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The Summer Paradox

You start your day at 9 am. Quick breakfast, bath and then onto your busy schedule. Dark room with curtains drawn, cooler whirring at high speed. You are sprawled on the ground, tongue sticking out, coloring your imagination, trying to stay within the lines. One hour goes by and it seems like you are wasting some precious time doing this. You push aside everything and curl up to start reading a book. Mom serves you lemonade. Uff. Distractions! Famous Five had just found a secret cave and now you have to finish off  the lemonade before you can carry your adventure. You delve back into the book. And just when Enid Blyton starts describing a lunch made of ginger bread and chocolate eclairs, Mom makes a home-made pizza! Its no coincidence that lunch is ready at the same time as Adventures of Tintin on Cartoon Network. And of course, the Little Lulu Show. Super-busy working lunch this was.   Time for post-lunch activities. Too much stress - you take a two hour "power nap". 4:00 pm…

Why? Oh Why?

I don't understand some people. I really don't. How hard is it to open Blogger once a week, write something worthwhile and just post it? Doesn't it kill them to let posts languish to death in the drafts? Some people. Ufff.
I tried to analyse these lazybums to find out why we they blog so infrequently. Here's my list of Top 5 reasons:
At Number 5: Philosophy. Bah. Everytime you open Blogger and click on New Post and start rummaging through your life to find something interesting to write, you start questioning your existence. Who am I? What am I doing? What am I meant to do? Is this it?  Then you slip into a mild form of existential crisis and temporary depression of 15 minutes till you get yourself that cup of coffee or a snack of chips and divert your attention towards ogling at someone's pictures on Facebook or worse, towards work. The post remains in drafts, crying for your attention.
At Number 4: Memory Loss Syndrome You would think this is not common, right? You hav…