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Muskurahaton Ke..Bahaane Aise Hai

Are there any awards for consistently infrequent bloggers? I should totally get that! :) But, I have been "good" busy! The type of "busy" that keeps me happy. How have you all been? In good spirits, may I assume? Lots happened, nai? Kingfisher crashed. Europe got messed up. Whitney Houston died. Indian economy is on a seesaw. The cricket team's definitely a goner. SRK too for that matter. Politicians still suck. The master designer rests in peace somewhere, feasting on Apple. On the happy front, George Clooney's hot again. Djokovic is on a roll! Grey's Anatomy is worth watching again. The weather's awesome! And the blog celebrates its 3rd birthday! :) In other words, life is normal. Touchwood. But most importantly, an year of MBA almost comes to an end. Can you believe this? Time flies, and how! Its been fun. A roller coaster ride - Crazy induction days with less than 3 hours of sleep, summer placements, sleeping in classes, non-stop and I have to repe…