The Smiley Dilemma :) :(

In my humble opinion, Whatsapp has single handedly ruined our emotional intelligence. Its not the chat that causes problems. Its the unavoidable inclusion of smileys in the chats that has changed how we communicate. Forever.

Let me explain.

Take this chat, for example:

I am happy that I quit this fu#$ing job. 
It feels awesome.
I will party tonight.

Now this:

Holy Shit. Why did I do this?
I don't have another job in hand. 
Why would I do this?
Do you know of any openings?
Oh God. How will I tell my parents?

OR this:

Couldn't take it any more.
I hope this boss rots in hell. 
I hope someone tells him GoT spoilers.
I hope he gets a horrible reportee.

I hope they didn't mind the dramatic smashing of the laptop I did today.
I hope they clear my dues and give me a relieving letter.
Oh God. Shit.

How about this one?

I am so drunk.
Wake me up when this is over.

Pay for me please? I'll pay you back when I get a job.


I quit.

Are you getting my point? Our conversations are now interpreted by evil smileys. They decide how we are to be judged. It's scary. Can you imagine what this will do to how we interact with people? When I was a kid, the only smileys we got were on our notebooks. Smiley face for good work. Do you know what this will be like when your kids go to schools? 

:) - Good Work
:( - Bad Work
:P - What were you thinking?
:D - That was funny. I will have to mark you low for this. And also, probably send this to the Principle
;) - Nice try, kiddo.
:-/ - Kid. How many times do I have to tell you to re-check your answers?
:* - Hi Baby. Its nice when you get your kids assigned to you, no? 


I tell you. Shudder.

I propose we start a viral movement - "Ban Smileys or lose your smile."

In case you are still not convinced, I have one more case study. Check this one out and I am sure, you will become torchbearers of the movement.

Case 1:

Fairly simple. Ingenious. Genuine happiness.



I am putting a smiley face to show you that I am ok with you having fun with your friends. When I am actually seething here.

Case 2:

Haha. Lol. Aur bolo friends se touch mein rehna hai.
I know you are dying to get home and watch Suits with me. But whatever, you asked for this. Now suffer!

Case 3:

Hope you are having fun. While I sit alone at home.
I am not trying to make you feel bad for me. No, wait. I actually am.

Case 4:

You do know this means you will have to make up in some way, right? 
I downloaded 3 romantic comedies. 
We are having only veg food for the next one week. 
I told the maid to take the next week off. 
I booked a hotel in Colombo. 

And the worst of them all, the one with no smiley:

Is she angry?
Is she ok with this?
Is she planning something?
Can I do this again?
Oh god, give me some hint, lady.

*All characters and situations appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead or situations, is purely coincidental.*

Anyway. You get my point? This Smiley invasion is changing our lives, one :) at a time. Before you know it, we would be encased in little yellow balls, ruining our lives, interpreting our statements, making us say things we never meant to and mean things we never said.

I urge you once again. Join "Ban Smileys or lose your smile."

Sincerely yours.
Preeks :(
Oh sorry, I meant Preeks :)
No, I mean Preeks x-)
Damn. I mean Preeks :-X

Please. Lets do this.


  1. Hahahaha, some analysis this.
    True that, the smileys are taking over our lives.
    And my problem is that people don't interpret some smileys the way I do :O


    1. Did you mean :O or did you mean :) ?
      Think about it.

  2. Cryptic lives we are living!


    or :|

    or ;)

    Go figure.

    And have you wondered how different are hehe, Haha, lol, hahaha and ha ha ha!

    1. Good point! This calls for another blogpost. :P :)

  3. Hahahaha... I know. Smileys are taking over and when someone sends me something without a smiley I begin to wonder what they are thinking. I have even seen people who have started to put tongue out while talking.

    1. There you go. Side Effects. All the more reason why we need to thinking about this!

  4. That's a pretty 'perfect' analysis. The interpretation of most chat sessions, statuses and sometimes even comments - they're all dependent on the emoticon that follows.
    I shudder to think what'll happen if those emoticons find their way onto our posts or books !

    1. Glad you agree! :)
      And yes, shudder.

  5. omg, you did a phD on whatsapp smileys Preeti :P :) Hehehe.. loved the post. I use a lot of smileys while chatting.

  6. hahahh! i know! emoctions are everywhere these days, in unwanted and unnecessary abundance! guess what, a movie on Emoji's is coming soon :P

    1. Really? An Emoji movie? Despite this post, I want to watch the movie.. I think its a pretty cool idea! :)

  7. LOL. I cant join this preeks. Sorry. Like you said, the one without the smiley is the worst one. Murali is one of those worst kind in conveying his feelings. His texts are always blank statements like your last one and I really don't know how to interpret it. :D And when I see a text from him with a smiley (any kind of yellow icon, actually), I jump up in joy. So, for the sake of ppl like me and the happiness I get once in a blue moon, please save the smileys, please. :)

    1. Oh my. This is a problem. There might be many like you. Do you know what this means? Smileys could lead to a conflict and a war. o.O

  8. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm I better start taking a look at all the emoticons .. I hardly use them .. MY bad .. :) :)



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