IPL Statistics!

So now that IPL is over, we can all take a sigh of relief, sit back, and enjoy other things on the TV (like discussions on the IPLGate on News! ;) ). But, as a closing ceremony, we thought, we'll wind up IPL with some analysis and graphs this time. 
The first analysis is "My Support Versus Positive Outcome". The graph as you can see, is pretty much self-explanatory:
By the above analysis, it goes without saying, I solely blame myself for
(a) Delhi Daredevil's humiliating ouster
(b) Deccan Charger's Loss in the Semis
(c) Mumbai's stupendous performance throughout
(d) The not so good Zoozoo Ads this time 
(e) The unfortunate theft of Dhoni's Maxx Phone, again, and again, and again  (I didn't want his phone stolen, so that the stupid ad would go off air. Alas!)
(f) The MRF blimp's unstoppable, successful fly in the air
(g) Akshay Kumar's extremely annoying, "hair-pull" inducing laugh, becoming an anthem on TV
(h) The Oh-So-Cute Smile of Shane Watson becoming a rarity this season
I apologise for all of the shameful acts mentioned above.
The second analysis is "Interest Versus Time". My feeling, generally, was that the IPL stretched too much this time. There is a possibility that the feeling may have stemmed as a side-effect of the previous analysis, which led to a negative morale, but I can't be sure. The graph:
This graph may require some explanation. So, I have marked out the points, which are detailed below:

A - This was the beginning of IPL. I was interested to the extent of watching the first half of all matches, and catching up on the rest in the next morning's paper. Psssst : One of the reasons I would watch at least the 1st half, was to make a note of the latest zoozoo ad. ;)

B - Just when Delhi started playing well, the trip to Japan happened. There was no chance I could have followed IPL there, and thankful I was! But then, IPL on Youtube happened. And hence, C.

C - The interest peaked, thanks to the Brother-in-law's infectious cheering for Mumbai/Deccan. Delhi was feeling left out, and I just had to stand my ground and support the stupid losing team.

D - Then the interest dipped to alarmingly low, negative levels. There were disgusting performances by DD, the Chargers were out of steam, the zoozoos weren't funny anymore, and most importantly, the Japan trip unpacking!

E - I know this one is a blot on the face for any Sports lover, but my interest piked again, thanks to the IPL controversy! Oh so much gossip! There were so many stories, so many leads, so many characters. Go ahead, judge me, but hey, I love gossip, and this was one heck of a story! And very aptly, the 1 good zoozoo ad played around this time, the "Love Gossip" one! ;)

F - Delhi was out, but Deccan Chargers were in. I switched loyalties, and cheered hard in the Semis. But, Analysis 1 played spoilt sport here. Chah. :-| There is 1 high point in the graph at F. That was when India TV showed enactments of conversations between Tharoor and Modi. :D

G - I had piled up all my support on Chennai. And for once, for once, Analysis 1 turned out wrong. Sachin got injured. Oh my joy! I even did a little jig. 

H - The final was as boring as it could have been. Sachin was back, I was bored, the MRF blimp looked smaller, Akshay Kumar's laugh wasn't irritating, catches were being dropped, the zoozoos looked dull, Modi was suspended. And thank god for my weakening interest, Chennai won! Yayy!

In conclusion, let us all take a moment to thank all the players, spoiltsports, politicians, sportsmen turned politicians, politicians turned sportsmen, reporters and gossip mongers for providing us with good entertainment for over 2 months. And let us also thank our stars that now, finally, the remote will be reinstated to its due powerful position, where it can actually change the channels.

Signing out,
Relieved Me!


  1. Wotta round-up! Couldn't have asked for a better 'personal closing ceremony'. Aren't you the IT kind, why this serious statistical tendency I ask? Love the graphs :D

    I didn't have as many peaks and troughs thankfully. Despite my long analysis and ranking of faves, I pretty much lost interest when DC got sucky. Then with the Modi-Tharoor controversy, and DC's straight 5 win, I was back, and stayed till the semis. Then I returned for the finals, only wishing for MI's downfall, and CSKs win! And it worked. Bwahahaha! This was one entertaining season! :D

  2. Nice work sis.Deccan really disappointed me. Because of them my peaks were almost very consistent throughout but they chose to betray me x-(.And yes,I never liked Delhi.:P

  3. @DI: The statistical tendency arose from working in a non-IT team. We make graphs all day long, to prove points! ;)
    It is so heartening to know there were others who wished for nothing but MI's downfall. You should have seen me on the day of the final, all praying and fasting, so that analysis 1 could be proven wrong!

  4. @onahigh: What the ..? On my blog, you support Delhi first, come what may. Got it? Good.
    I agree about Deccan though. After Delhi, they really deserved to win. Idiots didn't play well!

  5. this is really a nice analysis
    I will agree about Deccan. they really desrved to win

  6. Umm..Err, thanks for stopping by @Hotels in Venice. Will I get any discounts at these "Hotels in Venice"? ;)

  7. Haha, this was better than the opening and closing ceremonies put together!
    I'm not particularly interested in IPL, but yeah, when Delhi was nudged out (my hometown), I lost complete interest.
    Mumbai Indians (my adopted home city)-- all I care about in that team is SRT :-)

  8. @rechristened: Thanks! :) You were a Delhite? It's only fair that you support Delhi, na? Hmm? Give and take SRT, but otherwise, Go Delhi!! :)

  9. Haha, that was great :D My team always reaches the semi/finals and then loses. Hmph. How do you explain that statistically?

    And if Akshay Kumar laughs that annoying laugh of his once more... *grr*

  10. @Chinkurli: Thanks! :)
    Your graph is probably a circle with centre at the origin! Always comes a full circle! :D Totally agree about Akshay Kumar! The only solace - That Chinky in the follow up Ad was worse! ;)

  11. You too! Join the club of 'relieved' folks :)

    This time the show off the field was far more interesting and entertaining than the one on the field.

    Lets see what happens ultimately. Who gets stumped, LBW, caught and bowled... and who gets hit wicket ;)

  12. i dint like seeing it from the very first edition itself..but all friends here in coll r like crazy..they'll keep a track of the matches and also bet..but i jst dont like it all..jst check it out in the newspaper that this team has won..thats it!!
    try checking out my blog and commenting on the posts..am following u..hope thats no prob..u too follow me..my url:

  13. @Roshmi: Hehe! Yeah man! The game off-field isn't over yet, and the big Gossip that I am, I have my eyes set on this story! Let's see where it takes us.. :)

  14. @Prateek Sur: Thank for the follow, Prateek! Will definitely visit you blog.. :)

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  16. Hey Booklover!

    Thanks and welcome here! Will definitely check out your blog! :)

  17. Not too interested in IPL.. But so sad for MI's loss :(..

    And no supporters here either :( :(

  18. Hehe..sorry piyu! I supported MI in the finals! :-)

  19. Of all the stats that come with IPL, I liked these the most!

    Even after its over, the buzz refuses to die...

  20. @Saurabh: Thanks! :) Totally agree about IPL buzz. Have you seen Modi on Twitter? Its hilarious how he is playing there! ;)

  21. What a round-up!!! They should have called you at the DY Patil stadium for the closing ceremony! Fireworks guaranteed :)

  22. @TheDoubleInvertedCommas: Thanks! :) I was expecting to be called, alas, they chose to go with more conventional Closing ceremonies - dancers and Bollywood! Cliched, I say! ;)

  23. Aha! What statistics! What analysis! Kudos! :D

    By the way, who won IPL this time? :P I'm kinda illiterate when it comes to IPL. Never liked it.

  24. @ Karthik: Arrey ya, you disappoint me! Not interested in IPL?! Hmmph! FYI, Chennai won! :)


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