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De-Jargonize, People. De-Jargonize.

Dear Readers,
I assume you are in good spirits. I also assume that with the current election season, you have been competently benchmarking all the action from political parties 24/7, ably supported, of course, by our seemlessly coordinated media and high decibel Television channels. Needless to say, I also assume you are documenting all your learnings. We may brainstorm on the same, any time you wish, as per your convenience.
I also wish to inform you that my Maid has done an AWOL on me. Looking back, I think the reason for that was obvious. My insistence on EATCFD (Efficient Administration through Customer Focused Delivery) seems to have not been in accordance to her values. But, frankly, it beats me why she was not on board with this. I was only trying to systematically improve her revenue generation mechanism through improved Customer Centricity. Beats me.
By the way, I have been constantly working out a plan to enhance my absorption rate of TV Series, with a well coordinated, 2x2 ma…

Haath Mat Lagana!

Every 3rd day, some 10 people on my Facebook timeline share this link and tag their friends, with the comment - "Lets do this!!". I am talking about this link: 30 Off-Beat Places to Visit in India Before You Turn 30
I diligently go through the list every time and quite valiantly, tell myself that I would, some day cover these 30 places, with Sherlock of course. In the meantime though, I somehow, always find myself in the exact opposite of off-beat locations. The mainstream tourist destinations. I don't know how.
I am not complaining. Mainstream tourist destinations have so much fodder for laughter! Last week, I ended up in Udaipur, with 6 hours to kill before a flight. So I sauntered around to City Palace. And there they were. The multitudes of tourists.
There is no chance in living hell, that you walk into such a popular tourist destination and don't run into the school picnic gang. A herd of super-excited school kids, who have been allowed to deviate from their unifor…