Game for CommonWealth Games? I am!

Of late, my family and I have taken it upon ourselves to inform all guests visiting us, that come October, Delhi would be dressed up like a Bride, waiting for her Muhurtam moment - the Commonwealth Games! I am one of those people, who is super excited about this, not only because my Terrace overlooks one major Sports complex and centre of all activity, but also because, just like a real life bride, with the event will come a lot of gifts.

That includes the Metro for South Delhi, for which we have been putting up with detours for long enough that we have forgotten what the original and shortest route to our house is. We also have a "Street Beautification" drive happening on our access road, because it is also the access road to the above mentioned Sports Complex (which I can peep into, from my Terrace! How cool is that!). This means, the footpaths, dividers and traffic islands are being demolished and built all over again. Which makes a lot of sense, expect that this activity was undertaken 2 months back, 6 months back, 1 year back and so on after every 4 months. I can understand that infrastructure like that gets spoilt with wear and tear when under continuous usage, but what escapes my mind is the idea that it was "used" at all! Before we put our foot on the new tiles of the footpath for the second time, it is broken, only to be rebuilt again. But then again, all wedding gifts aren't useful, na?

We also have a new Sports Complex, at a walking distance from my house, adjoining to the existing one, which I never go to because I am not a health freak, but nonetheless boast of, because, well, I can see it from my Terrace! ;)  This new Complex, will be the venue for the Badminton Games. For a trial run, the Asian Badminton Championship was held here two weeks back (Did you know about it?) and we were all told to avoid the main access road to our house because of visitor traffic (How do we get home!!??). To our immense relief, there was no visitor traffic! The only inconvenience caused during that period was because of an Auto Rickshaw strike, which forced me to walk home a distance of 4 km, along this road. During this walk, some 15 odd policemen, lined up for security, either saluted to me, or scratched their heads in amusement. I would rather go with option 1!

Of course, like a true filmy wedding, we also have jilted lovers, who shout , "Yeh shaadi nahi ho sakti!". So the newly constructed, steel, spank, glass like Jindal bus-stop has absurdities splashed across it in a bold red spray paint. Something to the effect of "CWG is anti-poor". Huh? Anyway, no problemo. Because, we will simply break down the bus-stop and make it again. We are used to it. Gotcha loser! ;)

Apart from all these amenities, we also have a cute cartoon character who teaches us Delhiites manners. "Delhi ki Beti" as she is called, installs herself on Bus Stops, banners and posters and teases us when we do mannerless things. Check her out:

Isn't she cute? If I didn't know Delhites any better, I would say this will work. Except that not only do I know Delhiites better, but I am one. So, my guess is, every time "Delhi ki Beti" DARES to bare her teeth and teach us manners, we will retort back with a curt, "Chal na! Kaam se matlab rakh!" and walk off. That's us! :)

All in all, a good deal for us. Don't you think? So I am excited about Commonwealth Games, will probably take a couple of days off, attend some games, watch some for free from my Terrace (Remember that Sports Complex my house overlooks? Guahahahaa! ;)), enjoy the shopping festival to be held in Delhi at that time and the cultural events too. If any of you Bloggers plan to attend the event, give me a buzz. I will arrange for your stay, and I will also give you a special invite to watch some games from my Terrace (What? I know. I am super excited about that. Okay? Good.). I am looking forward to the Games, because after all the crap that we are putting up with, the Games better be a spectacular show, worth every drop of sweat we spent on it.

Signing off,
Sitting on the Terrace and waiting for the Game to start,
Me! ;)

Picture Courtesy: Commonwealth Games Blog 

PS: I am trying to change my Template. Got bored with this one. So kindly bear with my whims and fancies for the next couple of days! And please do comment on the layout and the About Me page.. :)
PPS: I just checked in Internet Explorer 6. This template looks Chi! Yuck.


  1. "Delhi ki Beti" is very cute :)

    I can completely identify with you about the footpaths and roads being dug up and reconstructed over and over again, we have been suffering from the same thing, sometimes for drainage pipelines, sometimes for gas piplelines.. it seems like its never gonna get over :(

    Anyhow, have fun at the games :D

  2. @arbitthoughts: Yeah, she's cute! You should see the lifesize posters! Cute she is. Seems like digging up roads is more of a pass time than a useful activity! :)

  3. Hehe. I like this template, even if it is temporary! Anyway, Like Piyu said, Delhi ki beti is so cute :D!

    All this fancy stuff that is on for the games, was in Delhi a couple of months back, and the driver was like -" It is like a different country altogether, this part of the city" :D

    Block me a seat on your terrace, will definitely let you know if I plan to be there! ;)

  4. @DI: It really is like a different country! Like a country being made from scratch. :-P
    Will definitely block the tickets for thou. Can't promise good seats though!
    Blogger is behaving so funny with the Template! It looks so bad on Explorer and so cool on Firefox. Confused me is. :-|

  5. I bet any Indian city would have had the same attitude towards [city] ki beti, isn't it? :D

    Have fun with the games Preeti :D

  6. @celestialrays: Hmm..I guess so! But, Delhiites are slighly more rude when it comes to that! :D
    Will definitely have fun! Do join in though.. :)

  7. Heyy.... this template looks cool, yaar. I liked it really. :)

    Damn, man! Wish I were in Delhi too. Seems like I will be missing a lot of fun.
    Well, Delhi ki Preeti..err....I mean Delhi ki Beti is cute. :D Lovely idea! ;)

    Have fun! :)

    Seems like I've missed some posts here. Will catch up with them. Keep a lookout on the comment sections. :)

  8. am coming to delhi for the games and if i dont get a ticket to the games then ur always there..!!wat say!!he he..
    try checking out my blog's theme and background..i am sure u would like it..u can then change it according to ur wishes and then u may thank me someday..!!
    try commenting on the posts and follow me jst like am following u..!!

  9. @Karthik: Welcome back! Glad you liked the template! :)
    And hey, you can still make it to Delhi for the games and catch up with the very cute and charming Delhi ki Beti! :D

  10. nice post today is my first visit so i am going early dont mind see you soon
    this cool post

  11. Wow! Lucky you... your terrace is strategically located :)

    btw... some committee met a few times to discuss some details of CWG... and were served tea and snacks. The bill was 30 lakhs... only!

    P.S. This template is cool. Have fun :)

  12. happy now..after making me J..

    I hope you do get to enjoy the them for might want to invest in a good pair of binoculars though :P :P

    I was stuck in the metro construction traffic jam last year..took one hour to cross the distance of 1 Km.. so all sympathies for you..

    PS: Love the template..and the Moi page is so much fun :)

  13. Lucky you. Watching the commonwealth games, for free :P

    I like the template :)

  14. @Roshmi: Yeah, girl! :)
    Money is being spent like tomatoes here! 1400 Crores total budget! Humongous figures, no idea where it all goes!

  15. @comfortablynam: :) :)
    Yes. The binoculars are high on the shopping list. Glad you pointed it out! And traffic jams..Sigh!No comments on that!

  16. @Chinkurli: :) True. Lucky, but then we are putting up with a lot, so we kinda deserve it. Nai? :) ;)

  17. I should plan to visit my home city in October ;-)

    The problem with digging and re-digging, I think, is a perennial problem all over India. But all that aside, no city is as beautiful as saaddi dilli, CWG or no CWG :-D If it weren't for Delhi, terms like "Roadside Romeo" would never have been coined :-P

    BTW, thank you for that "eyewitness account." Makes people like me feel closer to home :-)

  18. @rechristened: Totally, girl! You should visit in October..Saddi dilli rocks bigtime! :)
    My pleasure to write more on dilli! :)

  19. 'Delhi ki Beti' is very cute! Though like you said, I doubt Delhi-wallahs will be enamoured by her.

    I really really wanted to go to Delhi for the Games, but I will have exams around that time so I dont think thats happening :-(

  20. @R: Yup, she's damn cute! You can always catch the games on tv, but then it won't have that effect!Or so I believe! :-)

  21. Delhi ki beti is very cute!! With your home in such an important location and terrace overlooking sports events, you must be waiting for the action to begin with great enthusiasm. I hope it is rewarding and fulfilling after all the efforts you Delhiites have put up. It feels so nice that we are hosting CW games. I want to see the day when we'll be hosting Olympic games. Seems far-fetched? If China can, why can't we?
    Btw, you've got a very nice blog here :)
    PS: book a seat for me too at your terrace(the to-be hot spot):)

  22. @Ajay: Thanks, buddy! :)
    Yeah, it feels nice to believe we can host the Olympics. Maybe the success of CWG will be a factor to gauge India's readiness? I hope so!
    Welcome to my blog! Will definitely book your seat! :D

  23. "Money is being spent like tomatoes here! 1400 Crores total budget! Humongous figures, no idea where it all goes!"

    ... into bank accounts... from where Roger Federer comes from. Where else?

  24. @Roshmi: Hehe! Yeah, obviously! What was I thinking! :P


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