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In Review: RIP by Mukul Deva

And I am back with a book review!

Book: RIP Author: Mukul Deva No. of Pages: 286 Genre: Thriller, Fiction Publisher: Westland Books

RIP by Mukul Deva is a fast paced read, set in the current context of anti-corruption movements, hapless public, politicians who cannot be touched and the general epiphanies about change. The story is about a group of ex-army men who decide to take law in their own hands when numerous protests by activists have no impact on the political class. They turn vigilantes and challenge the Government head-on by assassinating the top brass and making a mockery of their so-called establishment. To counter this group, an alert politician engages a corrupt ex-army man, willing to stoop to any levels and in a story with many twists and turns, the race between the two groups turns nail biting. And finally, ends up in mission possible.

The good things first. Its a fast read. Whether you enjoy the story or not, you will definitely finish the book within 5 hours. Its engrossing…