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Perspectives. Nazariya.

People often ask me this question, "Do you travel for your job?". 
Immediately my mind spirals into a vortex with scenes running in my head. Of batch-mates' Facebook check-ins in Dubai, New York, London, Amsterdam. Of check-ins in the Heathrows and the JFK Airports. Of fancy pictures on the top of Burj Al Arab, on the Greenwich Line, of snow and snowstorms. Of shopping in Hong Kong. 
And then, like a switch pressed, I suddenly see scenes of Long highways, green fields, thatched huts.
I shake myself out of the reverie, politely smile and say, "Not much travel."

The fact is, I cannot do Facebook check-ins for the Pasiyadongris and Lunawadas and Dedh Gaons. So, yes, I travel quite a lot, and I travel across the country side, over highways, into villages, talk to farmers, see a side of India most young people have no idea of and no, I do not hate it! :D

The thing with travel like this is, you get a new perspective on everything. I know it isn't ideal, but its still …


Believe me when I say this, I did a lot of research before writing this post. I went through each one of your blogs to understand the nomenclature. By general consensus, the nomenclature seemed to be a mutual and exclusive subset of:
Set = {Dude, P, Partner, Murali, Hero, AB, He}
I then systematically went about exploring options and wrote down pros and cons. Like for instance:
Since there can be only 1 Dude, we have to strike that off - DudeP is unrelated. *I* could be called P, though. So P.Partner. Interesting. But I might have to cut that out on account of the fact that it reminds me too much of office jargon. So Partner.The Man. Too stereotypical. Man.M or eM. Hmm. Has a nice ring to it. But, I don't know. eM sounds a bit doubtful. Like umm? So M or eM.The Boy. I like this. But on second thoughts, why give him the advantage of always sounding young? Nope. The Boy.And so, after analysing many more such names, I finally singled out a name. 
*Drum Roll*
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Please al…

O+ve for Life

*Mush post alert*
See. The thing is this. We are all filled with cynicism. And why not? Bad roads, bad weather, bad politicians, bad news anchors, bad job, bad salary, bad boss, bad, bad, bad. Its easy to be cynical.
But you know, it could have been a lot worse. Why? Oh well. So much more could have gone wrong, right? We owe the normalcy in our life to many more unknown hands, than we are willing to admit!
So I decided to start my new year on a thank you note. A thank you to a few of these unknown faces, who make my life comfortable, despite all the cynicism. Hope the good-will reaches, to at least some of them! :)
#1 On My List Already posted this on Indigo's Facebook page.
I have a message for the crew of 6E-174 (Flying from Mumbai to Delhi). Would be great if this could be passed on to them.On the last day of the year, a cancelled flight is bound to make people angry. But your warmth and sincerity made the journey so comfortable. At the end of the flight, you guys stood there in the…