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Having a baby is so many levels of discoveries daily, it never ceases to amaze. But somewhere in those big changes that keep happening every single day are small moments that just melt your heart. 

Little Lego turns 5 months old today. I thought I should write down some of those small moments before he turns older and in the new discoveries, I forget what made me so happy in those moments.

  • For a while, Lego believed all music originated from Mummy. Every time he heard something melodious, he would look at me. That's because I would sing a lot to him. But that look he would give me was precious. Even if someone sang something nice on TV, he would look towards me. For a few days there, I was the best singer on earth for someone!
  • When he was just a month old, he loved the light from the window. Every morning, he would lie on the bed beside me and stare out of the window, have conversations with the sun. That was all it took to entertain him back then!
  • He gleams when he is happy! Like literally. His smile extends the whole face and his eyes lit up!
  • When he drinks milk and he is satisfied, he stops and give you the biggest, most satisfactory smile ever. I wish I was that happy after every meal!
  • He loves screaming. He opens his mouth assuming a scream will emerge every time. But sometimes, it takes effort. And when the effort pays off, you have the cutest screams emerge from the little body.
  • The way he plays with his hands - he holds them up, observes them, keeps rubbing them and eventually puts them in his mouth.
  • He cuddles and snuggles in the nights, if you are beside him on the bed. The cutest snuggles. Puts his hand on you to rest it!

I could go on and on. But then that's what the blog is for. For now, happy 5th month, Lego! Here's looking forward to many more such small moments.



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