Judge not, that ye be not judged!

Hi!!!! Suppp guys and gals??? I am cool too. Chillin' out wid frenz! Lolzzzzz..

On a more serious note though, in case you haven't already guessed what I am talking about, do you judge people? I do. ALL THE TIME. And I despise it, I swear. I know it is totally wrong and unwarranted for, given any defense. But I still do it. It has become a natural body mechanism of sorts. I judge people on their English, especially when it as cool as what I wrote above, their pronunciation, their clothes, their language, their attitudes, just about everything, and that, I know, is as unfair as not getting a holiday on Janmashtmi (True Story). 
I am sure people judge me too, which is actually a good thing for my guilt that is mounting up in quintals everyday! Today's exercise, therefore is, to help me assuage my guilt some more, by guiding you to judge me better. 
Basically, I am going by the converse of "Judge not, that ye be not judged!" i.e. judge others and get yourself judged. Yes. I am being philanthropic today, given how deprived I am feeling thanks to that holiday we lost today because of bad company policy. 

What was I saying?

Ah yes. The guilt thing. So, basically, I am going to list down some stuff you don't know about me, dark secrets sorts that will help you judge me better. What you see and is explicit is anyway judged by everyone, but what you don't know is where the real matter lies. So, here we go - My Moment of Truth.
Oh and also, I am being so helpful today, I am actually providing you tips on how best to  use the point against me. 
*The halo just appeared.*
Ready? Chalo.
  • I steal Mishri or sugar crystals from the Mouth Freshener trays in restaurants. Stealing is stealing. Small or big. And this is unpardonable, in my humble opinion. So, you know what to judge me on. As a by note, may I add, I also pick up extra tissues while leaving the restaurant, although I always have a pack in my bag?
  • I hate dogs. I am sorry, all you lovely canines out there. I know every living being needs to be loved in the same manner. But I can't love you. I am shit scared of you. In my defense, the hatred is mutual. Dogs LOVE barking at me from miles away, and mind you, it is not the good friendly bark, it is the "Aah. She's coming. Get ready to mince her." waala bark. I will not defend myself too much, because that will kill the purpose of the post. So, go ahead and judge me for not loving one and all.
  • This one goes out especially for all those whom I judged for their English. I always, always, always get the spelling of "embarrassment" wrong. Thank God for spell check, I survive in this mean world. I know your documents have mistakes even after spell checks, but hey, that's okay. *Raises hands* This is not my day, it is YOUR day.
  • I bargain with Autowallas. Even for a matter of small meagre amounts, I haggle, whereas, I don't think twice before splurging a couple of thousands bucks on a nice shirt or books. Of course, I do that to make the Autowalla travel on a meter basis. So, I don' know how you will judge me on that, but you are now armed with the information, surprise me!
  • Sigh. Music, I tell ya, is a bummer. Everyone has different tastes and yet I judge ye for liking Westlife and Akon? You deserve better than that. Here, I reveal to you the deepest secret of my music tastes. I liked Westlife, when I was in 7th standard. That's not all. I like Nickelback's Rockstar more than Nirvana's Man Who Sold the World. Any Rock fan will tell you what a major crime that is. I also think Pink Floyd is dark and boring, but I do love Led Zep. I like Alternate Rock more than Rock itself. And here's the biggest takeaway. There is this song, "All Day, All Night", it looks very sophisticated when written in this manner, in reality, well, it is not. It has been crooned by none other than our very own Himesh, the man who is the target of around 15% of my judgements, and horror of all horrors, I like that song! *Runs before you throw eggs, though I deserve it*
  • I am a social recluse. I am not a misanthrope or anything. I just don't like leaving the comfort of home very often, especially on weekends. What is there to judge in that? You decide.
  • I also hate Social Networking. With all my heart and soul. Which explains, why I am not FB, Orkut or MySpace. I am on Twitter only and only because very few people I know personally, are active on Twitter. I am quite pathetic that way. Don't defend me by calling Blogging social networking, because that is not entirely true, considering I don't know anyone here and the closest friend who blogs does not leave comments here probably because it takes a lot of hard work to type. *@What's in a Name: Girl? Comments?* Yenniway, you guys are my best judges. So go ahead, bring out your meters and judge me for being "anti-social" or whatever.
  • I did not like Erich Segal's Love Story. I thought it was too short and on top of that cliched. "To Kill a Mocking Bird" in my opinion is a good book, but need not be harped on as a masterpiece. There. I said it. All those who hate me because I tease them for liking Chetan Bhagat's books, you can laugh and snicker for my bad taste in books.
  • I loved Scarlett's character in  Gone with The Wind. Absolutely adore her! All those moral police out there who say she was bad, I disagree vehemently. That is a dark side of me. And considering I find it worrying too sometimes, it is quite okay if you judge me bad for this one.
That's about all I can tell you now. More secrets later.
So, now are we on an equal footing? The comments section is open, starting NOW. Go, judge me.
And I will now waltz around in office judging others, sans any guilt! Yay!
@Girl who just walked by wearing golden slippers and shouting, "Did you went there?": I am coming to judge you, hang in there tight!

Signing out,
A much guilt free, happy

Edited to Add: Hullo? You people are bad judges. I tell you to judge me, and you are telling me how you also share these attributes with me? Hadd Ho Gayi. Please judge properly. Wokay?


  1. Yes, first again :D

  2. Hey girl..you can see that not only am I commenting on your post, but in fact I am the first one to do that!! So cheer up..:a
    I guess I don't have to judge you because I already knew almost everything you revealed in the post. I confess to bargaining with autowallahs and liking himesh's songs too.
    Also, there's no need to feel guilty about judging others. I do it all the time, in office, in the metro and at social gatherings too..In fact, we are kinda partners in crime. Remember, when we spent hours commenting on pinky's, caanter fraash (center fresh) khaoge? question..:o
    Lastly, don't feel bad about not geting a holiday today. You're not the only one. I am also in office..:f
    Phew, that's a long comment.

  3. Oooohhh!
    Ladies and Gentlemen!
    Meet What's in a Name - My best friend from college! :a

  4. @A: Teehee! Canter Fresh was one awesome piece, huh?:c
    Yeah, partners in crime! :a
    Remember the Metro rides? Oh God! Too much we are! :i
    Thanks for finally surfacing and commenting! :d

  5. @Arbit: Oh Yeah, you are first! :)

  6. I am definitely on an equal footing if not more.

    1. After you have food there, aren't you *supposed* to have sugar crystals.. Hows it stealing then ? :)
    2. I share the dog hatred part.. I just like them when they are too young to be scary.. Mostly less than a month old. I hate them after that.
    3. Ditto.
    4. I feel I'm weird about money too. I will take back my 1 rupee from the autowalla and argue if he doesn't give it back to me. And feel extremely guilty, need to be convinced by P when I splurge (very rarely happens)
    5. I am not so enthu about Music. Very rarely download songs (only if I really like them). Go judge me :D
    6. I was not too fond of getting out of the house on weekends either. Then P happened and I suddenly realised that it can be fun too :)
    7. I won't judge you on this, I don's use my orkut account any more, but find FB a to be good tp when I've nothing else to do.
    8. I haven't read 'To Kill a Mocking Bird' yet!
    9. I heart Scarletts character and the book is one of my fovouritest :D

  7. @Arbit: Arrey! You sound like my alter ego! :l
    *I need a P in my life to make me come out on weekends! :a
    *Aiyyo - No music? I am sure you have your reasons for that!
    *And Wow! You like Scarlett? Thank you. So much. Feel so good. I plan to do a whole post on her sometime soon! :a

  8. hating social networking isn't a crime n if it is we both are the culprits. :d

    even I didn't liked that love story(left the book incomplete ). :c

    and yes, sitting inside (and may be sleeping) is THE best thing I can do on a weekend. :c

  9. @Anurag: Oh good, another Social Networking hater. We should form a club and network amongst each other! :i :d
    Yeah, totally! SLeeping is what should be done on weekends!
    Glad you agree! :a

  10. Hey! Not anywhere near first, but what to do? Holiday no ? :D
    Yeah, so about judging, I judge SO many people too! Grammar yes. I just closed a blog post mid way cos the blogger wrote that she needed to lose 'flabs'.
    Agree with almost everything, except, you hate dogs? :O!
    Oh, and I haven't read Love Story. Yay me!

  11. @DI: Holiday? Sigh. :f
    Lol @flabs! :c Yeah, I have done that too!
    I hate dogs, but I am assuming you meant :e and not :o!
    IMHO, no point reading Love Story now. It has lost relevance!

  12. I Judge and okay with being judged(most of the time)
    Since most of your secrets seem to resonate with mine so I'm going to defend them but it doesn't mean that defending you :P

    1. The mishri and the tissues are kept there for us so you can take as many as you'd like. Don't you remember the fat bill they just made you pay ?

    2. I don't hate dogs but I do like to keep my distance with them and the reason being

    3. It's very hard to miss those and you can't help it.

    4. It's not about how much but what we all really hate is feeling ripped off.

    5. I love Pink Floyd. period.

    6. I love going out.

    7. I'm active Facebooker. In my defense it's the only window to the world I like when I can't actually be out myself.

    8. Thank god you don't like chetan bhagat :)

  13. @Kanishk: See that is the reason why added that last line. Because you are all making me feel good about these dark secrets!
    I am supposed to feel less guilty. Now I am feeling happy that the whole world is like me amd hence it is okay to judge those others who arent. Phew. Long sentence that aws. :p
    But, yeah, nice to know you have so many common points! :s

  14. Judging you would have meant judging myself over here and hence :a

    if we stop judging stop choosing stop looking for perfection(as defined by us) we'll cease to exist imo. :i

  15. :lol: What posts you come up with! :D :D

  16. @Kanishk: You do have a point there! :j

  17. @CR: I'll take that as a compliment! :a :h

  18. Some sweet confessions there! :a
    Now the judging part. How to judge you? *thinks very, very hard*
    Fight with autowallas? Che che! Byaad gurl. How silly is that! :i
    You didn't like Erich Segal's Love Story? You know, I've never liked love stories, neither in print nor on screen. But I loved the Love Story.
    And man, of all the names you've mentioned regarding music, I've only heard about Pink Floyd (but haven't listened to any of the songs).
    So with this, I can say that you really, really have bad taste in books and music. :o
    (Did I judge you right? I know, I know I did)
    Only high-five thingy is that I too don't like Chetan Bhagat's books. :s
    Rest of the things are okay. Nothing makes me faint. :c

  19. I don't like dogs either. I don't hate them, per se, but I am not too fond of them. And I don't like the social networking thing either. I don't use FB or orkut or anything else.

    You are not alone :P

  20. LOL.Judging huh? Well I guess I dont do that very often because my feelings about the other side of life havent changed a bit. Not especially after you said 'judge me' Preeti. :)

  21. I can't stand dogs either. They leave me paralysed with fear. Too bad the owners never understand!

    Autowallahs - hmph. I make it a point to haggle, especially when they say "it's ONLY another 20, why are you getting so bothered? It must be nothing to you." I hate it when they make assumptions like that, so I fight with them on the principle of the thing :i

    Spellings - I alway spell harrass wrong (or is it harass?). I can spell big words, but this one always trips me up!

    Going out on weekends is totally overrated. I hate going somewhere when you have to spend 2 hours in traffic for what is otherwise a 45-minute journey, and jostling with people and waiting ages to get to what you want.

    Heh :p

  22. @Titaxy: Oh goodie! Always nice to run in to poeple who don't like canines. :a
    Welcome here! :a

  23. @dil..: You don't judge people? *Bows to thee*

  24. @Chinkurli:
    * Yeah, I remember reading a post of yours about dogs and dog owners. Seriously, I think I hate dog owners more than dogs!
    * Oh My God. Yes. It is SO bugging when they say Rs5 ki toh baat hai. Aaaargh!
    * "Harass". I had to check before writing that here! :i
    *Eggjactly. Just spend the weekend watching stupid stuff on TV and order in nice food. Best weekends ever!

    Once again though, you defeated the point of the post, because here I am agreeing with every point of yours and justifying my acts! :c :o

  25. @Karthik: How did I miss replying to you, Sir? :e
    Thank you for truly keeping up the spirit of the post, unlike all these others! :i :l
    *You liked Love Story? Wow. Didn't expect you to, considering all those dark Fredrick Forsyth type of stories you write! Not judging you, just saying.
    Chetan Bhagat is I guess a nemesis for anyone decent with a good understanding of English and life! :i :d

  26. Wow! That's some connection. I can't judge you babe, I could totally connect with all of those points. Man, this blogworld is spooking me out! We are all the same. Well, almost :P

  27. It was babe, totally! :a

  28. On the contrary I judge myself all the time and am preoccupied with thoughts like what does that person think of me, what could be his ideas about me... It's being too much self conscious, I know, and it's bad for the self but I can't help it. Good that you're not on Facebook. A complete waste of time it is. I agree with you on the grammar and diction bit. These are the first impressions of a person.

  29. Okay, to please you, I would have judged you. Since I keep judging people ALL THE TIME and feeling smug and superior myself. Sigh. Erm.....except that I am currently making an effort to not judge people.....so you can't use me to lessen your guilt :p

  30. @Tamanna: Sigh. I have given up on Blog friends judging me. Alter Egos we all are! Instead I am thinking, we should form a club and judge others together. That way, we can share the guilt! :a

  31. @CR: In that case, thanks girl! :a :h

  32. @Ajay: Wow! I am in awe of you! Aapke charan kahan hai? Very rarely do people not judge others! I think it is a fairly humble quality to have. :a

  33. @Ramya: Oh come on! This once only. Please? See, you are the only one who came even close to saying you will judge me on this. So come on, do it! :j

  34. "Stealing is stealing."

    Correction! Stealing is the subtle art of borrowing... when noone is looking!

    ... as for 'social networking'... I refuse to let a li'l blue bird rule my life. Period!

  35. @Roshmi: Hehee. Yeah, stealing, borrowing, same difference! :c :d


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