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Lessons From B-School, Part 1

The original title of the post was "Life at B-School", but then I realized that my imagination is not powerful enough to invent non-existent things. Hence, the resort to the cliched title. I will not get into what the past 1 month at B-School has been like. That'll augur a whole book, which I am not in a mood to write and to be frank, I don't have the time to write. But here's what I can tell you positively. I learnt, much to my amusement, that every time in the past 23 years when I said I was "Busy", I was only kidding myself and everyone around me. Learnt a whole new dimension to the word "busy"! Right now, for instance, on a Saturday night, when ideally I would have been out shopping or watching TV or hanging out with friends, I am "taking time out" to write this post, following which I will study Financial Ratios. Sad. I know. Without wasting any more time (another thing I learnt here), let's quickly look into the few lessons I …