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I don't think we stress enough on change. Everything around us changes at breakneck speeds and we refuse to go along. Hang on by the skin of our teeth.
Take for instance, how we entertain our kids. Story-telling. No harm, really. But the same old stories? I mean, everything that sets up contexts for these stories has changed. Then why expect kids to relate to the "Once Upon a Time" stories.
Fear not. Yours Truly is on the case, as always. I tried to modernize some of the classic moral stories, for our future generations.
For your perusal wonly, this:
1. The Classic Story About Unity
Original Story:  Once upon a time, there was an old man, who had three sons. All three would always quarrel amongst themselves. When the old man fell sick, he was very worried that his sons would continue fighting after he died. So, he called them to his bed and gave each of them a stick. He told them to try and break the stick. Pooh. Very simple. In one attempt, all three broke their sticks. Then …