Fruits of Passion

That's it. I need to find myself a passion.
I don't have a passion! Oh wait. I do. I do pursue certain things with all seriousness.
For instance, the past 3 months, the most number of calls I have made, have been to Airtel. That is a passion now, isn't it? I call them and I talk to them for hours, discuss my problems with them and bang my head when I dial 1 for English, but it doesn't matter to them. I am very passionate about these call center people. One genius who filled up my form on my behalf, was of dear, sweet Gujju origin. Despite my pleading to her, she didn't understand that the entire world does not adopt their fathers' name as middle names, and most definitely, do not add a Bhai at the end of it. So I took up the cause of explaining this to her. Very passionately.
Now my Airtel bill has 180 characters, which include my expanded name, my father's expanded name and a Bhai at the end. That's something to show off for passion, ain't it? :D
I am also very passionate about rains. Never was earlier, till I landed in Mumbai. I deemed it a mistake in the database up above, the first time it rained for 72 hours straight, without a break. Now, I know better. I know, that its not a mistake, its a blunder. They forgot to turn off the taps! If you can't stop it, become a part of it. So, I became passionate about rains. I sniff the air, and I know when it will rain. I search desperately on the internet with search phrases like "how to keep the shelves safe from dampness", only to discover that this has been searched by many people before me. I laugh surreptitiously when friends in Delhi post on Facebook saying, "Half an hour of rain! Traffic jams again!" It doesn't rain for exactly half an hour in Mumbai. I guess that's the time when the tanks up above run out and spit out the remains on Delhi.
I have recently discovered, I am passionate about shouting matches too. I can't seem to find a more suitable end to my day, than Arnab Goswami shouting, "SWEET DREAMS!!". My passion is at its peak, when I am following the participants on his show on Twitter, watching them bicker on TV and online, especially when I can't understand either side, and Arnab over-shouts over and above, all of them. At times, I take a couple of utensils and bang them loudly while all this happens, just to feel more energized!
Amongst my other passions is finding a substitute for Google Reader. I know. Feedly, right? But the real passion emerges when your office laptop blocks Chrome and you are forced to make do with Internet Explorer 8. Feedly doesn't work on that. Neither does Pulse, nor does Old Reader, or Newblur or NetVibes. You name it. I have tried them all diligently. And my passion doesn't let me rest. It has been 2 months, and I am on the 8th page of Google Search results for "Google Reader Alternatives" and I believe, one day, pretty soon, I will find one that is suitable for IE 8.
My heart is overwhelmed with all these passions I follow. Why take up a new, more meaningful one like music or football or movies or Game of Thrones. I have my hands full!


  1. Hey Preeti, quite a passionate post and in Mumbai, one need to be full of passion to get things done:)

  2. Say hello to no chrome and IE8! It sucks! But I took Bloglovin just now, worked like a charm! Try it :)

  3. Like we get used to the rain, you get used to IE (cmon..for me..please..)

  4. The Other SIde of LifeThursday, September 05, 2013


  5. The Other SIde of LifeThursday, September 05, 2013

    Didn't open in mine. :-/

  6. The Other SIde of LifeThursday, September 05, 2013

    Do you work in Microsoft by any chance? :D


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