Of Temple Towns and Work!

Howdie? How's life? All good? Hmmm?
Yeah, I am okay too. Alive. And as you might have guessed, very busy (Hi DI! ;))! 
Don't even ask me what I was up to the last 2 weeks when I didn't blog at all. I'll tell you anyway. A surreal amalgamation of an important meeting, a presentation, work on weekends, the senior management of the company, work, more work, did I mention "The Presentation", re-work and more work. It was like the school Annual Day all over again! Oh and in the midst of all that, the one weekend when I could have taken a sigh, I went on a running, fleeting, blink and miss 2 days trip to Hyderabad. AND Tirupathi. Definitely a record of some sort! 
Now that it's all over, I am free as my manager a bird. Like they say, "don't be sad that it ended, be ecstatic." Oh sorry, I don't think that's what they say. Never mind. I am this close to losing my sanity, so excusez moi.
The irony and the biggest joke, however, is that, I still don't have anything to write about! So, I'll spare you the horror of any random ramblings, because, believe it or not, they'll all be about work, considering I haven't watched TV in 2 weeks and that I haven't slept till after 9 in 21 days, that's right, TWENTY ONE DAYS (Yes. I counted.). Instead, I'll just save this blog from going into extinction by posting some snaps I clicked in Tirupathi. 
The Temple Town is quite an interesting place for photographers. The colors, vibrancy, the ebullience, the hills, the calm beauty, the vigour of devotion.  - there's too much that the Camera can capture here! I am not a photographer by any standards, but I tried! 
It's a pity the cameras aren't allowed near the actual temple complex, but the real fun is in capturing those little moments in the local market and on the way up. At least that's what I did. Oh and all the pics in daylight were taken on a move because the car was not stopped anywhere. Leopard attacks apparently. Fancy! Check out the snaps!

The view from up above, the Lord's abode!
The driver took immense pleasure in telling me again and again and again that the edge of this hill was shaped like the Garuda. Can you make out?

"I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
two roads diverged in a wood, and I 
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference." - Robert Frost!

"I wandered lonely as a Cloud, That floats on high o'er vales and hills.....

......When all at once I saw a crowd, A host, of golden daffodils!" - William Wordsworth
The teeming market at 12 in the night!
Oh So Pretty! Bangles, bangles and more bangles!
Now this made one interesting shop. Just look at the colors and the lights, will you?
Cruel way of reminding us how far we are from being where we should have been 63 years after independence!
I am sure a photographer would have done so much more justice to the variety this place offers! Like I said, I tried!

Anyhoo. The blog has been saved for this week at least.

Oooh and on a completely unrelated note, there's this song called "In These Arms" by The Swell Season (from Grey's Anatomy). It's just so so so BEAUTIFUL. I have heard this song on a loop for hours together the past few weeks, and every time he sings "Maybe I was born to hold you in these arms", my heart just skips a beat or two. Sigh. Do listen to it.

Signing out,


  1. Hi there ;).. good you finally got a break! I'm going to Tirupati next weekend :D.. Loved your pics.. especially #3

    Thanks for the song suggestion, will try it out asap.

  2. Hi Preeti! First! :D

    Aha! Finally, finally you work on a weekend :D You've kept my record alive, I worked for the first time on a weekend after 4 years of experience! Yay!

    Oh Tirupathi is awesome in it's own way. I love the markets! And the totally different kind of wares you get there!

  3. :o
    I should have said first and then put the comment :( Piyuuu!!!!!

  4. Once again I am not giggling about the fact that I lost the position by a moment! These smileys! Argh!

  5. @Piyu: Yeah, well, it wasn't really a break - got too hectic! But it was fun nonetheless! :a
    Oh good you are going to Tirupati, please click more photos there! You'll definitely do a better job! :a

  6. @DI: Teehee! :c (That was because you weren't first!)
    So not a nice feeling to work on a weekend! :f
    Yeah, the markets in Tirupati sell some pretty unique stuff!
    And oh the smileys. I really don't get why you think they're difficult to use! See -
    :a :b :c :d :e :f :g :h and :i

  7. Brilliant photographs!! But more than the photos, I liked the tags below them. They are just so apt :n

    You should update your blog atleast twice a week, because you're good at it even when you have nothing to write about :a

  8. @Nothing's in a name: Thanks, girl! :h
    The photos could have been so much better! Bu we tried! :a

  9. Lol at the line :C - i am as free as my manager..has been my sentiment since last week :l

    and :f i have to work on thursday which is a bank holiday in mumbai....sob sob

    and now just for the sake of trying out this smiley :t

  10. @Nuttie Natters: Yeah, so I gathered from your post. Seems like we are in the same boat! :f

  11. Nice to hear someone actually say that they enjoyed a Tirupati trip :P Nice pics and nice change of template!

  12. @Chinkurli: Urmm? It was fun! You don't likes? :j
    Glad you liked the Template! :a

  13. A long awaited post. I liked the pics but I loved the captions-they are so apt. I think Frost is an overrated poet, Wordsworth is the best. And good you reminded me of Wordsworth, now I can't restrain myself from quoting from one of my fav poems. "Behold her single in the field/yon solitary highland lass./reaping and singing by herself,/stop here or gently pass." Tell me the poem. You must be knowing it if you studied in a CBSE school :c The last picture - a sad reminder!

  14. Nice pics, totally agree with you on the last one!

  15. Ahh..Now you made me sad. I used to live in Tirupathi. Wonderful times. We used to go to Tirumala, almost once every two weeks. Beautiful pictures. Love all the temple stalls, although I am sure it changed a lot now.. Thanks for sharing the pics.And hope you will be back to ur self...:)

  16. @Ajay: The Solitary Reaper! Yes, Wordsworth is really good, his best has to be Daffodils. And The Lucy Poems! :a

  17. @celestialrays: Glad you like 'em! :h

  18. @dil..: Wow! You lived there! That's something! Glad I could bring back some memories for you! :a

  19. It has to e coincidence,we are planning a visit to Tirupati in early Sept.
    Pictures are very nice and so is the post.

  20. @BK Sir: Oh that's great! Have a nice trip! :a

  21. Good to hear that you have finally got some respite!
    Cool snaps. I could not make out the Garuda on the cliff shape though. :b
    And loved your comments on the snaps :a

    PS: independence has sure not gotten us far on some terms, has it?

  22. @Choco: Yeah, lots of respite actually!
    Oh I finally figured out the Garuda after some massive Zoom in! :c
    And glad you enjoyed the comments!:a
    Yeah, well, independence is quite pseudo here!


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