To Work or Not to Work!

I love my job. Don't get me wrong. But, you know, there are a lot of other odd jobs that really enthuse me, that make me want to, well, you know, not quit my job, but well, urmmm, make me wonder what it would be like if I was doing that job. Get it? For instance:
  • Construction Worker! I am of course going by the assumption that being a construction worker only means rolling in the mud, and making tunnels in mounds of white sand. Or at least that was what I thought for some good 8 years of my life. The early 8 years, I mean. 
  • Lift Operator at Select City Walk Mall. Really, really mean it. Have you ever wondered about the lives of these obscure "professionals"? I mean, imagine logging in to work, checking all mails and Blog updates on Reader, taking your first cup of coffee from the vending machine, and then, diligently taking your seat in the lift, pressing random buttons, going up and coming down, going up and coming down, going up and coming down ALL DAY LONG. Seriously, I find these guys very amusing! And why Select City Walk? Obviously because I love that mall and because if I were that guy, I would spend my lunch time roaming around in Wills, Mango, Fab India, Pantaloons, Crossword. #Truestory
  • Sales Person at an Apple Reseller Store. The probability is, that I would be fired in around 1 week of my joining this place because: (a) I would just be lying at the foot of one their Macs and drooling or (b) While packing up for the day, I would silently pack in a Macbook. In case (b), I would not be fired, because, why would I go back to a job that has given me all that it can offer and more?
  • Residence Welfare Association President! I always aspired to become  one of these. Always. Such convenience work, na? I can sit around all day, loafing about, watching TV, going for long walks, enjoying life, oh and work too. I will definitely send out a circular, every once in a while, with non sense English, that was never corrected using Spell Check, blaming a pseudo RWA for all the mess in the society and taking the credit for successfully organizing some awesome, ridiculous functions like Fancy Dog Show which no one would attend. Not even the dogs.
  • Auto Rickshaw Driver! I just love Autos. With all my heart. I cannot begin imagining my everyday life without these guys, and I have reasons to believe that I can make an excellent Auto driver. It's easy to drive. It's easy to handle. No balance is required. I can argue. I can break rules. I can glare at people when they argue with me. I can keep my legs on the dashboard while driving (always wanted to try that out). I can stick pictures of Aamir Khan in 90's with muscles he never had and Salman Khan wearing some bloody awesome shirts he never wore. All good things, rolled up into one mini package. I am LOVING it!
  • Score Changer at Cricket Matches! I know it is out-dated, but can you imagine what a cool resume this guy would have? "Changed scores for highest scoring match between South Africa and Australia. Impeccable record and expertise on ducks and Hatricks." I just like the sound of this job and besides, it'll give a good viewing angle too!
  • Cleaner at a Book Shop like Crossword:Why Cleaner, you ask? I say, if I am a Sales person there, I would have to work, arrange books, bill the books, look for books for others. On the other hand, what is the possibility of dust gathering on books in a good shop nestled in the insides of an air conditioned mall? Close to zero. I can just walk around with that cloth on my shoulder, act like I am cleaning and read. To my heart's content. Me likes.
  • Full Time Blogger. Need I say more.

And then of course, there are jobs like these - Director of Fun:

I am going back to do my job. Product Design. Bah. Whatever.

Like I said earlier, I love my job. #Fact

Signing out,

Image Courtesy: The Tech Journal
Oh and PS: Me got my blog a new template! How's it?


  1. Ok now for the real bit! Sigh!
    Ditto for Apple reseller. Seriously, I can glue my eyes to the Macs and sit there for ever :(
    Ooh, and yes cleaner at Crosswords is cool too!
    Do Residence Association welfare people even get paid?
    Yenniway, very good use of Wednesday! :D

  2. Oh, LOVE the template! How DO you do it? :0

  3. I have always fancied being a food critic. Free food, awesome service, hi-fi invitations and you are allowed to say 'you need to improve' without paying the bill from your pocket :P

    thats a cool template yaar! love it!

  4. @DI: RWA people don't get paid? The Society one's do. Either way, it is a good Retirement option! :c
    And yes, Wednesdays do get the best out of me. :d
    Thanks about the templete! :h
    The background is from Blogger, the designing is mine. For once, I can safely say, move to Blogger! :k

  5. @celestialrays: Oh Yessss! That is an awesome job. Me likes. I should totally add that. Mind if I borrow? :i

  6. Nice template :D.. Just this Sunday I was telling P how cool it would be to have a job at Crosswords.. I could read books all day :D

    add food critic to my list too!

    Cant imagine being a driver of any kind.. I'm pathetic at directions :(

    PS. WW post on my new blog (Shameless advertising!)

  7. @arbitthoughts: Glad you liked the template! :a
    I was thinking of a modern auto. With GPS and all. I am bad at directions too! :i
    And yes, shameless advertising is okay. :o

  8. Nice post. I always wanted to be a librarian. Won't have to do much and would get to read books of my liking without having to buy them :a Seriously there should be a paid job like 'full time blogger',no?. I'd readily quit my study :c And the template! bachchon type hai with flowers and hearts and butterflies and stars! but I like it :h :s

  9. @Ajay: Library is good too, but it's too silent for my liking! Book shop has some hustle bustle. :o
    And heehee on the template comment! :c
    Dil toh bachcha hai ji! Am still a kid.. :i :l

  10. That is a very interesting list.So long as you are going back to your job and keep blogging,the list is a good reference point

  11. cleaner at a book shop! oh yeah, i would do that anyday :)
    wouldn't mind being a travel writer cum food taster too :) don't know if you've checked out this show on ndtv good times, two guys who travel across the length and breadth of the country and get to try local delicacies, hmm what more could one want!?

    love the template! i am still experimenting with this from bloggeR?

  12. heh heh heh..

    i liked the cleaner at the book store option.. :n sounds like such perfect fun...

  13. score changer :D .. :d now i have never thought abt that :D

  14. @Wildflower: Yeah! Highway on my Plate! Awesome show that is! Yes, that'll definitely be a cool job! :k
    And yup, the template is from Blogger!

  15. @Preeti: For a second, I was wondering when I had made that comment!
    So, hi namesake! :)
    Welcome here!

  16. Hahaaa...First things first...I looove this new template!!!! Makes me wanna change mine! :a

    And then, I looove this post...Its Rofl...Score changer, Cleaner at Crosswords...Awesome! :n

  17. the last time i checked you hated autos and "auto-wallahs"!!! what happened to that :c
    btw i think i can do a great job of cleaning thr croswords :i or maybe the apple reseller!!!

  18. @Choco: Heylo! Welcome back! :a
    And thanks! :h

  19. @truth..: Yeah! I still hate them, but what to do, I have given in to the fact that I cannot live without them! :e
    Life, I tell you, is a bi@#h. Makes you do things you don't want to! :o
    Thanks for your show of confidence! :c

  20. I want to work for a Mac store too. One day will be enough, thank you :P

  21. Score changer..Hahaha....That cracked me up.. And please pick me up whenever u decide to drive the auto.

    I Want the last two..Full time blogging and chance to read books.

  22. I wanted to work in a music store..that was my dream for the longest time...listen to free music all day long while sitting in an AC show..heaven I tell you.

    My second option would be to work in those high end fashion stores. What no one really can afford them so you get to dress up, sit and blog all day long.. and if someone does show up you raise your eyebrow as if to say "really..that is your choice" and get back to blogging :k

  23. :a I can see "Love" in your template.. bingoo.. I got 6/6 :k

  24. Please do tell when you land a job at an Apple Reseller. I would send you my resume too, and then we both can drool together :-P

  25. @Tamanna: Same here. I asked for only 1 day. Will sweep the store the same night! :l

  26. @dil..: Sure! Lemme know where to pick you up! Not sure if Seattle will welcome me. :i

  27. @Comfy: Oh! I like both your choices! Nice. Will add Music Store thing to my list! :d

  28. @rechristened: You have a Mac. Drool at home, girl! Give us mortals this chance! :c

  29. lol...such a cute post! i love te idea of being a lift operator..i would also like to be a secy...i love sending meeting requests and checking if all calenders are free!

    sorry girl...i think i missed ur blogs when i moved to reader...

  30. @dropzofjupiter: Hehe! That's okay! Yeah, Secy also sounds cool! My CEO's secy, lierally, does no work except set calendars! How cool is that! :k

  31. Awesome post.. Director of Fun :)

    I love this template!

  32. @adarkcomedycalledlife: Thanks! :h
    Welcome here! :a


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