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To Grey's!

I just HAD to write this, to thank this awesome, awesome, awesome show! So, here's to thanking Grey's..

For the most wonderful mix of character, the most intriguing behaviours, the most emotionally mind numbing screen presence of all of these characters.

For bringing good scripts into the Idiot box..For a narration that's so thought provoking, it gets people to go look up quotes from the show on Wikiquotes!

For a dark and twisty lead protagonist, who in some way represents this unknown side of everyone of us..And for making us fall in love with this character despite her million shortcomings.

For bringing Sandra Oh into our lives. For Cristina, and her intense personality, her fiery tongue, her romance with the best minds, her hard core Cardio-thoracic skills and her awkward show of emotions.

For Izzie, her bubbly positive side in the first 3 seasons, the cancery look in season 5, the absolutely blowing episode of the wedding in season 5, which made all of us cry and fall …

Wednesday Blues...

I don't understand why Wednesday's are even working days. I mean, come on, look around. People look so sleepy and worn out on Wednesdays like they just lost the battle of Waterloo or something! I got into the company bus this morning, and believe me, every single seat was occupied by a sleeping colleague. Some were actually comfortable enough to put their feet on the seat, cover their eyes with newspapers and fall asleep, mindless of the heat and traffic, they looked as if they were sunbathing in Goa! Me, perky as ever, decided I wont be bogged down by the Wednesday Blues, got my earphones, and while listening to some nice, AWESOME Sweet Childs and Dream Ons, took out my book to read..And that's where I lost my Battle of Waterloo..
So what is it with Indian authors? Is it hard to write a simple sentence without using the "Right-click-synonyms" keys in MS Word? Their answer may go something like :
The complication is but a subtle glimpse into the incongruity of a s…

Of Wishes and Horses!

I wished for something desperately, and it came true..So, I racked my brain for a long time, wondering which of the thousand things I did helped this happen. My first suspect, the zillions of eyelashes I blew off, squeezing my eyes as I fervently prayed for my alluring job to come to me. I can't pinpoint what must have transpired after my full strength blow to the poor little eyelash, but my guess is, it flew across the skies, on the look out for the perfect job for me, landed on the desk of a HR guy in the company of my choice, lodged itself between my resume and his desk, pushed my resume till it was on top of his nose, then did a little jig to catch his attention, and finally threatened to tickle him, till he didn't pick up my file, rush to his senior and get the process going..Yeah, I think that's what happened!
Some of you may find my hypothesis slightly incredulous. Only and only because I respect my audience, I decided to keep aside my eyelash theory. So if it wasn&#…