I am so disgusted and angry even as I am writing this, I know for a fact I will regret this post. But if I don't write this, I'll just start crying, which will look very odd in office. So. 
I have never said this, in the 22 years of my life. I am saying this now. Do not come to Delhi. For the Commonwealth Games. Or ever. Coming from a die-hard Delhite, this is a huge deal. I feel stone-hearted saying this, but don't come to Delhi unless:
  • Unless you want to look at infrastructure like subways and think to yourself how awesome they are, then go inside only to find them flooded with sewage water. And cross through that very sewage water to make it to the other side of the road, because the only other option you have is jumping over the very high divider on the main road, put up so as to dissuade pedestrians from using the main road to cross , instead of the superbly awesome sewage water filled subway. Of course, followed by reaching office, washing your legs thrice and still feeling utterly disgusted and shuddering every few minutes. Especially so on a Friday, when you wear a new dress, instead of Jeans because it is a festive day.
  • Unless you like to stand at your bus-stop, waiting for your company bus, delayed due to a traffic jam, and swatting flies and mosquitoes breeding in that long canal of water flowing right beside you. Unless you like finding reasons why that canal is there in the first place and suddenly realising with epiphany, it wasn't there earlier, it was dug up recently to make a proper drainage system, only that that work was never completed. Unless you like wondering why Dengue is spreading in Delhi.
  • Unless you like looking at one of the approach roads to your colony, and wondering why it is looking empty, followed by dawning realization  that  there was a nicely built,  small sized building there, that was demolished to make a big hole in the road. That was then covered up with pipes and mud. That then caved in when it rained heavy. To make another hole.
  • Unless you like remembering your childhood fondly on seeing these poeple covering up holes the way you pushed everything on your bed into the cabinet and closed the door shut when guests came and you just HAD to clean up your room.
  • Unless you like looking at beautiful flyovers like DND, and wondering how lucky you are to use it everyday, only to be stuck on it for 4 bloody hours when it rains. Then you have the whole time in the world to appreciate the construction.
  • Unless you like hearing people on News Channels say vehemently, that it is the Citizens fault too, that they should also participate and just when you start agreeing with them, you realize with  a vengeance, that you did participate. You paid taxes (me too, 1st time hi sahi!), you never littered the roads, you picked up litter if it was too conspicuous, you used public transport, you paid toll, you never complained. By the time you come up with a retort, you realize, you are not on TV. You are just a citizen, facing the brunt of it all.
  • Unless you like hearing people say, it's the same everywhere in India and you want to say, "It's not", but you can't. It cannot be the same everywhere. It cannot be like this in a place about to host an International event. It cannot be like this in the National Capital.
 So, no, do not come to Delhi. 

Utterly disgusted.
Simply Not Me.


  1. :( Arre! It's ok, all cities have issues. I understand it gets really frustrating when you face all this, more so when you see that the taxes you paid as a good citizen are being used for renting treadmills at 8 lakhs. Anyway, don't be sore, it is your fave place afterall! :)

    And I hope it gets better!

  2. @DI: It's not okay. My new dress! :f
    I just hope it doesn't get worse!
    Yeah, well, it is my favouretest place (I hope that word exists)!

  3. Not very different from Bombay.. The BMC recently announced that they did some work on pot-holes and only 299 are remaining, even showed some calculations about it!

    I can count 299 potholes on the way from station to my house!!! how much more corrupt can they get? I've really started feeling there isn't much hope left :(

  4. @Piyu: Hahaa! 299 remaining! Lol! :c
    I agree there's no hope left. I tried really hard to be upbeat about these Games, now I am thinking I'll just watch them on TV!

  5. Come to mumbai = (Delhi + CWG dug up )
    ...anyday :D

  6. @allthecrap: You know, that was the reason why used to love Delhi! It was not like other cities. And now we are equating. Bah.

  7. I hope things change for the better. Soon. In the whole of India. :(

  8. @celestialrays: Yeah, I hope so too!

  9. We are a living example of corruption,neglect with a could not care less attitude.At the end of CWG,dont be surprised if Shiela Dixit and Kalmadi are given Padma awards.
    This is the result of a weak leader and a clueless govt.

  10. its a pity... its a shame that national capital is looking like dumping ground ... no matter what prob other cities may face, this should be highly acceptable in Delhi ... and also since its hosting an international game,... I can feel your anger.. coz I too am feeling the same.

  11. @BK Sir: Hehe, yeah. Kalmadi for Padma would be a good fnish to CGW! :c

  12. @Rajlakshmi: Glad you agree with me! it's really sad. he entire country should take a lessen out of this!

  13. you are tagged! :)

  14. This is really sad. All the wealth has been looted and now it remains only a 'Common Games'. See the gall of that Kalmadi guy, who even after so many allegations of brazen scandal and shameless loot, says that he won't quit and is confident that Games would be a success. Everyday, newspapers are full of sad, depressing stories about Games. I just hope that we don't become a laughing stock.

  15. Ahh! New dress...I am angry now. Off all things, you had to go through this in ur new dress. Dont worry Preeti. I am alreay on phone with Shiela Dixit. :l

    And now you cheer up..btw, I heard Seattle is a beautiful place...:d

  16. Uh Oh.. :b

    I hope that we get a handle on things and the games do go well. I also hope when they do start you regain your enthusiasm for them along with your love for Delhi..

    hugs :t

  17. Whoa... Your blog reads like mine now! :)

    But on a serious note, I hear ya. And agree. What hope is there for the rest of the cities/towns/villages if the capital city of the country is in such a state of disrepair?

    Btw Look at this link on my blog. One nights rain that!

  18. @celestialrays: Off to check! Thanks! :a

  19. @Ajay: Yeah, it is pretty sad! Hopefully the games will still go off fine! :a

  20. @dil..: Yeah man. New dress! :f
    Thanks for the call, and while you are at it, can you also tell her about a couple of hundred other problems we have! :c
    Thanks for cheering me up.:a
    The Seattle part, by the way, did not help. At all.

  21. @Comfy: Thanks! :a
    Yeah, I hope so too. At least falling in love with Delhi again HAS to happen! :a

  22. @Choco: Hehe! Yeah, it does! :c

    Yeah, it is quite sad! Hopefully, the other cities take a lesson out of this and do better than Delhi! :a

  23. oooh..Why not? Anyway, whereever u want to stay..okay..thats delhi..:)

  24. @dil..: Arrey I meant I am jealous of Seattle! :a

  25. Oh God, this makes me feel sad. It's not that bad in Bangalore...not yet, at least. Still, it pisses me off so much. Grr.


  26. @Chinkurli: Thanks ya! It is quite sad, isn't it? Capital Shame as they are calling it!

  27. I know what you mean. I've lived all my life in delhi and was appalled at the sight of CP with everything falling apart. Even in bbay things are no better just that people have gotten used to flooding. BMC just uses rains as a way of earning money. Although I really though delhi govt. won't mess this up just bcoz it's an international event but somethings never change. *depressing*

  28. @Kanishk: Ho. A true Delhite would know what I mean! It is downright depresing!


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