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Growing Up..


You know you have grown up when..

Every second update on your Facebook news feed is a wedding or an engagement. The horror of it all struck me last week with this update - "It's a girl!". :-/You walk into grocery/retail stores and don't migrate towards the snacks section to pick up a packet of Lays or Uncle Chips. You actually stand in the Personal Wash section and compare Surf Excel and Tide. (For the love of me, I don't know how they are any different.)When your body clock sets itself at 6:45 am! I don't even know how that happened. It's almost an insult to my life's ideologies.You talk about your life's ideologies and principles.Your incentive for traveling is the Daily Allowance!Retirement planning becomes a reality. I mean, you do it for tax benefit and blah, but whatever. You accepted it, right?The most dialled number on your phone log is, wait for it, the broker's.You do not, come what may, wish to go out on the weekend!You canno…