Lessons From B-School, Part 1

The original title of the post was "Life at B-School", but then I realized that my imagination is not powerful enough to invent non-existent things. Hence, the resort to the cliched title.
I will not get into what the past 1 month at B-School has been like. That'll augur a whole book, which I am not in a mood to write and to be frank, I don't have the time to write. But here's what I can tell you positively. I learnt, much to my amusement, that every time in the past 23 years when I said I was "Busy", I was only kidding myself and everyone around me. Learnt a whole new dimension to the word "busy"!
Right now, for instance, on a Saturday night, when ideally I would have been out shopping or watching TV or hanging out with friends, I am "taking time out" to write this post, following which I will study Financial Ratios. Sad. I know.
Without wasting any more time (another thing I learnt here), let's quickly look into the few lessons I learnt in my 1 month here:

  • Sleep and Food are not basic necessities. They are luxuries. The faster you learn that, the better you'll feel about staying up all night and missing meals.
  • Like Calvin's Dad would say, Assignments build character. Even if they are sent at 12 in the night and are to be submitted by 04:59:59 in the morning.
  • "Contingency" and "Emergency" are not always medical. They can also be the panic situations when you fall asleep half way through a group assignment and wake up 5 minutes after the deadline to inglorious mails from the other members.
  • There is no better time to catch up on your sleep than during the lectures.
  • Marketing is nothing but "brand". Finance is nothing but "numbers". HR is nothing but "motivation". MBA is nothing but "GAS".
  • At the end of the day, we'll all get good jobs. And then, we will look back at all this and smile.
That said, it is so much fun to be back in college after working for some time. It's a refreshing change to be bunking classes without worrying about loss of pay, making new friends, meeting new people and most of all, learning! :)

I will dive into Managerial Accounting now. You don't want me to flunk the test, do you? Will post again, as and when time permits!

Oh and apologies if I haven't been visiting your blogs lately. Now you know why!




  1. nostalgia sniff sniff...treasure every moment as u know working life sucks

  2. Aww. You've been missed. Be well. xo

  3. A much awaited post from you finally! :) What is GAS? Reading about the life at a B-School makes me wary and afraid of it. How busy can life there be if one has to take time out to blog once in while? Shudder to think! Keep giving lessons. They'll be of great help to me and I would manage to survive, to subsist. Oh yes and all the best for that test. I'm sure you'll do well. :)

    PS: Please keep writing as and when you get time.

  4. Aww you reminded me of my good old college days..it was fun definitely...enjoy dear the carefree days as much as you can....

  5. Finally!! a post from your side..Although it's quite short, it definitely conveys your state in the last one month.
    Looking forward to Part II.

  6. theothersideoflifeMonday, August 01, 2011

    :) But but but you should have warned me this was going to be tough! :D

  7. theothersideoflifeMonday, August 01, 2011

    You have no idea how much I missed blogging! :)

  8. theothersideoflifeMonday, August 01, 2011

    Gas is basically non sense. :D
    You'll learn next year! :)
    Will definitely try blogging more!

  9. theothersideoflifeMonday, August 01, 2011

    Thanks LP! :)

  10. theothersideoflifeMonday, August 01, 2011

    :) Part 2 may take some time to come! :)

  11. reminds me of my college and uni days .. Those were the golden days and they went so fast ... ahhh blisssssssssss

    I am actually thinking fo going back to studies again jsut for the fun side of it :)


  12. theothersideoflifeTuesday, August 02, 2011

    Haha! You should! I realized its a lot of fun! :)

  13. i loved my MBA years.. it was the bestest time. enjoy it as much as u cann.. with or without assignments!

  14. college life - best times of life :-) have fun and good luck!!

  15. theothersideoflifeMonday, August 08, 2011

    Yeah! That is actually true! Welcome here! :)

  16. theothersideoflifeMonday, August 08, 2011

    Thanks Dew! :)

  17. aah! and you were dying to join the B-school. See :) Abyways i know you arev loving it ...even the lack of sleep. :] but take care dear ..

  18. theothersideoflifeSaturday, August 13, 2011

    Thanks! :)

  19. theothersideoflifeSaturday, August 13, 2011

    Hehe! Yeah. I even I am wondering what I was so excited about! :D
    It is fun, though! :)

  20. I have been waiting for your update for a while now.. I suppose you're too busy to write though :(

  21. theothersideoflifeTuesday, August 23, 2011

    No no! I am here! I have an Economics Test tomorrow. Promise to update after that! :)


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