Worries. Worries. Worries.

Just in case you are wondering what I have been upto:
  • Intense Post CWG Depression, heightened by boring cricket matches
  • Family functions filled trip to Hyderabad
  • Cold and Fever (I hate you for that, Hyderabad.)
  • Work and stuff
  • Boredom
And that is pretty much going to justify the lameness this post is about to offer to you.
The thing is, I am worried. I am worried about so many things, on so many levels that it is getting to my head. And because I need to clear my head, before it bursts, I decided to pass on my worries to you. Here's what I am worried about:

  • Irritating People. I am worried about them, for them, for myself and for the world, that these utterly incompetent irritating people will take over the world some day and the Earth will launch into a spiral retrograde spin, back into primitive dark ages. And the worst part is, these people keep multiplying, like Agent Smith in Matrix Reloaded. There's that irritating smug smile on their face that says, we know it all. Before you know, there'll be more irritants than victims and sooner than later, there'll be no hair on your head to pull out in frustration. So, I am worried. For your hair. And for your shampoo maker. 
  • Non-Apple Laptop Manufacturers. Have you seen MacBook Air? Have you? Have you? Did you feel the need to urgently smash all items even closely reminiscent of your laptop? Smash them not once, but a hundred times and then do the Haka victory dance on the remnants? Did you? That's why I am worried. For all those poor laptop manufacturers who think they are making laptops. Ignorant souls.
  • Abhishek Bachchan. Seriously. Does his family hate him? (a) The poor kid is reeling from a shooting a shockingly idiotic Idea Ad and on top of that (b) He is now the brand ambassador for Videocon. Instead of being there to support him through this horrible phase, the Dad goes out to capture TRPs with KBC and the wifey goes all out on the big screen with the Roshan dude, with some really good background music heard in a long while. Poor fella. My heart goes out to him.
  • HR & IT Departments. Because, I am pretty sure, we have already crossed that threshold of the employee's patience. Some day, pretty soon, there will be a mutiny and the world will be free of these monsters. I am worried for them, because, till this happens, my life is still in their hands! So.
  • My Health. That's because I loaded my office cabinet with trucks of junk food today, in a  moment of sudden sympathy for my hardworking self. As a result, all through an important meeting today, I was wondering if the Hippo chips were good enough or if I should get Lays from home for tomorrow.We are talking some serious calories here.
  • My Future. Truly truly worried. I mean, here I am, all of 22, waiting for life to happen and then, suddenly I hear this horrible news. What do I make of it? You tell me. Grey's Anatomy ending in Season 8? Are you kidding me? I had this dream of a retired 60 year old me, in a beach house, sipping coffee, blissfully watching the next generation of Seattle Grace doctors, running around with scalpels, on the screen. And this is what you endow me with? A huge part of my retirement plan just went for a toss, and you announce this silently on TV Fanatic like it is some insignificant bit of news? Whatever.

I am done ranting AND I managed to pull off a very boring Thursday afternoon. Please worry about all this, on my behalf, because,  I am done being worried about everything on Earth.

Signing out,
Relatively relieved,


  1. and some part of my boring thursday passed too while reading about your worries :a

    Irritating people? reminds me of that contagious curse in Grudge!!

    As far the little bacchan is concerned... he'll be disowned by family and dumped by Ash... sooner or later... he'll have to live with that.

    Also, Watch HOUSE MD!! Awesome stuff :)

  2. Grey's is ending?? Seriously? Kab hua yeh :(, now I'm sad too.

    HR and it - I really wonder if harassing us is a part of their job description

    @ non apple users - *this is me sticking out my tongue, coz I have a Mac*

    @Unhealthy snacking - I am in the same boat sistah, ever since they got a ice-cream stall in office, I cannot keep my hands off the orange candy :D

  3. I am worried about AB Jr too. Bechara all this life his Dad has hogged the lime. And as if that wasnt enough he married Ash. Bechara truly.

    The 22 thing... well I m 22 I had the same image but I guess life isnt all that simple.

  4. Hehe! I share your concerns about the other Laptops, and Junie Bacchan :( IT/HR well, God save them!
    Oh, and Grey's had to end someday no? Are you updated? Derek is getting too SRK for me, bleh! I am hoping the story catches pace soon!

  5. LOL.

    #1: Sorry Honey. This is beyond help.
    #2: hey..Whatss with the non-apple..huh? I am here. Remember? :l
    #3: Me too. :b. Did you say good music? Let me hear.
    #4: I am not worried, coz I am part of a mutiny myself. :n
    #5: Hmm..Go for a walk..and look at the next slim, dashing, elegant dressed young lady and then decide if you want to eat lays or hippo chips. :a
    #6: Dont worry. I will buy u a dvd of all seasons + home theater. Just get the beach house first :d

  6. Welcome back! Looks like your trip to the city of the Nizams was pretty choc-a-block... but you missed out on the food. Missed out writing about it, I mean.

  7. @Kanishk: Glad I was of some help to you!
    I think AB will be better off when he'll be dumped! :i
    And yeah, House is pretty good! Have seen the initial seasons. Need more alternates, though..

  8. @Piyu: Yeah. Gear up for the future. No Greys! :f
    @HR & IT: Ooh yeah. Harrassment is their mantra, no?
    You are an Apple user? Can I hate you?
    @Unhealthy Snacking: Oh good. Have you thought of any ways out of this? Please share.

  9. @Harini: Seriously, bechara.
    Oh goodie! Another 22 year old blogger. That's a rarity in my blogosphere, where everyone is married! :i
    Welcome here! :a

  10. @DI: Yeah! What's with showing Derek as a superhero! Hate it! But otherwise the show is still good.
    I know it had to end, but somewhere, I don't want it to! :h

  11. @dil..: Hehe! :c
    Not only ar you a non Apple User, but you also don't have an option. Lol. :c I feel bad for you! :c
    I am also a part of the mutiny. Just for the time-being, I will show my solidarity with them. To be on the safe side, you know? :k
    Oh great. It's a deal. You buy the Dvds, I "rent" a beach house. Done? :s

  12. @Roshmi: Arrey my trips to Hyderabad are usually not worth writing about. It's always extended family time and that can never be worth writing about! :e

  13. =))

    Mad you are! Hippo chips in a meeting.. =))

    Ok will come back to say something worthwhile once I am done laughing :P

    AND 22?? What a kid! :P

  14. @Tamanna: You know what, I was seriously thinking of masking my age. All bloggers I know are married and above the dreaded 25 mark. But then I thought, people mask their age when they are old. Why me? Huh? :j :c :a

  15. So many worries to take care of but we all can share them :a I felt the same when Prison Break ended so I decided never to start a TV series again :a Poor Abhishek is totally eclipsed by his famous dad and now his beautiful wife. Sigh! Lol@ your masking age thingy :c 25 is dreadful! I think 20 is no less :p

  16. @Ajay: Thanks for sharing my worries! :a
    Seems there is a mutual sympathy for Junior B! :c
    oh you are younger than me, no? You get the masking thing, right? :l :i

  17. ha ha ha..
    AB Jr..I have been worried about him since the news came out of his marriage..so he is old news.. :k

    HR/IT..well they are not so bad..since I have not had to deal with them in forever :i

    Your health.. :m did you make up your mind on which one you like??

    Grey is ending :e I see a lot of drama coming soon :s

  18. @Comfy: :a
    Ab Junior: Yeah, old news and pretty much the same news fo the rest of his life! Bechara.

    You know, I feel really bad ditching Lays like this, but Hippo is actually better and healthy! :o

    Grey's mein drama ki mera drama? :f

  19. Welcome to the Gang :) ..
    btw ever wondered why do we worry about everything :) .. ??
    and i can worry about anything but Abhishek .. Lucky him.. .he got aishwarya rai .. thats enough for me to hate him :P ..

    and i love the calvin pic on the right hand side :)

  20. @Arvind: Welcome here! :a
    I hate Aishwarya, so that problem is solved! :c :d
    That Calvin pic is from an unpublished collection! It's cool, na?

  21. cool. ..yeah ...
    :) ..I have the entire collection with me.... :) dont remember this one though :)

  22. hhahaha some real serious rantings there :d
    I a scarred of the first point... irritating people taking over... nahiiiii :P

  23. @Rajlakshmi: True! Lots of serious ranting in this post! :a

  24. LOL tht was an entertaining post :)

  25. Hey there..soulmate :i

    grey's ending????????? :e :f same pinch on heart break
    Apple lover? same pinch
    tensed abt weight? same pinch
    worried abt future? same pinch
    22? same fucking pinch!!


  26. @S: Bahahaaa! :c
    Hi there, Soulmate! Just read your About me page and yes, I agree, we are soulmates to a large extent, including being the youngest in the family bit! :c
    Welcome here! Hope to see you here more often! :a
    Off to check your blog!

  27. :p Thats a lot of worries! I wonder why they need a HR department at all... very soon the documentation part will be outsourced. IT departments have been quite good actually, other than blocking all the useful websites, of course!! :h . Hey, nice smileys you have got! Let me try one more - :c

    Destination Infinity

  28. @Destination Infinity: Amen. May your words of wisdom come true and I'll be the happiest person on earth! :c
    And thanks for dropping by! Welcome here! :a


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