And. With. That. We. Complete. One. Year. Of. Work. Life.

<Insert claps, hoots and whistles here>


*Flying kisses*

*Oh, stop now!*

That's right, people! ONE whole year of work life. Sigh. I feel old now. It's been a great year, though. It also marks one whole year of active blogging life, if you know what I mean! *Wink, nudge, wink*
I had a pretty cool and funny post in my head when I was deliberating writing about this, but I am not in a great mood, what with stupid rains and idiotic, brainless people at work (There were some more nice adjectives in my mind, but I refrain from posting them on a "Family Blog"). So I am going to chuck that post. Instead, I will torture you by posting a piece of fiction I wrote for a Blogathon, eons back. I did not publish it back then, because, well, it is not that good! But like I said, I am in a mood to torture you, so.
Don't be too harsh on me, be considerate for my bad mood! Oh and in case you are wondering why I am posting at all when I have nothing to write about, that is because if I don't post today, I will have to wait for 2 posts before I reach my 50th post! :D


A group of girls in the local train's compartment were giggling shyly and teasing each other.
“Go tell him he is cute.”
“Shut up. He’ll just look the other way. Have you seen how handsome he is?”
“I wish I could propose to him. Right now.”
He sat there, oblivious to all conversations. Lost in his world, sunglasses on his eyes, handsome as ever with a striking smile on his face. A new comer into the compartment with a scowl on his face and an ominous atmosphere around him sat next to him and made himself comfortable. The smile on his face encouraged his new neighbour to start a conversation. “The worst day of my life. Today. Why you ask? Because the trains are running late.” The young man smirked and said, “When are they not running late, Sir? Last I heard, we were still in India!” He guffawed on his own joke. 
His angry neighbour, though, was not looking for answers; he just needed a sounding board. He continued, “As if that is not all, my boss hates me. My wife doesn’t trust me. My children think I am no good. I am not being paid enough. Nobody loves me. I wanted to commit suicide, the trains were running late! The BLOODY Trains are running late. Today, of all the days! Can you believe that? Life is not fair, kiddo. Life is just not fair. What would you know about life? You are young, good looking, you have a charming smile and a dashing style statement, you must be rich too. Are you an actor or something? Oh how do I care? My life sucks at this moment and God is helping zilch! I am telling you, young man, take it from me - Life is never fair.”
The young man laughed. "Hmm. You are right. Biscuit?" He said, offering an open packet vaguely in the air. The older man was not amused. He again started off on an invective filled tangent. "You think I am kidding? Bah. Youngsters like you need a few lessons. On life. On how unfair life is. On what all life will mete out to you. On how life never turns out the way you plan it. Sigh."
There was silence for a few seconds as the train slowed down and screeched to a halt. The only sound was those of the giggling young girls. The young man muttered under his breath, "And that would be the seventh stop." He got up, removed his sunglasses and remarked, “Sorry Sir, my stop is here, but I was just wondering, what if life had not been even this fair to you? What if..? Just wondering!” and with that he picked up his walking cane and left, tapping the ground, counting his steps to the door and groping through the darkness in his life.


  1. :e That was lovely Preeti! :n
    I am very impressed, so nicely written! So unlike your usual humorous posts! But seriously, loved it!

  2. Oh, and Congrats on completing 1 year! This is just the beginning!:d

  3. @DI: Thanks! :h
    And I am so happy for you! Hugs! You finally got hold of the smileys! :c :d :n
    Yeah, it is very unlike me, that's why I didn't publish it back then!
    Beginning is what scares me! :f

  4. I think this piece is wonderful :n..why do you think it's not..bah !

    Congratulations on completing one whole year :t

  5. Congrats on the first year :n. And I loved your piece :a. We take whatever we had as granted, and forget that we are blessed to have all this stuff. The ladies compartment is next to handicapped one, and everyday I see all these people, fighting life inspite of their handicaps, and smiling through it and it makes me understand how privleged I truly am and how stupid and trivial my difficulties seem after that!

  6. "sunglasses hiding his eyes"

    ... gave away the plot... atleast to me :)

    A nice read.. I must say... quite poignant and tugs at your heartstrings.

    ... btw... have you read Ruskin Bond's "The Eyes Have It"... ???

  7. @Scribbler: Thanks! :h
    Glad you liked it! I didn't like it because I felt it was too obvious!

  8. @Arbitthoughts: Thanks! :h
    Yeah, you are right! I have worked with soome NGOs over the past couple of months for some tie-ups for my Project at office and there we came across some people who can really teach the world a lesson or two! :a

  9. @Roshmi: I changed that line! :i :s
    Yeah, I have read "The Eys Have it". It's a BEAUTIFUL peice! What story line and what thought! Was mine on that lines? I guess subconciously it might have been, because I do love that story a lot! :a

  10. Congratulations and celebrations. And that was a lovely story. I am sure I would have voted for you. :k

  11. Congratulations! A year at work is a big deal.

    And it is a nice story, though the 'sunglasses' bit gave it away. But you should start writing short stories.

  12. Yay..congratulations.. :a

    Loved the story..waiting to read more of them :a

  13. congratulations on completeing one year :)
    and thats a beautiful writing... loved the message behind it :)

  14. Congratulation on completing a year! Best wishes for the years ahead :a And that's a very fine story. I liked it. I was in for a shock when I read the last few lines. Sigh. Ironies of life! Now I'd implore you to write more :a

  15. @dil..: Thanks! :h
    But I am sure the story that won would be the one with some ill-treater servants and sad lives.. :d

  16. @Ramya: Thanks! :h
    Yeah, Roshmi also said that! But without the sunglasses, the blind man's cool, youth factor was not coming out well!

  17. @Nams: Thanks! :a
    Dunno about more! It was a one off occasion when I shrugged off my laziness to actually think and write and not just write! :a

  18. @Rajlakshmi: Thanks! Glad you liked it! :a

  19. @Ajay: Thanks for the nice words! Now I am thinking, maybe the story wasn;t that bad afterall! :i
    Kidding! :d

  20. great piece, wonder why you ever thought it wasnt!
    congratulations on your first anniversary in the corporate world. Cheer up, the ride will just get better from here :)

  21. Ahem, ahem! :h
    I wonder why you didn't post it then!
    It's marvelous, Preeti. I super like it. *searches for 'like' button and realizes this isn't fb* :i
    It IS good and it is NOT a torture. Job well done. :s

  22. @Wildflower: Thanks! :h
    I do hope it does! :a

  23. @Karthik: Thanks Karthik! :h
    It felt like an obvious ending! That's why I didn't post it back then! :a

  24. 1 year? Yayyyy! Congratulations! And I loved the rest of the post :)

  25. I like! Congratulations on completing a year :a

  26. congrats on the landmark first year!! yey!!
    n nice story...snif snif... :n

  27. @Shivani: I just saw your comment. Exactly 1 month after you left it! :i
    Thanks! :a


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