Forgive Me Lord for I Have Sinned! ;)

So Piyu passed me this tag ‘My Sins against Gender-Stereotypes’ and frankly, it was way too interesting to let go! Especially on a Friday, when we are in such a jovial mood that nothing, not even Blogger's stupid pranks, can get us down from the  high! :D
I must mention here, I am soooper impressed by the creator of this tag. Not only did she just get a bunch of "as girly as we can get" girls to confess to our sins, she also managed to make us enjoy this! For the uninitiated, The tag basically requires us to confess to things we do or want to do which are not in keeping with our gender stereotypes. So here we go:
  1. I am an engineer, from a Government Engineering college. We all fight to get a seat there through entrance examinations. Unfortunately,, due to some god forsaken reason, very few girls make it! In a class of 100 students, there were only 15 of us sweet ones of the fairer sex, and I have to say, I was PROUD to be one! And the best part, most of the Department rankers were us girls! So there you go, a bunch of girls who broke the stereotype of only guys being good engineers. Oh and for your information, it was a hard core, kick-ass stream of Instrumentation! :D
  2. Somewhat related to the previous point, I am a technology freak. I know a lot of guys who rely on me for advice on gadgets and jeez, how proud that maketh me! ;)
  3. Sports. A guy thing, right? The quizzer in me refuses to accept that. So, I carry with me information on all matches, all games, all players. You might think it is a useless attribute. But the fun is, when in an all guys group discussing the Football World Cup, you make a one-off comment on how the top paid players are under-performing and then you see that priceless look on their face that says "Damn-I-Wish-I-Had-Read-The-Newspaper-Before-Commenting"! ;)
  4. Gait and style of dressing. Hell yeah, I prefer jeans to anything!
  5. Pranks! Girls are usually expected to be the victims of all pranks. But here I am, the God of all pranksters! If any of you need tips, let me know. :)
  6. This one is slightly funny. Somewhat bordering between sinning over Gender Stereotype as well as Age Stereotype. So, you know kids, especially boys, tend to jump over staircases, skipping steps, running three steps at a time? I do that. All the time. Despite warnings about falling down and breaking my teeth. Despite actually falling down and hurting myself. Despite every damn thing, I do that. In fact, I hurt myself quite badly, just a couple of weeks back when I slipped down the stairs, trying to break my own record of jumping down 4 stairs at once! :-o
  7. No Make-up rule! Nothing, not even sunscreen at times. What to do, that's me! :)
  8. I love breaking open things to know how they work. The good part is, I do learn a lot and most times, I assist my Dad around the house fixing stuff. The flip side: I have broken enough good stuff, without being able to fix them. ;)
  9. High Heel Confidential! Actually, high heel phobic! I like flats, even flatter than Guy shoes. That probably stems from the fact that I have decent height without having to wear heels! in fact, if I do wear heels, i am scared of heights! ;) Okay, exaggeration. 
  10. Ha. I love this one! So you know how all girls carry bags with short handles, right? In college, I always had a bag-pack. When I had to start work, I worried like crazy because I JUST DID NOT want to carry that kind of stereotyped "lady's bag". I searched and searched and searched the shops and was about to give up, when my rocking, saviour sister got me this BRILLIANT bag from abroad, with a long a handle, and at the same time lady-like! Like the ones Cristina in Grey's carries. Oh, how I love it. Makes me look different! :)
That said, I love shopping, cooking, dressing up, bitching, gossiping, romantic comedies, Grey's Anatomy, George Clooney, Patric Dempsey, crying at the drop of a needle, crying while watching movies, crying while reading books, basically, everything girly! :)

And now, I am going to take a brave step and not tag anyone. For I have sinned. Don't do the crime, if you can't do the time! :D

Signing out,
Oye, it's a Friday!


  1. We have so much in common - point 1 (different stream but same story

    Heels.. I cant wear them either.. In fact I cannot walk in any girlie sandals - I break them in less than a couple of weeks!

    And no makeup for me too :D

    I admire - points 2, 3 and 8.. you are a real enginneer - wanting to break stuff open and all :)

  2. I appreciate your take in point 1 and 10.

  3. @piyu: Ha! Proud to meet a fellow woman engineer! :s So nice to know I am not the only one hating high heels and make up! :a

  4. hey, had fun reading your post..

  5. breaking a lot of stereotypes... :D
    i used to slide down the staircase...but that was long ago :P
    nice read.

  6. @Anurag: Thanks! Welcome here! :a

  7. @Rajlakshmi: Lol! That's me! :k
    I need to stop sliding down staircases too. Seriously.

  8. Nice! I am not surprised really ;)
    Hmm, about common points, no sports, no engineering,no techie stuff for me! And I love heels. No make that I have to wear heels, I am vertically challenged :(
    But yes, I NEVER wear sunscreen or anything remotely cosmetic, though I do buy a lot of it. Wasteful I know! :D

    And 2 posts in one day! Impressive!

  9. @DI: What was that supposed to mean? :j
    I love moi blog and update it frequently. *Rolls eyes at the Blog which is sulking*

    It's okay to wear heels, you know. I like it when others wear heels. I just don't like wearing them myself! :i

  10. cool list especially 6 :D

  11. Ha! I liked it. It really seems that you are far far different from what girls are usually like. (In some cases though). No make up surprises me but was cool to know that you are an exception in your so called 'fairer sex'. :D

  12. Ha! I liked it. It really seems that you are far far different from what girls are usually like. (In some cases though). No make up surprises me but was cool to know that you are an exception in your so called 'fairer sex'. :D

  13. Instrumentation engineering!You must have worked hard in labs. Electrical subjects give me headaches. Luckily I was spared after 2nd year. Me too loves quiz and sports. My record is skipping 5 steps at a time but I would have hurt myself badly had it not been for my friend. After that I gave it up. You should too and let my record stay :a An ardent fan of Clooney and Grey's Anatomy you are :a

  14. @Ajay: Yeah! Worked hard we did! :d
    5? I need to beat that NOW! :c
    Yeah, huge fan I am! :o :h


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