Wednesday Blues...

I don't understand why Wednesday's are even working days. I mean, come on, look around. People look so sleepy and worn out on Wednesdays like they just lost the battle of Waterloo or something! I got into the company bus this morning, and believe me, every single seat was occupied by a sleeping colleague. Some were actually comfortable enough to put their feet on the seat, cover their eyes with newspapers and fall asleep, mindless of the heat and traffic, they looked as if they were sunbathing in Goa! Me, perky as ever, decided I wont be bogged down by the Wednesday Blues, got my earphones, and while listening to some nice, AWESOME Sweet Childs and Dream Ons, took out my book to read..And that's where I lost my Battle of Waterloo..
So what is it with Indian authors? Is it hard to write a simple sentence without using the "Right-click-synonyms" keys in MS Word? Their answer may go something like :
The complication is but a subtle glimpse into the incongruity of a situation where urban sophisticates co-exist with rapacious, desperate, disadvantaged and dismal beings of the Third World in a mist-like smoke which obscures each others perspectives, leading them to believe they were no longer significant to each other’s lives…The sick sweet rotting mulch of the human heart!
Seriously?? Seriously??? :-O
My actual Wednesday blues began after I resumed reading Kiran Desai's Inheritance of Loss in the bus today. And slowly, as I drifted into my complication-induced sleep, I suddenly remembered, ITS WEDNESDAY! Three whole days to get through for the weekend, three whole days to Diwali, three whole days before I can watch Grey's Anatomy and cry mindlessly over dramatic doctors creating dramatic scenes, three whole days before I can wake up at 10 and the most worrying aspect, THREE WHOLE DAYS before I can go return this book, and get myself a sweet, bold, action packed, murders abound, girlfriend-mentioned-once-in-thirty-pages kind of Robert Ludlum or something of the likes!
Now I know why the others were sleeping in the bus. Its comes kinda naturally..
Anyway, gotta go..Work calls..!

PPS: The date on the post says Tuesday, 13th October, though I wrote it today..Apparently, my settings were on "Carribean/Pacific Time Zone". N I am not kidding! I just changed that to our dear old IST, but alas this post stays behind schedule..


  1. Ok.. so now everytime its gonna be Wednesday.. im gonna think the same way..ur right. Three whole days.... to go for weekend

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