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Radio Ga Ga

If I had to pick a low point in Indian advertising, I would pick Radio ads. I spend 2 hours listening to radio everyday and this is the split of the listening content:

3% - Good songs17% - Songs that are so bad, you would rather scratch your nails on a blackboard and wince in irritation than listen to these songs10% - RJs talking, most of whom I don't mind at all70% - Ads. So many ads. Random ads. Bad ads. Ads. Ads. And Ads.

In fact, the ads are so bad, that I didn't even want to add my sarcastic comments to them. They are funny in themselves. (But of course, I just had to add my comments too). I collected the best samples from Bangalore radio ads. Have a look:

Ad 1: Husband: Honey, do you realize how much time we spend indoors? I wake up in the bedroom - indoors, sit in a car and go to office - indoors, attend meetings - indoors, work - indoors and come home to...
Wife: ..Indoors. Oh my god, yes! It's the same with the kids!
Husband: And that's why, I booked a villa in XYZ …