Paradox or Oxymoron?

Okay. So there is this girl in my office. Normal, nothing special, in fact, I don't know her. Not even her name. All I know about her is that she exists! Not "exists", as in, I see her everyday even. "Exists", as in, I know she is there. Get it?
The point, however, is that, there is some WEIRD connection between us. I mean it. A couple of months back she was wearing a shirt that I have in my cupboard too. I thought that was a meek coincidence. After all, with the NUMBER of brands available out there, who would have thought two people in the same office buy the exact same shirt, the exact same colour and the exact same size? I shirked off the incident. 
And then it happened again! Last week, after MONTHS of searching, I found the dream shirt - A red checks shirt at Provogue, the perfect fit and perfect colours. Oh, I thought I had attained Moksh when I bought that shirt. I was waiting for an occasion to wear it, but what with all festivals falling on holidays, I was planning for a pseudo occasion like say Lord Krishna's Birthday's Hangover Day (Day after Janmashthmi) or the Eve of Lord Ganesha's Birthday (Day before Ganesh Chaturthi). 
And what do I see? That girl wore the EXACT same shirt yesterday! EXACT same DREAM shirt. Just like that. Without giving me a chance to display my prized possession. 
Creepy I tell ya. Some weird connection. And the timing! So precise!
*Shudder again* 

The worst part, however, is that, the first time I saw this girl, I had judged her. And you know me, na? I had judged her bad. So, now I am alternately feeling guilty and confused. If this connection is a good thing, I need to do something about it, like Joey's Hand Twin in Vegas. If it's a bad thing, its just creepy and gives me shudders! 
So much for judging people!

Anyway. That's it. That's all I wanted to tell you!

Oh wait, I hope you weren't expecting something useful from this post! Oh My God. You were? Weren't you? I am SO sorry. Next time, I will be more prudent in the use of this space! ;-)

And also, the title has got nothing whatsoever to do with the post because the incident is neither a paradox nor an oxymoron. I just realized yesterday how different these two terms were and how people use them the wrong way without knowing. Just wanted to show off. Sorry again! ;-)

Okay then,
Logging Out,
Have a Tralalalalaaa Ekdum MASST wala Jhakaas Weekend!
Goods & Byes.

Edit to Add: I just re-read the post after hitting the Publish button and realized how crazy I sounded. I thought I should just delete the post, but then in a moment of profound awakening, it occurred to me that life is so much more fun with crazy moments! And besides, it's a Friday - Sab Maaf Hai! :-D


  1. I am first! :a :s That's a strange coincidence. Just wonder, what if she'd been thinking the same thing :a Is she your alter-ego? (ya fir kahin Kumbh ke Mele me to nahi bichchad gaye the?)You should find out :c

    And that's a cool post, it'd sure turn anyone's mood for good :a You too have a masti-filled weekend :a

  2. @Ajay: Yeah, you are first! And I am wondering how that happened, no offence! :d
    Alter Ego? Don't say that. Like I said, I kinda judged her in a not so good manner, meaning, if I were not me, I would judge me in the same manner? :j
    And Thanks! You too have great weekend! :a

  3. Hehe, I like crazy posts :).. And I have had similar experiences too.. twice!

    I bought a lovely black kurta from Shoppers Stop.. I was so damn pleased with myself, coz I usually don't like a lot of stuff there.. But this one was amazing.. I really loved it.. and a couple of days later, I see the exact same kurta in a friends FB pics :(.. Ditto with a pretty Tee , I am scared of checking FB pics of friends now!

  4. @Piyu: Oh good, I am not alone in this freaky business! :a
    And yeah, it's pretty hard to find good stuff at Shopper's Stop. God only knows why he hogs up such HUGE spaces in good malls, where maybe some better showroom could come up!
    *Wondering how I deviated so much from the topic*

  5. you won't believe that the same thing is happening to me and my roomie ... there's one girl who has exact kurtis like mine and roomie... we both have stopped wearing that :P

  6. @Rajlakshmi: Now I feel normal posting this! :c
    Good to know there are others! I can't stop wearing that shirt, I havn't begun and well, it is a Dream shirt! :f

  7. oh you tricked us ms. Preethi. Not once,but twice. Chalo maaf kar diya. :)

    Not because its friday, but for the love of red provogue shirt. :c

  8. I loved this post! exactly what i needed on a friday :D

  9. Moral of the story: Don't Judge :s :s :l

    Can I say I am glad this has never happened to me.. phew :i :i

    Next time don't wait for the special occasion. Just wear the new shirt as soon as you buy so that you beat her to it :d :o

  10. @dil..: Meharbani aapki, aapne humein maafi ke kaabil samjha! :i
    I owe a lot to that red shirt now! :c

  11. @Ms Rayz: :a
    Glad I helped on a Friday, always a pleasure! :a

  12. @Comfy: Eehehee! :c
    See, I know the moral. I just can't get myself to stop judging! :l
    Lucky you, huh? Everyone else seem to faced this. Nazar utaar lena apne wardrobe ki! :c
    Now that's a good suggestion you have, carpe diem sorts! Wear as soon as you buy, me likes! :a

  13. Hahahaa.. SO glad you kept the post. I looved it! :a

    That girl beats you in wearing the same attire? Maybe she idolizes or worse hates you. Hangs around your house on weekends and follows you when you go shopping. Think about it. CCRazzier!!! :o :a

  14. The story would've been different if that person were a boy, eh? :c

    (Oh, my, my! I didn't faint this time) :s

  15. Still laughing at the Joey Hand Twin reference. Oh, and I'm so disappointed you didn't get to show off that shirt first. This is why I NEVER wait for any period of time before wearing new clothes. Learn, girl. :p

  16. @Choco: Now you are scaring me!:e
    Really? You think that could be true? I am flattered in that case! :c

  17. @Karthik: Hehe! Then it wouldn't be scary, it would be sad! :c

  18. @R: Yeah! Learnt my lesson! Wear new stuff the day you buy 'em! Don't waste precious time waiting for ausicious occasions! :c

  19. I didn't see this :(( I am losing my touch of being first too! Sorry sorry sorry!
    Imagine this, I buy this top, wear it to a cafe, and there is one girl sitting there wearing it. As if that was not enough, another one walked in in the same damn thing! THAT my dear friend was SCARY! :O
    Fridays are totally for mad posts :D Keep it up!

  20. @DI: Meh. You FINALLY commented!
    Yup, you are losing touch! :c
    Okay, yeah, your experience is scarier! :e
    Thank God mine stopped at one stalker!

  21. So... this girl has turned your "prized dream shirt" into a nightmare... ?!!

    "The worst part, however, is that, the first time I saw this girl, I had judged her. And you know me, na? I had judged her bad."

    Really? So... all those co-incidences were entirely co-incidental... ??? You sure?? Or do you have some kind of a "cosmic connection"?? She was perhaps your twin from previous birth?!! Long lost and finally found @ work. ;)

    "I don't know her. Not even her name."

    Just check... might be Preeti ;) ;) ;)

  22. @Roshmi: Hehe! I hope it's not a cosmic connection! :b
    I do need to check her name though! :d

  23. Moral of story: Don't judge people :i

    Wear the shirt anyway, and tell her, "Oh, I had bought this ages ago, seeing you wear it reminded me to look for it and wear it again" :P :o :o

  24. @Chinkurli: Hehee. But what'll my poor shirt think! :f
    I think that is actually a good idea. I was planning to wear it tomorrow, so that is going to be my plan of action. Decided. Thanks! :a

  25. "But what'll my poor shirt think!"

    ... that it has a long lost (kumbh ke mela mein) twin :d

  26. As rightly said certain occurrence is neither a paradox nor an oxymoron. It is all about contradiction in terms

  27. @Callazee: Yup! Contradictions!


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