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Under the Table and Dreaming..

Don't even ask. Where have I been, what have I been doing, why wasn't I blogging, why am I invisible? One word reply - B-School.
If I wanted to talk about that, I wouldn't be blogging which also explains my absence all this while. But here's what I want to talk about!
So, I came across Matt Haig's website and his lists excited me enough to actually open the Blogger dashboard and write. Here's my collection of lists:
Things I Love: City Lights at night that twinkle when I wrinkle my eyes John Mayer's songs on a loop Sitting on a beach with feet sinking in the sand and crystals in the hair Hot Pakodis and jalebi on a rainy day Green fields rushing by in a blur on a highway drive Hanging your head down from the Upper berth on the train to scare someone Looking at class photographs from 20 years back and recognizing people Lazy Sunday brunch at home Gossiping with my sister at 1 in the night The extremely rare moments when I feel I photographed well! Compliments! Meeting peop…