Happy Birthday to You!

I am very sure you did not wish this guy today. Did you?
It's not too late. Let's put our hands together and sing for this awesome, good-looking dude, the one and only Patrick Dempsey aka Dr. Derek Shepherd of the Grey's Anatomy fame!

"Happy birthday to you, *Clap clap clap*
 Happy Birthday to you, *Clap clap clap*
 Happy Birthday to Patrick aka McDreamy aka Dr. Shepherd *Clap clap*
 Happy Birthday to you!

May the Grey's writers always love you,
May your eyes always be mysteriously blue,
May your crazy hair always look good.
Happy Birthday to you! "

All ardent fans of Patrick, please repeat after me:

"Patrick Dempsey ki Jai"

Thank you!

Oh, in case you are wondering where to place this post in terms of absolute pointlessness, on a scale of 1 to 10, I will assist in tipping the scales in my favour, by revealing the actual point of the post. Which is that, I share my birthday with this dude above! Woohoo! :D
By now, this post is seemingly looking like shameless advertising. But, I say to that allegation, this is my blog, right? How is advertising my birthday on my blog, shameless by any standards? Na-uh. Not by my very low standards any way. And besides, I am not on Facebook. So, where else do I show off on my birthday? Hmmm? Bolo?

The point is - I turn 23 today. T-W-E-N-T-Y T-H-R-E-E years. Why is that unbelievable? Because, while typing out the above words in capital letters with the hyphens, I had to double-check the spellings! That's how kiddish I am.
Twenty three is big. While I go deal with this new age tag, you go have a good day. Or at least what's left of it!
Next post will be better, I hope. Definitely not as pointless as this one. For the time being, though, excuse me while I go turn old! 

Poore dil se, ek baar phir boliye, Patrick Dempsey ki Jai!
Signing out,

PS 1: New template! Any comments?
PS 2: New smileys! I love them! Hope you like them too.
PS 3: Removed nested comments for now. My apologies!
PS 4: Picture Courtesy: Buddy TV
Oh my GOD PS: I just learnt I share my birthday with Imran Khan too! Yes yes, the cute nephew of Aamir Khan. What's with cute guys being born on 13th Jan? I hope there's a good catch to this. :D


  1. Many many yappy yappy returns of the day, Preeti! :)
    Keep rocking, like always! ;)
    Preeti ki jai! :D

    And Imran Khan is cute? *yuck yuck* BYAAD taste! ~x(
    But yeah, the above grey's botony...err..some -ony dude is great.

  2. WOW!! Happy birthday to Dempsey and youuuuuuuuuuuu.

    It's also the day of Lohri celebrations :)))

    Hope you're having a fantastic day so far, and wish you even more fabulous moments throughout the year. xo

  3. Happy Happy birthday to you Preeti! :D
    Er, I am not a Dempsey fan, he reminds me of SRK, and not in a good way , I am a Mark person , and even Avery if you please! :D
    Imran (who I will not comment upon as he is 2 months younger to me, and that is a #epicfail for me) However, may you have a wonderful year, and lots of cute guys around you!

  4. I lovey noo smileys! :D and new template! Love em!

  5. Hey Preeti,

    Many happy returns of the day and wish you lots more to come!!!
    And Dr.Sheperd, Happy Birthday to you too!!! :)

    Preeti, sweetheart, this is your blog alright. And you totally have all the rights to write anything you want. So just dont bother about what the junta will think!! :)

    And yah, the smileys are cool and the template too.


  6. Happy birthday Preeti :D
    Have a jolly year :D

  7. Wish you a very happy birthday Preeti ;;)
    Love the new template and these smiley rock :D
    have a fantastic year ahead!!

  8. Heyyyyyyyy
    Many many happy returns of the DAYYYYYYYYYYYY

    wishing you a very very Happy birthday....

    and 13th jan in punjab its Lohri festival too , nice way to celebrate with all the bhangra and dhol and fooood :)

    very good template an nice smilies I was wondering how to use them

  9. Happy B'day babes.... :)
    23 is a cool age to be in, I'm enjoying it....
    Hope this birthday brings you a lot of happiness, success and love.... :)
    You share your b'day with Imaran... Wow!
    Wish you happy lohri too... :)

  10. Happy birthday to you, Preeti! :D Thoroughly enjoyed the senselessness of this post! And I didn't know Imran Khan was a Capricorn too! Oh yeah, I'm also one... I share my birthday with Rahul Dravid. Turned 33 on the 11th! :D :D :D
    Btw, Hrithik Roshan's birthday was on the 10th.

  11. Happyyyy birthday Gal... 23!!! wow you are still young :D i am jealous :P
    enjoy you time :D
    and lovely template :D

  12. Aah girl, I was so ready to give up on you..soooo close.. and then I did get to the point of the post.

    Happy 23 (God you are a child :-o ) Have an extra special year full of a lot of fun and good times. Happy Happy birthday :)

  13. Happy b'day, Preeti. Many many return of the day!:) Patric Dempsey looks so much like Hugh Jackman. New template is nice but the previous smileys were better.

  14. ok - am sure i commented yesterdya.,,,,where it is??

    ok what i said was:

    i almost stopped reading and stared gaping at Mcdreamy and then i got to the point

    Happy HappY Birthday girl!!! 23!!! Sighhhh!!! decades ago! Have a fantastic year

    now this year move over to wordpress

  15. Happy Belated B'day Preeti! Have a lovely year ahead! Cheerz

  16. Wish you a very happy birthday :) You share bday with Mcdreamy .. that is something you should def brag about ;)

  17. @All above: Thanks for all the wishes! :)
    Considering I quite literally forced all of you to wish me, I guess I should be thankful! :D

    @Karthik: Imran Khan's okay! Not that bad, at least.. ;;)

    @Rechristened: Thanks much! :)

  18. @DI: Thanks! I like Avery too, but sometimes, he looks spooky - Greek god features, I guess! :|

    @Celestial Rays, Bikram & CB: Many thanks! :)

  19. @Tanishka: Thanks! You are Twenty three too! Goodie. I am hating all these comments that say - oh you are a kid! Tell them, twenty three is not small! :D

  20. @Kaddu, Rajlakshmi & Ajay: Thanks much for the wishes! :)

  21. @Comfy: Hehee.. Good you didn't give up. See? :D

  22. @Nuttie: Haha! Isn't he just dreamy? :)
    I am actually seriously considering moving to Wordpress. Now I just need to get over the feeling of being comfortable here at blogger!

  23. @Wildflower & Piyu: Many many thanks! :)

    Oh and Piyu: I should brag about that, right? :D

  24. My best wishes to you on your birthday.

  25. Happy birthday to you, *Clap clap clap*

    Hope you hav fab years ahead!!!

  26. Happy Birthday! Hope you Had a great day, here is to a lovely year ahead! And while a lot of cute guys may share their birthday with you...it's YOU who is most important this day!

  27. @BK Sir; Many thanks!

    @PriPat: Thanks, girl! :)

  28. Happy Birthday! Hope you had fun @ work :)

  29. @Roshmi: Thanks! :)
    I bunked the day! :D

  30. Belated but warm wishes sent your way. Acknowledge on receipt :D

  31. @Scorpia: Lots of warmth received! :)
    Thanks! :D

  32. u share ur buddday with him?? :-O
    ok.. Happpy birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :)
    n new template looks cool!

  33. @S: Isn't that a privilege ? :))
    Thanks for the wishes! :)

  34. Belated wishes..
    I love Derek.
    Thanks for sharing this info..


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