Why? Oh Why?

I don't understand some people. I really don't. How hard is it to open Blogger once a week, write something worthwhile and just post it? Doesn't it kill them to let posts languish to death in the drafts? Some people. Ufff.

I tried to analyse these lazybums to find out why we they blog so infrequently. Here's my list of Top 5 reasons:

At Number 5: Philosophy. Bah.
Everytime you open Blogger and click on New Post and start rummaging through your life to find something interesting to write, you start questioning your existence. Who am I? What am I doing? What am I meant to do? Is this it? 
Then you slip into a mild form of existential crisis and temporary depression of 15 minutes till you get yourself that cup of coffee or a snack of chips and divert your attention towards ogling at someone's pictures on Facebook or worse, towards work. The post remains in drafts, crying for your attention.

At Number 4: Memory Loss Syndrome
You would think this is not common, right? You have no idea. You can have the same password for all the bloody websites, and yet. And yet, you may forget that one password, thanks to "Stay Signed In". So, in those rare moments of epiphany when you decide to blog, you have to go through the vicious circle of Forgot Password, demonstrated subtly through Smart Art here.

At Number 3: Uska Blog Post Mere Wala se Zyada Achcha Kaise?
Some of you may have tried to convince yourselves till the cows come home that you write well. And then, pop. Something pops up in your reader and you are shattered by the sheer dedication and imagination of some other Blogger. That little semblance of a post that was beginning to take shape in that brain of yours would hide away in the cobwebs collected in the insides of your neuro cells. (No offence, I assume brain usage is at a minimal, going by personal experience.)
At Number 2: Reduced Brain Function
Research proves that consistently staring at the laptop screen in hopes of a sudden brainwave for a good post, results in reduced brain activity, leading to less than satisfactory cognitive behaviour, not just while blogging, but otherwise as well. Those scared of this consequence eventually stop trying. (PS: I think I can safely blame my Financial Management exam fiasco on this syndrome and put all the debates to rest.)

At Number 1: Ab Aur Kya Chupana - L.E.T.H.A.R.G.Y.
No. No. No. Do not feel ashamed. So what if it takes you four days to type out a post? So what if it takes you 2 months to come up with something to write? So what if typing out a post is equivalent to a session at the Gym? What's important is the intention. You tried and that makes you a true blogger.

Which category do I fall in? Hard to say. I would have to say, umm, some where between "All of these" and "Absolutely each and every one of these".
But like my research points out, its important that the intention is still there, and will hopefully remain so!
Till then,
Signing out as a True Blogger! :D


  1. Point three just happened. Dammit..


  2. The Other Side of LifeThursday, May 03, 2012

    Hahaa! :D
    Lol! Thanks PeeVee! :)

  3. :D:D Very unfair! Now even I want to post something I am going to think back to the possible reasons not to, thanks to you listing them out ;)
    ROFL post totally!

  4. Yep. Double strategy this was. If I don't post, noone gets to post! :D
    Glad you enjoyed it! :)

  5. :) i guess point 3 is always there for me .. WHY not mine :( :( :(

    yes i totally beleive in that intention theory .. EK DIN MAIN bhi kar ke dhikhaunga :)
    and that day never comes or maybe its tomorrow he heh he


  6. Sir, aap toh post karte haina regularly. Ulta, aapka har post mere liye point 3 ban jaata hai! :D :D :)

  7. Hehehe....I've been telling myself for a month now to sit and write a post and all of the above reasons have contributed to a no-post status. And now, you've given me excuses to justify my laziness :p

  8. LOL. I am thinking "Iska blog post mere blog posts se acchha kaise?" I have forgotten my password... more than once... Enter depression.. seriously only at the sight of my blog.. then I try my hand at philosophy... You get the gist.. right? :| So. Bravo! :D

  9. What have I done! All bloggers are telling me they now have reasons not to write! I was not writing anyway, now I don't have anything to read! :D

  10. Thanks girl! :D
    I get it! Same place and all that.. ;)

  11. haha.... gal.. you crack me up with this post now... but don't be a lazybum.. keep writing as we all love reading you :-)

  12. Shivani SaksenaSunday, May 13, 2012

    the first thing that came to my mind reading this way...boy she talks like an mba now with all the smart art necessarily making an appearance :P

  13. Haha! So, at the end the cat finally comes out of the bag :)

    Forget the list of top 5 reasons, the one and only reason is the last one – the rest are just invented, so as not to feel guilty about feeling youknowwhat!


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