The Top 5 List!

Nothing. Nothing at all prepares you for office-life post college. No amount of counseling, talking to Seniors, reading self help book, listening to lectures from parents and elder siblings, Googling about "Life At Company X". Nothing
I am not saying work is boring. Far from it. All I am implying is that, office is not like college and everyone realizes that the hard way, at some point in time. For some, it's Day One. For some, it's post the training period. For some, it's the first appraisal. For some, it's the day you resign. 

But thankfully, there are a million things that make office, umm, let's say, bearable. So, presenting to you, my list of:


AT NUMBER 5: Chai Breaks!
Nope. I do not drink Chai, or Coffee, or Alcohol, or even aerated drinks. But when the others go out for Chai, I tag along diligently. I stand there in the sun and squint my eyes in the heat to watch my colleagues sip on deadly hot, hot chai made by a road-side Khoka, in a greased metal kettle. The fun of it completely escapes me. But, hey, as long as I get to lock my system and get out every once in a while, who cares? 

AT NUMBER 4: Lunch Time.
Never has, and never will, lunch time assume so much importance. It's like a festival. Come 1 pm and something in my body clock goes bonkers. I message others, mail them, drive them crazy, keep mentioning gorgeous food items in every conversation, start peeking into my lunch box - till I become a zombie and they have to drag me to the cafeteria. Works wonders! :D

AT NUMBER 3: Gossip!
It's not a bad habit. Believe me. It gives people a purpose in life. Okay, that's exaggeration. But tell me frankly. Keep your hand on your chest, look me in the eye and tell me. Do you not enjoy the occasional gossip with a couple of close friends? The news of someone resigning in a sudden spate of anger, someone faking marriage to quit work (True Story), some fight over a silly mail? Be true to yourself. Gossip makes life fun. :D

AT NUMBER 2: Fridays!
You'll make lists of fun things to do over the weekend. You'll dream about Friday night on Monday. You'll make plans with friends. Your Friday morning is spent in a state of subdued excitement. You'll have tears of joy when Friday night arrives. Saturday will fly by, because you will get up late and laze around, go shopping in the evening and boom. It's Sunday before you know! Sunday will zoom by, thanks to the self-induced depression of the imminent Monday. And then. Monday arrives. But fear not, because nothing beats Friday. It's the best! :)

No surprises here! I discovered the joys of blogging while at work. The fun of reading other's blogs, commenting, getting to know other like minded people, reading reviews of books and movies. That's life! :)
You're looking for a welcome break from a boring presentation you are banging your head on? Look no further. Rev up your Reader, and there'll be some new post to make you smile! There's always something nice to read. So, here's to blogging and all the wonderful bloggers out there! You make work fun! :)

On that cheery note, drive away Wednesday Blues!
Signing out,


  1. *Applause* This perfectly captured the fun times at work. Enjoyed reading it.

  2. hehehe... wow.. so true...
    i like to blog too..when at offis... :)

  3. Couldn't have said it better...Esp the friday mood for me that is number 1 much over blogging...Friday Friday!!! more power to you!

  4. @Anoop: Hehee! :))
    I cannot imagine blogging from home! :)

  5. @Nuttie: Thanks! :)
    Waise, fyi, I was being nice to you guys when I said Blogging was #1. Comments ka sawaal hai na! ;)
    It's Friday all the way! :D :D

  6. :) i love the coffe breaks too but not the gossip :) and oh yes blogging ..
    Lunch breaks well they sort of not happen for me always tied with something to finish .. but yeah Friday always works as a charm especially when you know Mondya is a bank holiday :) yayyyyyyyyyyyyy


  7. blogging is in my list too :D
    I totally enjoy sneeking into word doc and write :P
    lovely post :D

  8. You captured all the fun things about office to the T ;) Lunch break is the time I look forward to the most while in office. And oohhh gossip!!! I think it really makes office exciting and entertaining :p

    Awesome post as always :)

  9. lol, I faked my father's transfer to quit :-D

  10. @Bikram: *Bows to thee*
    You don't indulge in gossip? *Bows again* :D

    That scenario of bank holiday on Monday is a precious one! :)

  11. @Rajlakshmi: I thought so! That all Bloggers do this from office! :P
    You actually type on Doc. I do it on Blogger with everyone watching! :)

  12. @Aastha: Same pinch! :D
    Obviously, I was expecting you to agree on all points! :D
    Thanks! :)

  13. @Rechristened: Believe me. That is one of the more saner excuses I have heard. I should write a whole post on resignation letters! :D

  14. Completely agree though Friday is no 1 for me :D
    Can I add a 6th if I may? Day dreaming :D

  15. @CelestialRays: Pssssst. Friday's #1 for me too! :D :))
    Was trying to maaro maska on bloggers! :P

    Oooh! Day dreaming is a good one! Absolutely love it, especially post-lunch! :D

  16. No chai break here..or lunch break for that matter. Everyone continue to bang on their keyboards :((

    But Friday..aaah Friday. Why are you sooo far..

  17. @Comfy: What??? Oh My God. How do you survive? :-o

    Man, you must wait for Friday so desperately, no?

  18. Oooh so agree! Though like Nuttie, nothing does it for me more than the Friday feeling! :D
    I lou the chai breaks which also serve as gossip sessions too ;)

  19. @DI: Oye! You are back to comenting! Yay! :)

    I am telling everybody this, which pretty much kills the point of me keeping Blogging at Number 1, but what the heck, we aren't keeping score here. So I'll just go ahead and say it again.
    Friday's #1 for me too! I was just buttering up you bloggers by keeping you #1. :D

  20. Rightly said, all of them!! :)

  21. @Scorpia: Glad you agree! :)

  22. Faking marriage to quit work! :D What a cool idea. Even on being caught, one can say - oh we called it off. Couldn't work out our differences - making a sad face. And the boss might say - Oh I'm sorry to hear that. :D You have me apprehensive about life post college.

  23. @Ajay: Would you belive it if I said you got the story EXACTLY right? Word by word? This is precisely what happened in the case I was referring to! :D :)) =))

    Don't be apprehensive, but do be prepared! The salary would be enough to convince you! :)

  24. ROFL Preeti :) Brilliant post to read on a friday evening!!!

  25. LOL! THat was a super post, Preeti. All the things you like at work are related to 'not working' :-) he he he!!! May you have lots of chai breaks and blogging time :-)

  26. :) sure fun these times! can't agree more...

    well... except for 'Fridays'--- lil thing called 'weekend shift'.. :( sigh!

    fun post tht was... :)

    good blog!

  27. @Writersblock: Thanks! :D
    I just realized you are so right! Most fun things at work are non work things! :D

  28. @Matangi: Thanks! :D
    Welcome here! :)
    Weekends shift is bad. Very bad. :((

  29. Totally with you on all the points... Only that gossips come at the top of my list.... So its just the difference of order ;)

  30. LOL :lol: Cud nt agree more :)

  31. @Tanishka: Hehe! :D
    I like it when people accept gossip is rocking! :D

  32. Everybody loves some gossip. People who say they don't are lying. :D

  33. Nice! Nice! Keep blogging :D

    Your posts exercises our facial muscles... so do post more often :D

  34. @Pepper: Haina? I think so too. And I enjoy gossip! :D

  35. @Roshmi: Thanks much! :) :)

  36. I happened to come by this post today by chance but i enjoyed it .
    That was truly amazing and every damn part of it was true ...


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