sleep deprived,
I cannot wear a pyjama, what was I thinking!
They already think I'm a maid, now they'll think I'm drinking.

As she worriedly cradled her coffee cup,
A shiny pop-up on her phone lit up.
"Are you looking for a dress to wear?
Our rented clothes will end your despair!"

For a second, Cinderella was creeped out,
What else does this app know about?
But then, the chance to reprieve her pride,
Made her put her worries aside.

She selected a subscription and paid the price,
Then found a dress that seemed nice.
The dress was to arrive at 8 pm that day,
And by 12 am that night, it had to be sent away.

When the dress arrived, she jumped up in joy,
All work and no play didn't make her no dull boy.
She was all pumped up to show them she was cool,
Yes, she loved cleaning, but she was no fool.

In her lovely black sequin dress,
The whole room she could possess,
She straightened up and puffed her hair 
And walked through perfume in the air.

Then she turned on her Insta live,
Only to go into a major crash drive.
Everyone looked ragged and dirty,
Because, it was a PYJAMA PARTY.

Oh my god, Cindrella cried,
Her heart sank and died.
How? How could she not have known
That a pyjama party was being thrown?

As the others stared at her,
Things started to blur,
She excused herself and made a call,
Asking the app to reverse it all.

"Oh, but Ma'am, you have already paid,
Subscriptions cannot be cancelled, I'm afraid.
It is almost like you are now our slave,
You will take this subscription to your grave."

Dismayed, Cinderella looked at the watch,
It's almost 12 am, cried her fake Swatch.
In her mind, she made a devious plan,
She decided, she would convince the delivery man.

When the doorbell rang,
With her best smile, up she sprang.
"Oh hi there, how you doing?
How are things? What's brewing?"

And then when she looked at him,
She let out a squeal on a whim.
The delivery-man, Prince, looked amused.
His smile, naughty, but innocence infused.

Unable to let the drama on any more,
She told him the story of the dress she wore.
"Ah, I see, I understand your problem,
Get me a scissors and don't look so glum."

He took the scissors and expertly made a slit,
It looked like the dress was torn just a little bit.
Then he called the customer care and cried,
"This lady tore the dress and then denied!!

I strongly recommend we cancel her plan,
Women like her deserve a lifelong ban,
She cannot respect a dress as it is,
I say, we don't need you, sis."

Ten minutes later, her amount was refunded,
As she changed into pyjamas, her heart pounded.
Prince and she were engulfed in laughter
And they lived happily every after.

Day 13: The Me, Myself and I Prompt


Believe in yourself. Know your self worth. This is what we often hear from our families and friends everytime we confide in them. Write a poem about you. Have you been compared to someone else? How do you motivate yourself?

Letter from me in Apr 2021 to me in Apr 2019

Dear P, you are not going to believe this,
But right now, you are just in pure bliss.
Next year, you will be making banana bread,
While the world around you will be falling dead.

I know, I know, this sounds very very dumb.
But you just have to see what I have become.
I now happily wear my best pyjamas to work,
And consider a visit to the supermarket a perk.

We stopped going to office a while back,
The whole day is a back to back zoom attack.
You know, the zoom you used rarely?
Well, soon you will be off that barely.

You need to sit down for the next part.
Me and you are now a world apart.
You hate running and all things exercise,
I now run everyday under the open skies.

You are probably thinking you got the wrong letter,
But trust me, you are doing so much better.
Next year, everything will seem like nightmares
I would strongly recommend you start your prayers.

And before I end, one word of advise,
In 2020, to everyone be nice.
Everyone's going through the same shit as you
Being kind and nice is the least you can do.

Monday, April 12, 2021

Day 12: The Generator Prompt

The Generator Prompt 

In the year of ’21, it’s time to gamble.

1. Go to
2. Click the button seven times to generate a title. This is the title of your poem.
3. Click the button seven times to generate another title. These words must appear within the body of your poem (not necessarily in the generated order).
4. Click the button seven times to generate a third title. These words must appear within the final line of your poem (not necessarily in the generated order).
5. Write the poem. (Remember to show us the hand you were dealt!)

Title 1: Greener Rendevouz of God
Title 2: Shape & Shape
Title 3: Study for Drunk Path

I couldn't fit in title 3. Not working out!

Greener Rendevouz of God

Somewhere, down in tree heaven,
Green angels gather at the usual den,
"How many did your human kill today?
Not more than mine, I pray."

"Hah, you wish, you've no clue.
Mine just managed to kill a cactus too!"
And so they sit around and often discuss,
About how we kill so many plants amongst us.

"My human bought a succulent plant.
And horror of horror, tried a transplant.
What will take him to get it in his head,
No matter what he does, his succulent is dead."

"This one lady I know scrolled on Instagram
And decided she wants the next best thing to a farm.
She attempted to grow a kitchen garden,
I only hope, for her sins, she gets a pardon."

"The only thing my human can grow,
Is a money plant that needs no show.
No matter what you do, this resilient plant never dies,
No water, no mud, this shape, that shape, the nature it defies."

In all my spying in green heaven, I learnt of a new twist,
I saw my photo on the Most Wanted Green List!
I have killed so many plants, they trust me no more.
If I buy one more plant, I am told I am done for.

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