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Fruits of Passion

That's it. I need to find myself a passion. I don't have a passion! Oh wait. I do. I do pursue certain things with all seriousness. For instance, the past 3 months, the most number of calls I have made, have been to Airtel. That is a passion now, isn't it? I call them and I talk to them for hours, discuss my problems with them and bang my head when I dial 1 for English, but it doesn't matter to them. I am very passionate about these call center people. One genius who filled up my form on my behalf, was of dear, sweet Gujju origin. Despite my pleading to her, she didn't understand that the entire world does not adopt their fathers' name as middle names, and most definitely, do not add a Bhai at the end of it. So I took up the cause of explaining this to her. Very passionately. Now my Airtel bill has 180 characters, which include my expanded name, my father's expanded name and a Bhai at the end. That's something to show off for passion, ain't it? :D I am…