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One thing I am very diligent about is my daily office schedule.
Reach office -> Plug in charger -> Turn on Laptop -> Forget to start Outlook -> Start Chrome -> Login to Facebook.

A schedule is a schedule is a schedule. There is no going back on that. In my humble opinion, Facebook is that dose of an alternate world, which makes us feel invigorated (about our friends' lives), satisfied (about our friends' jobs), happy (about our friends' weddings), determined (about our friends' vow to finish a book), blessed (about our friends' parents' love for him), special (about our friends' awesome birthday surprise) and so on. It is important, almost imperative, to start your day that way.

Anyway. Over time, I have realized that the world, as per Facebook, is slightly different from the normal world we live in. Slightly different. Very different. Potato. Potato. Every time I log in, it seems like a topsy-turvy version of the real world around us. I think t…