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IPL Statistics!

So now that IPL is over, we can all take a sigh of relief, sit back, and enjoy other things on the TV (like discussions on the IPLGate on News! ;) ). But, as a closing ceremony, we thought, we'll wind up IPL with some analysis and graphs this time.  The first analysis is "My Support Versus Positive Outcome". The graph as you can see, is pretty much self-explanatory: By the above analysis, it goes without saying, I solely blame myself for (a) Delhi Daredevil's humiliating ouster (b) Deccan Charger's Loss in the Semis (c) Mumbai's stupendous performance throughout (d) The not so good Zoozoo Ads this time  (e) The unfortunate theft of Dhoni's Maxx Phone, again, and again, and again  (I didn't want his phone stolen, so that the stupid ad would go off air. Alas!) (f) The MRF blimp's unstoppable, successful fly in the air (g) Akshay Kumar's extremely annoying, "hair-pull" inducing laugh, becoming an anthem on TV (h) The Oh-So-Cute Smile of Shane Wa…

Could This BE Any More Sweet? :)

So, the very awesome rocking DI has generously given us an award! Yayy for her! :) And of course, Yayy for the blog and moi! :) 
The rules of the award: 1. Thank the person that gave this to you
2. Copy the award and put it on your blog.
3. List 3 things you love about yourself 4. Post a picture you love (e.g a person you adore etc.)
5. Tag 5 people you wish to pass this award on to.
On to it! Thank you DI for this very sweet award. If I could, I would pass the award back to you, because I genuinely enjoy reading your blog. A Lot! :)
Check Rule 1. The very cute award:
Check Rule 2.
Now for Rule 3. This was the most interesting part. I have the ability to find humour in all situations! So, deceitful Autowallahs, crowded metros, long waits, my inability to get a driver's license for 2 long years, all find their ways into posts tagged "humour". Best example is of course, the fact that I laugh like an idiot on scary rides in amusement parks. What? I find that funny too!I have the sil…

Summer Came When We Were Falling Out!

I have been thinking of a good reason why I haven't posted in a while. It's not that things haven't been happening. There was the mindblowing vacation in Japan, the new found love of my life - my brand new, sleek and super smart iPod Touch, also a by-product of the afore-mentioned trip, the exhilaration of 2 international technical publications in 1 month (Yeah, now I am just bragging! I know! ;) ), the airport incident, the grandparent's visit. Basically, life was happening. But, lethargy unfortunately, took precedence over all this, and I just could not get myself to write! I am back now, basically to rant. About the heat, as the title suggests.

I have always loved summers. Most people look shocked when I say that, but I do. Really. The reasons, I have always stated as (a) Mangoes, (b) Lemonade and (c) Bhindi (Ladyfinger). But here's a revelation. The principle reason why I loved summers was Vacations! Two and a half months of blissful laziness, no school/college,…