Change - Love it or Hate it!

I am superstitious in a funny way. When I was in college, I believed that my exam would go well if I went via the Outer Ring Road, although I would most definitely get stuck in a gigantic traffic jam, and be shadowed by the whole question of whether I would even make it to the exam on time. I believed the classes would be suspended for the day, if I got into one particular Blueline bus at 7:53 in the morning, although, I would have to put up with the whole torture of irritating conductors, passing wile comments all the way. I believed I would get a good result if I saw the smile of that little girl at the red light in the morning, sitting on the back of her Dad's scooter, with her 3 siblings, all precariously balanced on the same seat. I considered myself lucky on the days when the set of rag picker boys came up to my auto and tried selling me cheap, pirated editions of The White Tiger and Inheritance of Loss. They were very smart to figure out I read books, but were not smart enough to figure out that nothing on earth could make me buy those two books, no amount of pleading, no amount of convincing, hell I wouldn't take them if they were shelled out for free..!

Anyway, coming back to the point, I have funny superstitions! So, while college drew to end, and everyone worried about missing friends, I was worried about whether I would ever have lucky days again, considering that all my mascots would be scattered and lost away along my route towards college. After a few depressing days of worrying about this, I decided to go Que Sera Sera.

One month into office, and here I am..Looking forward to that sweeper in the SouthEx Subway at sharp 8:07 am every morning & wincing as he sweeps the dust into my face, but bearing it all, because it will make me reach office on time. Looking back and nodding at my driver before leaving, because that will help me travel safely. Smiling at the young lady who is setting up her Paan stall on the road, because she represents the beginning of a good day and so on..

When I think about it, its quite simple! These are all signs, signs of familiarity, signs of goodness; signs that all is fine and I can carry on with life, just the same way as I always have. Its someone's way of telling us that change isn’t all that bad, and that we are not that ill-equipped to handle change, because, in that change we will find a new "habit"..

So you know what, give yourselves some credit! There's no change which you can't handle. Go forth and face it..That's the beauty of, what they fondly called, Life! :-)


  1. bin meanin' to comment.. just never got ;roun to it.. you've written about something common to most of us.. on'y we don't acknowledge it at a conscious level.. makes it a nice, insightful piece.. also shows one the human face of day to day life that we tend to forget... nice to have read it...

  2. Ha ha ha!!! Happens to everybody! Nicely penned too! Followed you through indiblogger. If u put a RSS widget by feedburner on ur page, it'll b easier for people like me to subscribe to your posts!
    BTW, ur calvin comic strip is awwesome!! I love him nd hobbes! Where can i get it from??


  3. Thanks for the comments! Have been bugging n blackmailing people I know to comment, unfortunately to no avail..
    @Azad - Thanks for the suggestion, will do that..N the Calvin Strip was from some Calvin specific site..Will look it up n let you know!

    Yours Truly

  4. hahaha... that's quite a set of superstitions you have there. Hope they work out well for you. :)


  5. Hi Preeti,finally m posting a comment
    I really think ur post struck a chord with me smwhr,atleast i could really relate to it.I think we all r superstitious in our own little ways:)n nw I knw hw common that is:)
    Neways I would take this opp to encourage ppl to comment on the blog and stop bugging Preeti on gtalk;)
    lookin fwd to ur posts...

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  7. @CK,The Compulsive Gibberer and Nu:
    Thank you for stopping by, and for letting me know that you stopped by!:)

  8. Hey..just happened to drop by write really well..I like the flow of thought and the fact that you find the exact word for expressing that..good work..

    And talking about superstitions as a child I used to avoid cutting lines on the marble floor to ward off bad luck !! beat that :)

  9. Thanks Abhineet! :)
    And cutting lines on marble floor huh? Nice..:)
    Will have to come up with something to beat that..Going by my record of stupid superstitions, I'll do that soon enough! ;)

  10. Hi Preeti, happened to stumble upon your blog and I must say that this is a very nice read. Something that happens to most of us but we dont give a second thought. You've put it down perfectly.

  11. Thanks AD! Glad you liked it..:)

  12. @ Preeti

    Firstly Thankyou, much for leaving a lovely comment with the best wishes for my friend!

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    It is a strange nostalgic feeling going through your post...

    I just thought that you might like to a a slight glimpse through this post of my blog, Link Below:)

    Keep the spark Alive..

  13. You write really well... and on diverse subjects. I like the flow of thought :)

    Superstitions... ??? Ummm... I guess most of us have one or the other... that lasts a lifetime.

    PS: Following you...

  14. I guess we all have good luck charms.. i have a few of mine which are ridiculous...

    Work from home India

  15. While reading your post, I got reminded of the superstitions that I used to have. Well written, kudos!!!

  16. @Roshmi, Workhard & Milana: After writing the post, the one good thing that I have got out of it - the assurance that I am not the only crazy one with superstitions! Yaayy.. :)


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