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Did I mention that one of the Search words leading to my Blog is "Commonwealth Games"? I guess that goes for the number of times I have written about them here! ;) And since the damage has already been done, and I have been tainted as a CWG Blogger, I guess another post won't do much harm! Last one. I promise.
*My Fingers are crossed. La la!*
So, I gather you have seen all the media reports? Are you absolutely aghast at the sad state Delhi is in? Are you wondering how us poor Delhites are putting up with this mess? Are you wondering if the Games are going to let us down and embarrass us in ways we can't imagine? Are you wondering why Abhishek Bachchan's Idea ad is SO stupid?
This is where you will get the answers to all your questions (Except the last one. Beats me too.), ankhon dekhi khabar, infused with oodles of optimism! That's right! After months of contrived hysteria and exaggeration from the media, I have realized the only way out of this mess is through it. So, lets brace ourselves for the Games by being positive. Huh? Okay? Come on. Pliss? Great then.
First hand reports:

The traffic situation is totally fun. Half our roads are closed down for the delegate movement. So, we have only half the roads for free movement. A little bit of mathematics here. 
Number of cars = Constant
Width of road = Half of original
Length of traffic jam = ?
You got it right! Treat yourselves with a chocolate, CWG ke naam pe! For those of you who didn't get it:

The positive thing in this HAS to be the exceptional patience & discipline Delhites have shown! Of course, there's that little problem of being thrown into the jail if we don't show this patience, but we'll keep that a secret.
Personally, I don't have a problem with this new traffic rule because while others are stuck in this lane, guess where I am?

That's because our office bus timings have been shifted to 7:00 in the morning, when all delegates are fast asleep. You might think that means I come home early, but that's entirely false. So, I am in office by ungodly hours like 8 am! But I am happy. Who want to sleep extra anyway? Bah. Not me. Sniff. Excuse me. Please change the topic.

The Games Village looks good from far away. No pun intended, just that I see it from far away everyday. I am sure it looks good from up close too! Don't go by all this fuss from the media! After one threshold, it seemed amply obvious people were just enjoying passing comments. Just like that. What else would explain the African envoys complaining of snakes? Seriously? Seriously? I mean RumbaHo boy here:

Is Scared of Snakes? Here we are, going out of our way trying to make them feel at home and they are complaining? Wait till I go to Africa. I'll go on an African Safari, deep in the jungle, park my car next to a lion, call the International media and say, "There's a lion in my parking lot!" People, I tell you, do not appreciate the hard work we are putting in.

I have to say this, my bus-stop after 6 months of work is finally done! I have no idea what exactly they did, except for this weird structure I see in the middle of the footpath. It's a wooden cubicle plonked upright with the help of some very shaky rods. I am actually wondering what it could be. Help-desk? Police cabin? Loo? Shop? Club house? I have no idea! I have a feeling I am in for a surprise! Watch this space, I'll keep you updated.

They have really beefed up security. That's actually a positive point. Because my house lines the back gate to the Badminton complex, we have truckloads of police force there too! Yay! Poor things, I tell you. They look so bored, I feel like sleeping every time I see them! The only entertainment they have in the entire day is curious onlookers, little kids pointing at the guns, dogs who are out to relieve themselves. Sigh. 

Last. And definitely not the least.
That's right. I am off to watch the Badminton Semis and the Tennis Finals! Yoohoooo! Before you judge me for supporting corruption or whatever, I think we deserve to watch these Games for all the baloney we are putting up with! ;)
This is my first time at a Sports event and I plan to make myself seen. Do watch out for me. I will be holding these banners:

I don't know about the rest of them, but the last one makes a little sense to me. Why don't you help me by praying that Saina Nehwal reaches the Semis? So that my tickets don't go waste? Hmm?
See, this is what happens when I reach office at 8 in the morning! Long, useless posts! Now that others have started pouring in, I'll go do some real work.. Or not.

Signing out,
Have a great day!

Image Courtesy: Apna pyara Clipart. Chetan Bhagat's cartoon is from SantaBanta.com (!!!) and the snake is from atlantaplanningguys.com.


    1. Absoluteky awesome! After the totally negative, depressing shows on TV followed by foolish idealism, optimism, and "patriotism" of FB, Twitter, whats-its-name, your post was a refreshing change. I am linking it on my blog. Super write up girl!

    2. Your posters are fun :c :c.. I hope you do get to wave them ;d.. I am hoping there will be frequent posts from you now that you reach so early

    3. @Tamanna: Thanks! :h
      Itne saare compliments! :h
      Glad you liked it!

    4. @Piyu: What? You think there's a chance I'll be thrown out if I hold thee posters? What ya. I was SO excited. :d
      And yeah, definitely more posts! Have to kill time na! :c

    5. This is a completely ROFL post, just the kind I need :c Ah, we're so lucky to get an insider's view into the Games! And the posters! I knew Greys Anatomy would be there :c Super duper fun they are. Nice work ya :a

    6. 7.00 am ?? school kids get up at that time :c
      liked the pic in which you are on the roof (of the bus) :d

      awesome post and equally good posters. :n
      but you forgot to invite us ??? :b
      I remember you had mentioned it earlier but nothing after that.

    7. @Ajay: Thanks! :h
      Glad you enjoyed! :c

    8. @Anurag: Sigh. The initial title of the post was "Back to School" because of the weird timings! :f
      Thanks, though! :h
      You can still come..:a

    9. u funny funny girl! this was too cute...Chalo Ab dilli chalna hi padega at least too see your placards

    10. @Nuttie: Aiyyo! Compliments embarrass me.. :h
      Do come ya! Telling you, things aren't that bad! :a

    11. LOL. Especially at the parking lot idea. There is every chance I wont be watching the games. (Many reasons; you dont want to know), but in case you do show up on TV, please please let us know.

    12. Hahah...wonderful post. I like the effort you put for your readers. Cheers!!

      Do watch the games.

    13. @dil..: Yeah yeah, rest assured, I'll announce it in a big way on the blog! :a

    14. @allthecrap: Thanks ya! I try, glad you liked what I did! :a

    15. this one was hilarious :)
      Go Preeti! :) :)

    16. I have always loved the humorous touch given to your posts!! :) Its indeed a commendable thing to be able to bring a smile on someone's face :)

    17. @Dew: Thanks ya! Much obliged by the compliment.. :h
      I just try..Glad I could make someone smile! :a

    18. I LOVED the banners! :))))
      LMAO totally!
      And your sis is in Hyd? When are you coming here?
      Oh, and did you watch Grey's Season 7 yet? I did, and man I am addicted all over again! Love it!

    19. @DI: Oye! Welcome back to the Blog world! :a
      How was your trip? :a
      And danke! Glad you yenjaayed..:h
      Yeah, my sister has moved to Hyderabad, so definitely more trips! Sometime soon actually, from the looks of it!
      Ooooh! Greys is SO back. I was so happy just to have that show back! Absolutely rocks! :a

    20. Have fun at the games! Other than the media, it seems that the rest of India is supportive of the games. We may have our issues, but we're working through them, and while we're at it, we're no less proud of India than we should be! With those banners I'm sure you'll get the camerawale bhaiyya's attention :q

    21. @Padma: Hey! Welcome here.. :a
      Yeah, well, that is true! The crowd turn-out at the opening ceremony was proof enough! :a
      Hope the Games go off well!

    22. I had a good laugh, brilliant post. And I love the CB banner ;-) i do hope Saina makes it to the semis!

    23. @Chinks: Thanks! :a
      Yes. Yes. We all should pray that girl reaches the semis! Thank you! :a

    24. You go to school..err work..at 7:00 :e Traffic jams in Delhi are crazy anyways..so I can't even imagine what it must look like right now.. :b

      psk: Can I copy the banners.. What you can't carry all of them.. :i

    25. @Comfy: :f
      Yeah, yeah! Laugh away. Some day. I'll get up at 2 pm and got to work at 3 pm and then blog about it! :s
      Actually things are looking pretty good now! Quite well managed!
      And, yeah, totally! Take my banners! I have a couple of dozen more in my head which I'll print! :c

    26. hey stumbled upon ur blog just by chance.....fantastic stuff...i guess nw dat cwg has finally been dun wid...delhites can live in peace wid da traffic jams going back to wat dey were earlier :P awesome posts..keep it up

    27. @Abhishek: Thanks for stopping by! :a
      Glad you enjoyed the post!
      Well, I do hope Delhi gets back to normalcy soon! :o

    28. Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

      Fantastic post... I'm gonna borrow this... with or without your permission (by exercising my Bollywoodian Power of Attorney)...

      Ummm.... what was the song that you belted out atop the bus??? If it was a train... I would have known...

      P.S. Shubho Bijoya!

    29. @Roshmi: Thanks! :a
      Please. Be my guest! :a
      Hehe! No song. I was SOUND asleep in the bus! :i

    30. SOUND asleep... ??!!! In that 'dhinchak pose'... :d :e

    31. @Roshmi: Yeah, well. You don't know about my superior sleeping abilities! :d

    32. Ha ha! Thanks Roshmi for directing me towards this post here. This is a complete ROFL kind of post! Btw Preeti, that pose on the bus... you've got to be Rajnikanth to actually sleep in that position. :p

    33. @Kaddu: Thanks for dropping by! :a
      Welcome here!
      Oh well. Rajnikant, me? Ehehehee. :c

    34. 'Rajanikantha' or 'Rajanigandha'... take your pick :d :c

    35. @Roshmi: Hehee. I think I'll pass.. :c :d :l


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