Lessons We Learnt!

Don’t worry; this is not going to be a weekly feature. It’s just that we learnt a lot this particular week, and well, it’s Monday and we are depressed in general. Hence, the need for a random rant post.
Lesson 1: The IT Guys in office will never give you what you want. Not because they can’t, but simply because they won’t.  Reasons escape me. Logic defies me. But, that’s the fact. So, you cannot get Chrome, Internet Explorer 8, Android SDK, MS Visio and Firefox. Period. The world may be running on rocket fuel, and we may be giving them the technology to do that, but hey, we are just fine working on Internet Explorer 5 (!!!). That said, sometimes, just sometimes, it is okay to stand up to them and get yourself access to some sites. Especially, if it is your own blog site they blocked. Hmmph.  :-|

Lesson 2: On Mondays, come what may, even if it means you sitting behind the driver in the Company bus, do not, take me seriously on this one, mind you, do not wake up a sleeping co-passenger colleague to request him/her to move in, so you can share the seat. I won’t tell you which of the above characters I was playing, but just go by my word. Okay? Good.
Lesson 3: To make up for ruined weekdays, spend the weekend doing something totally useless. In my case, it was spent watching Badmash Company with College Friends. I have a strong feeling that people in the hall were laughing more on our jokes than on the Movie’s jokes. In which case, our weekend was actually not useless, but spent doing the good deed of entertaining people, and saving them from the hazards of watching the movie. That’s more useful work than what I did the whole week! ;)
Lesson 4: This one comes from someone else. But it sounded like an important lesson to learn for the future. Hence, the honorable  mention. Here goes - When you go to someone’s house, and they hand you the TV remote, don’t think you have the power to watch what you want to. Because you don’t. All pairs of eyes will be glued to the screen, from every corner of the house, and if you happen to stop at something not exactly of their liking, you get chastening looks of “She watches THIS on TV?” So, you would rather spend the time watching News Channels – Safe and Uncontroversial. Unless you are watching India TV, which I am sure you are not.If you lost me, it's okay. I forgive you. 
Also, as a corollary to the last lesson, often the TV Remote is just a metaphor, for life. People around you may have given you the full freedom, but when you do what you want to, there will be “Umms” and “Errs” all around you. But what’s life, without the “rukawat ke liye Khed hai” sorts, no? So, we’ll leave it at that.. :)
On that note, have a great week ahead!
Signing out,
Armed for the week,
Image Courtesy: Dilbert


  1. Nice new look :)

    And thanks for a very entertaining start to my Monday morning ;)

  2. I liked the lesson number 4 :) and the 'rukawat ke liye khed hai' :)

  3. @arbitthoughts: Thanks! :) Enjoy the week!

  4. @Nu: Thanks and welcome here! :)

  5. Such posts take the edge off Monday mornings :D

  6. @celestialrays: Hehe! :D If you insist! It's still a Monday though.. :(

  7. LOL ... nice lessons :P
    Pls continue them as a weekly feature!
    IT guys .. cud nt agree more ;)

  8. Nice and hilarious. And Chrome is not allowed!? Can't imagine you're working in IE5. This is Talibanism on the part of IT guys.(wow, you gave me an opportunity to use the word :))
    All the lessons are true and practical.Please keep coming with such lessons and anecdotes once in a while. They make for a refreshing read. The 'umms','errs' and 'rukawat ke liye khed hai' are very very true :) Anyway, I also chanced upon some fables(no, no they are not Aesop's fables :)) which are truly hilarious.Do go through them. This is the link :


    PS: please don't take it as blog publicity. I, in fact, hate it.

  9. @Swaram: Oh God! A weekly feature will basically mean a permanent place for me to rant! Do not tempt me! :)
    Sigh..IT Guys is a species everywhere, huh? Good to know!

  10. @Ajay: Ha! "Talibanism" - That exactly describes them! Thank you! :)
    Don't worry, I have seen worse publicity. This does not qualify! Will definitely stop by..:)

  11. Hehe! :D
    I should have read this earlier! Argh! Then the day would have been much lighter!
    1. I have officially given up on IT folks.
    2. Erm, you're right, and I think I have always been the sleeping individual, so I kinda knew the hazards of waking someone up!
    3. Ooh, reminds me of the time we watched Tashan!
    4. Never been there, so no clue!

    More than work, I dislike travelling for work, which is what I will be doing this weekend for a whole week! Hence, we wish the week places S.L.O.W.L.Y. :(

  12. @DI: Hehe! Me likes the pointwise response! :)
    (1) :D
    (2)I still havn't disclosed who the sleeping individual was.. :P
    (3) You wached Tashan in the hall?? That should have been FUN!
    (4) Hmm..Lucky you!
    And no no no no no! We cannot wish for the week to go by slowly. Ever. The week ends in a weekEND. That has to come quickly. No slow. Only fast. :D

  13. Heee, IT guys are hired to cause more trouble than resolve issues. I can't even open the date and time thingie on bottom-right :-(

  14. @rechristened: That is one of the many things my IT guys don't let me do! :(

  15. Ha! Ha! Well narrated and entertaining. Keep them coming...

    P.S. As for Lesson #1: Be thankful that you have a decent PC and/or lappy. And not having to work on mainframes...

  16. @Roshmi: Thanks! :)
    Mainframes?! God, that sounds bad!

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  18. @Vinayak: Hi! Thank and Welcome here! I am hardly what you would qualify as an experienced blogger, but I would love to visit your blog too! :)

  19. Awesome lessons..so true with everyone..Keep them coming..I dont mind them weekly..but make sure it comes on Monday...Thats when we need it the most..:))

  20. @dil: Thanks ya! :) Will try for next Monday. Have lots of gyan to share! ;)


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