Of Wishes and Horses!

I wished for something desperately, and it came true..So, I racked my brain for a long time, wondering which of the thousand things I did helped this happen. My first suspect, the zillions of eyelashes I blew off, squeezing my eyes as I fervently prayed for my alluring job to come to me. I can't pinpoint what must have transpired after my full strength blow to the poor little eyelash, but my guess is, it flew across the skies, on the look out for the perfect job for me, landed on the desk of a HR guy in the company of my choice, lodged itself between my resume and his desk, pushed my resume till it was on top of his nose, then did a little jig to catch his attention, and finally threatened to tickle him, till he didn't pick up my file, rush to his senior and get the process going..Yeah, I think that's what happened!

Some of you may find my hypothesis slightly incredulous. Only and only because I respect my audience, I decided to keep aside my eyelash theory. So if it wasn't the eyelashes, maybe it was the mail van! I mean, in the last one year, from what I recall, there were at least 237 odd innocent, red coloured mail vans that crossed my path, and an equal number of black cars that followed. And each of those 237 times, barring maybe once or twice, I remember crossing my fingers at the sighting, making a fervent wish to the forces above, and releasing my hurt fingers from the tight lock only on seeing a black car (Even taxis aren't allowed!)..Again, I am not sure how this works, but I can take an "intelligent" guess..suppose the mail van hears my wish, secretly goes through all the mail lying in its back, narrows down on the mail belonging to a company suitable for me, finds its way to this address, sits on a dharna outside the campus, refusing to part with important mail belonging to the company, unless the resume belonging to a so-called 'Preeti', is processed! Blackmailing always, believe me, always works. So fed up, the company got its act together and voila! I Got my call..:-)

OR..Maybe, it wasn't the mail van or the eyelashes. Maybe, it was the shooting star. At the cost of sounding extremely cliched and K-Serial-ish, yes, I did see shooting stars on two occasions!! And with both the stars, the neurons in my brain had fired extensively, as they procured up a wish to ask for..N in a split second, they come up with the same answer.."The Dream Job". Maybe these dying stars, on their last journey across the universe heard my wish, conjured up a plan, pushed around the planets changing their planetary positions, till they were aligned to act in my favour. Maybe..just maybe..

Or it could have been all those coins I threw in fountains, or the wish I made at 08:08 am on 08.08.08 date, or the millions of times I squeezed my eyes in prayer, or the wish I made while blowing out candles on my birthday cake..?

I don't know, and I don't wish to know..The good part is the wish came true, through all the weird circumstances, it came true! So what now? Am I going to be happy forever, never wish for anything more? Never again look at a mail van and close my eyes? Probably not, because with every wish comes the list of new possibilities, of new wants, of new desires, of things I can dream of now.. Someone said we wish because we need help and we’re scared and we know we may be asking too much. We still wished though because sometimes wishes come true, and when they do, we forget about the myriad times when eyelashes and shooting stars did zilch for you!
Will my new wishes come true? I don't know and I don't want to know..Because, as long as I am in the dark, I maybe living with a fear, but I know there is a hope, the slightest, tiniest glimmer of hope, that the wish may come true after all..So here's to wishing, to eyelashes, to mail vans, to fountains and to shooting stars, to all those unseen forces that helped my wish and so many others wishes come true! :-)


  1. Heyy,try writing a fable next time,u r very gud at such stuff.(And I liked the Roshomonish treatment of the passage):)

  2. Superb "wish fulfilling" case analysis ..:)!!!

  3. Hmm..Roshomonish style wasn't intentional, but sounds good to be compared to that! And same with the Bachi Karakaria comment..:-) Thanks for the compliments..!

  4. haha thats what matters ......
    n to find the connection well nobody can explain the randomness in the universe!! so just take the credit of all the good things to urself n for the not so great things, just sit back n point others who are at fault :)

  5. Yayy !! finally Preeti the blogger is back after 2 months..:)
    But, I must say that the wait was totally worth it. It's always a treat to read your blogs. I totally agree with THE COMPULSIVE GIBBERER that you should write fables coz you are really good at it..:)

  6. Yup..'m back! N pretty much plan to stay here this time..:)
    @ truth,love...: Absolutely what I have been doing all my life..So, yes, my vicious circle has already started again, wishing, winning, gloating, losing, blaming, wishing..:) N I love it!
    @Others: Fables? Seriously? You know what, I think I will try that too..Apna kya jaa raha hai, padhna toh tumhe haina? ;)


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