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Experiment 1

I did some experiments to understand my blogging patterns better. Here are the results:
Experiment 1
Aim: To analyse why I blogged during the Blogathon, but stopped after that.

Apparatus: Every device on which I access internet - Phone, iPad, office laptop, home laptop, a little bit of brains, time.

1. In the week after the Blogathon ends, open Blogger. 2. Start typing something, then delete. 3. Close Blogger. 4. Repeat the same on every device for 3 days. 5. 5 Days later, while driving, ask yourself these questions. 
Can I write a post about Traffic? You have done that twice already. Or thrice.Can I write a poem? Really? Again?Can I just post a pic or a graph or a drawing? Done, done and done.6. Gradually, stop thinking. 7. Ten days after blogathon, forget that you own a blog. 8. Two weeks after blogathon, open the blog and ogle at your own posts. How could I write all this? 9. 20 days after blogathon, get busy at work to avoid thinking about blog. 10. 1 Month later, feel guilty and do som…