To Grey's!

I just HAD to write this, to thank this awesome, awesome, awesome show! So, here's to thanking Grey's..

For the most wonderful mix of character, the most intriguing behaviours, the most emotionally mind numbing screen presence of all of these characters.

For bringing good scripts into the Idiot box..For a narration that's so thought provoking, it gets people to go look up quotes from the show on Wikiquotes!

For a dark and twisty lead protagonist, who in some way represents this unknown side of everyone of us..And for making us fall in love with this character despite her million shortcomings.

For bringing Sandra Oh into our lives. For Cristina, and her intense personality, her fiery tongue, her romance with the best minds, her hard core Cardio-thoracic skills and her awkward show of emotions.

For Izzie, her bubbly positive side in the first 3 seasons, the cancery look in season 5, the absolutely blowing episode of the wedding in season 5, which made all of us cry and fall in love with the only detestable character on Grey's, Alex. Season 6 is great, but lets get Izzie back, hmm? OK?

For the background tracks..Where would music in my IPod be if it hadn't been for Grey's! For introducing us to unknown talents like Ingrid, Jont, Snow Patrol, Matt Hires, Ben Lee. For going through the trouble of coming up with these soulful tracks with such good lyrics!

For McDreamy and McSteamy..Sigggghhh....

For all the side characters who are so good in their parts. For Lexie, for Hahn, for Callie, for Arizona..And for Bailey!

For a great 5 season show! Hopefully 6 will be even better..:)

And lastly, for everything, for the writers, for something to look forward to every week, for bringing newness every season, for keeping alive the old characters, for depicting the growth of these characters so well..Like I said, for everything!


PS: What triggered me to write the post? Go watch Episode 6 of Season 6..It was absolutely S.U.P.E.R.B.!


  1. Seconded. S06e06 - S.U.P.E.R.B.

  2. Yay! You published it! I totally agree! I would also want to add thanks for the narrations in the beginning and end of each episode, so real, so accurate, and so totally identifiable with!

    And for the unforgettable phrase ' Seriously! Seriously?'

  3. Yeah! How could I forget "Seriously!"..Good you reminded me! Only a true Grey fan can add on to this list! :)

  4. Its amazing :-).. I so love Merideth and McDreamy.. Looking forward to a marathon of downloading and watching all its seasons

  5. Awesome! :)
    Welcome to the addictive world of GA! :)

  6. I LOVE GREY'S !!!!
    And you just write about all my favourite things in the world !!


  7. @S: :a
    Hugs right back! :a
    Looks like I found my alter ego! :a


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