Rain, rain. Go away?

You can tell a lot about a city by how it deals with rain.

I grew up in Delhi. Delhi has a spattering of monsoon showers. Touch and go. It will be sweltering hot. That in-between period when the cooler is no longer effective and the possibly huge AC bill lingers on your head. You will be cursing the weather gods. News about rains from other parts of the country will become anathema. All conversations will start and end with talks about rains. And then, finally, it happens. An extremely hot afternoon will suddenly give way to dark intense clouds and a heavy downpour. Just like that. 

And just like that, people stop working. There'll be plans for pakaude and chai. People will rush home early. And just as suddenly as it started, it stops raining and work resumes. I cannot count the number of times I missed school because, rain. 

Maybe it's meant to be like that by design. Rain makes people in Delhi wait for it. We are at the flag end of monsoons. After the whole country has its fill…


The good news is, I still come to my blog when I have to vent. So, basically, the blog has a space in my life. Yay.

Now that we have established that, let's move on to the venting. 

My piano. My beautiful keyboard. Stopped working. 😟

I am not a great piano player. I was a horrible piano student, when I tried learning professionally a couple of years back. 

But I do know this. I love playing the piano. 

I don't learn all the typical songs. I am not good at reading notes. I am not a speed player. I cannot play in front of people (other than family). But I love figuring out notes and chords of random songs I love and then keep playing them again and again and again, till I can hear the notes in my sleep. 

That's my MO. And I can't do that now. And I am feeling so bad about that, I am sitting here in office fuming, silently wiping away my tears because I just learnt it can't be fixed.

My keyboard was a good companion. When I moved to Singapore, Sherlock lugged it all the way…

Day 33: On writing

Ok, so now is when I conclude my blogathon. 
Because of some logistical challenges of posting on LinkedIn too, I ended up falling short of a few posts. But, now I am actually done with all posts, so yay!
For all those who read or commented, heartfelt thank you. I hope I entertained you in some way.
So, what are my thoughts at the end of 33 days of writing?

Writing everyday is so hard. But, it also gives a weird high. When I finish a new post and hit publish at 12 in the night, I felt like I accomplished something and I felt nice. I hope to continue my run in this month too.I am now a  poet! I have never written a poem in my life. I have blogged for 10 years, written more than 250 articles, but never a poem. It started as a joke on the second night when I didn't have time to write something long. And somewhere around the 5th day, subconsciously, I decided I am writing a poem everyday. And just like that, I am now 24 poems old.This one is hard to write but I think I am going to go ahead…

Day 32: The Future is Here

When I was young, 2020 was far away.
A distant future that will arrive some day.
What amuses me is that 2020 is almost here,
With none of the futuristic things expected of this year.
I was expecting to travel in flying cars everyday.
Zipping and zooming through a clear airway.
And yet here I am stuck in traffic as I write this.
Weaving between potholes, that resemble an abyss.
I imagined we would be no longer eating solid food.
We would be swallowing only food substitute pills for good.
I was thinking about this while gorging on a huge dinner,
The pills better come soon, so we can all be thinner.
I remember we thought some of us would stay on Mars,
And we could visit each other in space cars.
I know Elon Musk says it will happen soon,
But for now we're stuck fighting with earthly real estate goons.
Science fiction books did predict one of the trends,
They said we'll have more robots and less human friends,
This one they got partly right, we must accept,
More than real, our virtual…

Day 31: Z for Zoo

If the order of nature was the other way round,
If animals were free and humans were bound,
I wonder what cages in the zoo we would be put in,
Where animals would point at us, stare and grin.

This cage here is the Corporatus Sapien species.
You can see how they are split into Boss and worker bees.
They are often seen huddling in rooms, pointing at a screen with images
If you listen carefully, you can hear jargon in their cages.

Let's move on. This cage is the Techno Sapien species.
They are always on the mobile phone and have "social" tendencies".
They are often seen moving their fingers on the screen in a continuous motion
Scientists believe their fingers are optimised for "scroll" locomotion.

Here what you see are the Videogamus Sapien species.
They live in alternate game worlds of their own fancies.
They are often seen shooting and shouting at the screen.
They look violent, but are mostly harmless, just too absorbed in the scene.

My favourite though is the Politicus Sa…

Day 30: Y for Youth

The good news first! In my blogathon, which started a few days before A to Z, I complete one month today, i.e. 30 days of writing every single day. I feel stupidly proud of this. I will write more on this after the blogathon actually finishes. Till then, here's the Day 25 post of A to Z challenge:
Here's a list of dialogues I know for a fact, kids today will not understand:

"Hang up the phone, I am trying to dial-up the internet."
"The site's loading. Should be done in 30 minutes, I bet."
"Damn, I clicked the party photos, but forgot the camera roll."
"Only 23 pics per camera roll, please exercise control."

"Shhh. Waiting for my favourite song on radio, so I can record it."
"The cassette tape has come out again, shit."
"Now press Record and Play together to record the song."
"When you are recording, resist the urge to sing along."

"Argh. My favourite song is the 3rd track on Side B.&qu…

Day 29: X for Find X

I remember in my last A to Z blogathon too, for X, I had a bunch of mathematics problems.I stand by my logic I gave back then. We need to upgrade our math problems, otherwise how would kids relate to them? Here's a look at a modern mathematics examination paper.
Time given: 10 minutes
On his calendar, Jack has 5 meetings everyday,
Of which in 30%, he has nothing to say.
3 in 5 times, the meetings have no decisions in sight,
What's the rate at which Jack must accept a meeting invite?
Leena posts an update on LinkedIn,
And gets likes at the rate of10 per min.
A typical "Linked Influencer" has 3000 likes per post,
At what rate per min, would Leena reach there almost?
A fake news goes viral in 2.5 hours,
Make that twice as fast if it's about a favourite politician of ours.
How many fake news detectors per hour would it take,
To control the spread of fake news, for sanity's sake?
As a software engineer, Robin makes $100,000 per year,
But this year, she read…