Ladies and Gentlemen!
Thank you for your attention pliss.
INCEPTION has been watched. The brain has reached various levels of madness, reality and imagination. While I collect splattered bits and pieces of my sanity, please bear with this little snippet of a post and do not expect any sane post for the next 24-48 hours or so. 
In the meantime, if you haven't watched Inception, please, I am requesting you here, please go watch it! It is a piece of imagination, well beyond our times and needs to be watched ASAP!
Thank you for bearing with me!

Signing out,
Still dreaming of Inception,
Simply NOT me! ;)


  1. Can't wait any longer to watch the movie. Kgp is a village so will have to plan a trip to Kolkata to see it :b but I will because I have to see it. Die-hard DeCaprio fan I am. I knew the movie would be mind shattering when I first saw the promo a month back. Have you watched other Christopher Nolan movies? He is a genius. And lolz at Simply Not Me. You sound like me when I first saw Matrix :D

  2. Oh and again I forgot the weird smiley codes. I meant :a Arrey thik kar do na ise. :a

  3. @ajay: Yeah! Di caprio is awesome! You HAVE to watch this movie! You'll come out thinking you are still in a dream! Nolan is a genius..
    Ya I need day off from work to correct the smiley JavaScript code! :c

  4. Nolan, I bow to thee!
    Inception has been watched on Friday at this end also, and man, oh man, some imagination the guy has huh?!
    Loved it. Understatement, LOVED IT.
    And assuming that the top does stop spinning :)

  5. @DI: Yeah! We all should make temples for Nolan! WHATAY super-fabulous imagination!
    And no! I have argued with everyone, the top cannot stop spinning! It's Nolan's movie, the top CANNOT stop spinning!

  6. I can only imagine! :d
    After all it's Chris Nolan. :a

  7. @Karthik: Yeah! Nolan! Go watch it if you haven't seen it yet!

  8. I want to watch it now :( :( :(... Had a busy weekend so could not watch it.. but now you and almost everyone on my FB list is making me so J.. hmph

  9. @Piyu: Go go go go go NOW! Bunk office and go watch it! :a
    You CANNOT miss this movie!

  10. I know!!! Planning to go tonite!!! Thanks for the recommendation..

  11. @Piyu: Good! That's mission accomplished for me today! You are the 8th person I convinced to watched the movie tonite itself! :n :o

  12. I have!!!! What a ride it was. phew!

  13. @Rechristened: Oh, then you get it na? The brain going numb for a few hours bit?! :p

  14. Totally! I think I will never dream again :-P

  15. @Rechristened: Hehe! :d :c
    I can understand! It's so silly, but this movie is ALL that I can talk about since Sunday! People around me are getting bugged, I can sense it! Whatodooo! :s

  16. OK Maam..will follow your orders and watch..

  17. @Comfy: Teehee! :c
    Please do! :a

  18. aaargh I want to watch it nowwww!


    (Just trying out the new smileys )

  19. @Chinkurli: You still haven't seen it? :e
    Go! Shoooooo! Now! :o

  20. I cant wait to watch it..have heard some great things....I am so waiting to watch a good movie..

  21. @dilontherocks: Pliss do watch! :a
    You'll remember it as a good movie forever!


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