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The Smiley Dilemma :) :(

In my humble opinion, Whatsapp has single handedly ruined our emotional intelligence. Its not the chat that causes problems. Its the unavoidable inclusion of smileys in the chats that has changed how we communicate. Forever.

Let me explain.

Take this chat, for example:

I am happy that I quit this fu#$ing job. 
It feels awesome.
I will party tonight.

Now this:

Holy Shit. Why did I do this?
I don't have another job in hand. 
Why would I do this?
Do you know of any openings?
Oh God. How will I tell my parents?

OR this:

Couldn't take it any more.
I hope this boss rots in hell. 
I hope someone tells him GoT spoilers.
I hope he gets a horrible reportee.

I hope they didn't mind the dramatic smashing of the laptop I did today.
I hope they clear my dues and give me a relieving letter.
Oh God. Shit.

How about this one?