Love, Life and All that Jazz..

(Surprise! Surprise!)
People, who know me, would vouch for this better than my own humbled self that I never talk about the "mushy-red-candyland-you hang up first-clichéd teddy bears-heart shaped balloons" kind of love. But, today, I am inspired. Inspired to write about this much eschewed, evaded and frowned upon emotion in my world. Not because I am in love, but because, I spent a few precious hours thinking about this and felt this deserved a space on the blog, which by the way has turned an year old! Yayy for the blog!
Here's the deal about love. The understanding of this emotion varies from person to person. What is the definition of love to A, may not hold true for B, C, D or even X.
For some, love is about staying up all night and talking on the phone. For some, it is about sacrifice. For others, it is a monetary unit! For some, it is about one red letter day full of Teddys and chocolates. And then there are those who show their love by testing their partner's integrity on a reality show in the eyes of the public (I am not kidding. Have you seen Emotional Atyachar?!!) There are also some, who actually watch that crap on TV and claim that is a measure of true love. For the record, I am not judging any of these people.
But, amidst all this, I am inclined to wonder if mediums of entertainment are influencing and distorting the image of love in our eyes. Or has love suddenly become all about hidden cameras and "Hamara agent"? Or is it about a dapper, young son of a gun, who suddenly decides he is macho enough to flaunt himself on TV with makeup so that girls would line up for him with garlands in their hands? Girls whose "Ambition" is to marry this, allow me to say this nicely, "NINCOMPOOP"? Again, I am noone to judge, but why didn't anyone inform me, when love became an object of contention amongst a group of no-good bummer girls and boys, deciding who to sleep with and who had the right to "love"? Agreed, I am slightly away from this world, but a message with a warning would have helped poor, lost me, just venturing out of the nest!
It was my dear sweet idiot box which reminded me very rudely, that "Love" as we know it has changed. I would have believed that love is about flaunting, sleeping around, conspicuousness, tests and grotesque tasks, except for those really really rare, but beautiful things that prove the contrary. My references to the absolutely mind-blowing, superb and beautiful French film - Amelie, which I also, happened to have caught on the Television on a much obscure World Movies channel, not chanced upon by many, but rated as one of the best channels by those who really matter. I digress!
My Point: What Audrey Tautou represented as Amelie defines love for me. An innocent meeting, a sweet, simple conversation, a heartfelt urgency, a sparkle in the eye, a flutter in the heart, a clumsy awkward date, a surreptitious smile, a stifled giggle, an unspoken word, an unwritten song, Clapton's "You look wonderful tonight"playing on a loop in the head, a secret note, a hidden face, a sigh of relief, a warm hug, a long walk, a slight touch of hands, a nudge of approval, a reassuring gesture, an impatient look at the watch, a feigned look of anger, a melting smile, one cup of coffee and two people who understand each other!
That, my dear friends, is what love is all about for me! Apologies if it is after all, "mushy-red candyland-you hang up first-clichéd teddy bears and balloon shaped hearts" kind of love. But in my eyes, it is perfect. And till I don't chance upon that in my life, I will remain a cynic, who remains tight-lipped about love. Go ahead, call me a die-hard romantic. Whatever, but like Lord Byron would say,

The smiles that win, the tints that glow,
But tell of days in goodness spent,
A mind at peace with all below,
A heart whose love is innocent!

Signing off,
Romantic, blushing, red cheeked Yours Truly :)


  1. Yayy :)...finally,the much awaited post on love and life...well wriiten as usual...
    Btw, a very Happy Bday (in advance)to[isn't the exact bday on march1?]
    Hoping that this stupendous writing spree continues...:)and we get to read all the wonderful posts perennially!

  2. I got skeptical when I started reading, only to smile later. I perfectly agree with you. I never liked those mushy love stories, but I've always loved mature ones. Sadly enough, people are calling 'get in-get off-get out' kinda relationships love. Or should I say, it is the 'in' thing. Such filth headed morons!
    I so loved the last paragraph (the one just before the Lord Byron's words). Just amazing! :)

    And it's good to know you completed in the world of blogging. May you write more and more. :)

  3. @Kamayani: Thank you on the Blog's behalf! ;)
    Yes, the exact birthday is on 1st March. A whole lot of celebrations and a trip were planned for the occassion, so I thought of writing the post beforehand. Unfortunately the plans are on the brink of cancellation! :(
    Thanks for reading the rubbish that I write! :)

  4. @Karthik: Thanks dude! :)
    Glad there are other takers for mature love stories..:)
    Thanks for stopping by! :)

  5. Congrats on the Blog's first birthday! :D
    I love Amelie, that movie makes you feel so good for a long time after you have finished watching it!
    And girl, staying cynical (?!) until you find love the way you define will ensure that you come across it in the exact same form, no doubts about it! :D

  6. Hey DI!
    Thanks on the blog's behalf! :D
    And thanks for the reassurance about finding love the way I want! If and when I do find that love, I'll probably write a whole post about it and leave a link to this Post, for telling people that I was right afterall and that innocent love does exist.. :P

  7. Happy first birthday to the blog :)
    I must go download Amelie now!

  8. @Piyu: My Blog says Thanks! :)
    And yes, please do watch Amelie..Absolute must watch.

  9. ohh..Not too acceptable..Happy Anniversary blog.....or Happy Bday..:)

    You gave it some serious thought..huh? Loved ur take...The kinda love u described only exists in theory now I guess. I am waiting for end of the world..may be then we wld start afresh :D

  10. The blog is blushing and saying "Thankoo"!:)
    Now you are just disappointing me by saying this is only theory! Come on, if not the whole description of love my way, atleast parts of it? Say yes!! I guess, if nothing works out, 2012 it is then! I heard the world ends in 2012..:)

  11. Congratulations and Celebrations!!! :)

  12. Oh thatz such a sweet post. Wish ur blog a very very happy birthday :) ... belated though :P

  13. Hey Swaram!
    Thanks for stopping by and for the wishes.. :)

  14. Love is beautiful until it meets reality..Love is just like babies, hours of toil for 10 seconds of baby bliss

  15. Hey Anonymous!
    That was beautifully said! Welcome here! :) Do leave a link back, so I can read your blog too, if you have one that is!

  16. I am not emotionally secure or insecure enough to put my feeling for all public to see and besides impatient and varied interests to be tied down by "blog commitment"...but i commend your blog, I can see the internal working of your brain and its pretty keep it up

  17. Huh?? Whatever! Thanks and welcome anyway! :)

  18. Agree very much with your description of love!! Has sherlock gone through this post?

    1. Oh my god! This is 6 years old now! Wow. I feel old.
      I don't think Sherlock has read this! :)

    2. Lols..he should read this one. .:-)


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