Fultooo T.I.M.E.P.A.S.S.!

Finally, my Blog has matured enough to handle random musings from me. So here we go!
  1. It's raining! Finally, it is raining in Delhi. Okay, so compared to say Mumbai, or even Hyderabad, this is just a sprinkle from someone up above washing his balcony, but still, it is raining! I don't get the guy who designed Monsoons. Seriously. Why does the Monsoon have to split into two parts and reach Delhi empty after spilling water all along both the routes? Why can't it take a single circular route and reach either the East or West in the end? Dumb designer.
  2. Also, on the same note, there were a couple of peacocks on my Terrace yesterday! Like I said on Twitter, Dilli monsoon is rain Kam and Drama Zyada! It was a pretty sight though!
  3. Connect these two sentences. 
    1. It is raining in Delhi
    2. The entire city has been dug up for construction work for the Commonwealth Games.
Answer: For the lack of a better, more sophisticated word - Keechad. Who digs up before Monsoons? Agreed monsoons in Delhi are someone's cruel joke, but still?

  4. There's a Bharat Bandh today. Either my Company believes we are not Bhartiya enough, or they believe we don't enjoy weekends extended by Bandhs. So  here I am, in office. I can prove to them, my ability in satisfying either or both of the above criteria - I could take an extended weekend, doing Bhartiya stuff, like say crib about the Government or play Dandiya. They denied me the chance. Their loss. And mine.

 5. The weekend was awesome. I watched Football matches, cheered for the right teams and celebrated! I distinctly remember joining Miroslav Klose's Fan Club on Orkut during the last World Cup in 2006. It finally paid off!

 6. Weekend also saw me catching up with some random movies. Twilight, I must say, was a shocker. Like I said elsewhere, either the movie was really really cheesy, or I have become old. Seriously? That Pattinson guy is not even cute! And the only hope I see for this movie, is in it's remake as a C-Grade Bollywood, or even better, Bhojpuri movie! I also happened to see Karthik Calling Karthik. Unlike popular opinion, I believe even Farhan Akhtar could not get that Deepika chick to act. Me thinks, I act better than her. In front of the mirror that is.

  7. I got an award last week! "Valuable Team Player". Ha. Here's where you all clap and I bow and give my Acceptance speech. Okay, I won't. The good part is I got 2000 bucks, which I will diligently binge on a Calvin and Hobbes collection next weekend. What? A girl needs her humour to be of any value to this team! ;)

  8. Much to my Mum's disgust and irritation, I played the song Jab Mila Tu from IHLS continuously. On radio, the iPod, the laptop, by singing. I don't know what is so irritating about the song. I like it! After a long era, there has been a catchy Hindi number! She should thank the Lords I did not take a fancy to the other very catchy number - Kajra Kajra Kajra - -a- -a- Re- -! Or maybe I did! :P

  9. No point denying the fact that it is a Monday. Sigh. I have loads of work to do. Including going out of office on some meeting. That makes me sound like a busy person. Which I am. Seriously, this rambling thing is addictive. I am telling myself to STOP THIS NOW.

 10. Just one last thing. Have you seen the trailers of Aisha? The Sonam Kapoor one? It was shot partially in my Residential complex!! Phew. I said it! Pheeewwww. When I told my Mum I was going to write this in my Blog, she very wisely told me to wait and see if those scenes were still there or had been edited out. Moms. Saving me the embarrassment and all. In hindsight, she was right. So, I won't tell you which scenes, till I don't go see the movie. But just assume, the most beautiful locations with long roads, trees lined up on both ends is what I am talking about! :D

I am done!
Signing out,
Have a brilliant week!
Jab Mila Tu-ru-ru-tu-ru-ru!


  1. wonderfull.

    I really like your posts. hope to see more of your works. :)

  2. Peacocks on the terrace? Aisha sequences shot? Where do you live :o??
    I love the Aisha tralers have to watch! I am done watching IHLS, Shutter Island, and A team, yay me!
    My company is also anti-bhartiya, hence at work!
    Oh, and I can't even get myself to watch Twilight, and yes, it proves that I am old :/

  3. @DI: I live in Paradise. :d
    Wow! You caught up on a lot of movies! Dunno if I want to watch IHLS. Will probably watch it online, for that song. :c
    But I do think you should watch Twilight. I could not believe how cheesy it was! Oh the dialogues. Sheesh :o

  4. Me working from home today :D

    Congrats on the award! and @ Aisha wow did you see the shooting?

    Rains and peacocks - awesome :)

    I do that play song continuously for 'Dil to Baccha hai Jee'... its the first song that I have played for so long and not gotten bored of yet!

  5. @Piyu: Sigh. Lucky you. Being a Bhartiya and all. Jaise hum toh firang hain. :b
    Thanks! :h
    Saw the shoot from the Terrace, but I missed the late night shoot sequence with Abhay Deol. That scene is definitely there. I know it.
    Yeah, the peacock thing was pretty! Flew off before I could take a pic though!
    Dil Toh Bacha Hai Ji is also a good song! Don't think I can irritate anyone with that though.. :l

  6. You are sooo funny...I was actually tired..but I wanted to just drop by and see whats happening ur ur blog world and leave a comment later..but the post was so funny..that i had to write this now..Let the humming continue....

  7. @dil..: Sigghh. I am bored too. :b
    Thanks for stopping by and for your comment! :a
    Helped me pass a whole 65 seconds in office! :o

  8. Congrats for the award :-), ma'am !!! Reminds me of all the pending treats...for n reasons which I cant even recollect now...Neways, dont worry I'll keep reminding you..maybe you'll be forced to write a post on pending treats some day :-)..btw, why this sp. liking for this song "Jab Mila Tu"??
    PS. I'm still not able to use the smileys.......:-(..some problem with Chrome ?

  9. @Kamayani: Yeah, yeah. Sure. You can have all your treats! Combined into one. :c
    Don't know why I like the song ya. Catchy I guess! :o
    No smileys? I will check out what the problem is.

  10. hey..couldn't resist telling you that I was at home today doing nothing all day long..:c
    Btw. it's a really fulto masala and timepass post..Kudos !!! Continue the good work..:n

  11. As soon as I started reading your post it started raining well that's how bbay is and this is the only season when I don't miss Delhi (but i still am missing delhi for some reason)
    Also, you actually went to office today ?? This was by far the best Monday for me this year ! felt like a saturday :a

  12. Hahaaa...You are funny!
    Loved and completely agree with Point 1. But at least the rains reached you guys. It took a different route this year and we are still waiting for it!
    Movie shot in a beautiful locale with trees lined up and peacocks in the rains? Awesome! :a

  13. huh and here I get pigeons on the terrace, and they dirty the place! Why isn't my life interesting at all! :D

  14. @Nameless Girl: Shooo. Run now. Before I throw a couple of cuss words at you! Our offices are what, miles away? You got affected by the Bandh and we didn't? :f
    Life. Chah. :b
    Thanks for the compliment, though! :h That will reduce the cuss words by 10%! :c

  15. @Kanishk: What's with people coming over and telling me how awesome this monday was for them? Shed some tears for the poor girl, will ya? :f
    Thanks for stopping by though! :a

  16. @Choco: Danke, girl! :h
    Rain didn't reach you? It did run away from as soon as it started. Wonder where it went! Bombay, for sure! :d

  17. @CelestialRays: We get pigeons too. Oh and Siberian crows and some more migratory birds. Muaahahahaaaaa! :c
    Interesting life! :h

  18. hahahaha Well I just don't understand why all delhiites ran to office today(another friend called to tell me he's in office) I mean don't u remember how the summer vacations in school used to get preponed due to the delhi Heat and how we used to wait for the morning bulletin before leaving for school hoping that we get a holiday as some minister passed away and we did use to more often then not !! :P

  19. @Kanishk: Yes, but that was when we paid to go to school. Here, the dynamics change! We are getting paid to work, how can we miss that because of a silly Bandh? Work is above all else.
    Right about now, some HR from my company will look at this bravo answer of mine and go all :n!
    They better!

  20. well i'm gonna get paid anyway :P
    And in an ideal world they shud definitely applaud ur dedication to the company ! Hope the HR did come to office :P

  21. Hehehahah..you got kick ass sense of humor..keep going gal :)

  22. And congo on award.

  23. :n Congratulations...for the award...am a huge fan of Calvin and hobbes...a very good
    Ahh rains..have been eternal visitors where I am currently..but am definitely looking forward to the monsoons and Mitti ki khushboo..

  24. Where did my comment go? :|

    Anyways..posting it again...You gotta lovely sense of humor preeti. Congo for awards :C

  25. @Lazy Pineapple: Thanks! :h
    Always a pleasure to meet a co-Calvin fan! :c
    Rain's gone here already! So much for my post and peacocks! :b

  26. @allthecrap: Thanks! :d
    Oh your comment is there. Apparently Blogger didn't get enough kicks out of irritating me last week. So now we are at war again, with disappearing comments.

  27. Peacocks on terrace!!!! wowwww thats sooo cool :D
    yeahh even we didnt get a holiday :(

  28. @Raji: :k
    Oh you didn't get a holiday? Join the gang! :b

  29. First time here...and girl, was it fun! :)

    Congrats on the award! :) C&H is a good investment. Ok, who am i kidding....it's the BEST investment :k

    Your blog's :s

  30. @Scorpia: Thanks! :h
    Yo! Like I said above, always a pleasure to meet a Calvin Fan! :k
    PS: Got my C&H today itself! :a

  31. What is India coming to.. Bharat Bandh and everywhere I saw people were working from home or were even at work..That is so not the India I remember.. What have you guys done to my country??

    Congratulations on the award girl..spend spend that money :D

    Keechad haa haa haa :c

  32. @Comfy: Hehe.. :c I know! I would so loved to remain in the Bharat of your times and take a holiday on the Bandh! Alas!

    Spent the money! Teehee! :l

  33. My surprised smiley turned into a giggly smiley here , what is this? :b

  34. Arrey DI! Read the comment above the comment space na! You look surprised with a :e (that is "semicolon e") instead of with a :o (that is "semicolon o")! I know, I know. I need a day off to sort this out in the Javascript code! Bear with us till then! :i

  35. Rain, peacocks on terrace, Aisha shooting in your home...kahan rehti hain aap?so lucky you are!:a Did you meet Sonam? You should have pressed them for a small act in the movie :a You are right about that Pattinson guy and Twilight. I don't know why but girls swoon over him. And the movie is absurd and tacky.

  36. @Ajay: Like I said above! Paradise! :c
    Didn't "meet" her, but did see her.. :e
    Thank God, all sane people seem to agree Twilight was bad! That's a relief! :p


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