The One Where We Decided the Title is Unnecessary

Aah well. So 2010 ended. Nope. I did not do the customary year-end post simply because, as cliched as it may sound, I felt the year zipped by too fast and that my last year's year-end post is about as relevant today as it was back then. Except that I am lazier this year. And hence skipping that little ritual of the round-up post. Touche!

Resolutions? Nada. Why? Because, let's face it, there is no point.
But here's a list of things I am looking forward to this year:

  • Some clarity on life. And my future.
  • Turning 23. Not looking forward to all the relatives' concerns about the inevitable nuptials.
  • Reading. A lot. At least more than what I read last year.
  • Lots of choti si khushis.
  • A small wish that I hope gets fulfilled this year. Umm. So, it's small when you look at the big picture. The really really big picture. The enormous picture. That's when the wish looks small. Okay, fine. Have it your way. The BIG wish. I still hope it gets fulfilled, though.
  • Bright sunshine.
  • Good shows on TV.
  • Memorable movies to watch.
  • Blogging more often?
  • Making more friends.
  • Shopping more. Saving more. Oops. Paradox error that was! :P
  • Growing up. Enjoying life. Paradox error again. What's wrong with me?
  • Helping Mum around the house.
  • Learning to cook.
  • Being more optimistic.
  • Following Calvin's word to the core.
  • Listening to new music.
  • Life.

The fact that I did not call this exhaustive list "my resolutions" excuses me from living up to each of them. Am I smart or what? OR maybe it's the new year that has made me smart. (Already optimistic!)

It's chilly in Delhi - 14 degrees maximum temperature on the 2nd day of the year. But wearing a new sweater has helped look at things in a bright new perspective! I am on a roll of optimism!
Have a fabulous new year, everyone!
As for the previous year, as Hugh Macleod says, Smile!

Signing out,

Picture Courtesy: Gaping Void, by Hugh Macleod


  1. What a lovely list... Though I never make any resolutions and neither d I like reading them but I simply loved this one...

    Oh and someone is so smart here with us... :D

    New sweater... Show Off... :D :D

  2. @Tanishka: Yay! You are first. Good start to the year? :a
    You are so on to me. Of course, that was a show off! In fact, I wanted to write about all the crazy shopping I did yesterday. Something stopped me! :c

  3. Arre wah! Impressive list :D
    I have refrained from making any official resolutions :|
    May you get all that you hope for this year!
    Happy new year :D

  4. @DI: Thanks! Wish you and the Dude a very happy new year too! :a

  5. Yo! That was an interesting wish list (or resolutions?) :d
    May all of your wishes come true. Wishing you a lovely new year! Happy days ahead! :t :k :q
    And yeah, as Hugh Macleod says, I'm :a ing.

  6. @Karthik: Thanks! :a
    A very happy new year to you too! :a
    And blog more often na?

  7. Yeah, hope to write more. Thanks. :a
    I recently posted a story 'Kiddo'. Read it whenever possible. You might like it.

  8. @Karthik: That never showed up on my Reader! :e
    Off to read right away!

  9. That's a good wish-list. May all of 'em come true. Good start to the year! :a And yes, blog more often. :a

  10. @Ajay: Thanks! May your wishes come true too! An important year for you, na? With placements and all? All the best! :a

  11. This list is a wise start to the year ;-)

  12. Hey write about it na... :) Ohk thi time I won't call you show off... :D

  13. Resolution or wish list or just a list... thats what v normally do at the start of year.. may u get al of the listed in the new year

    happy new year!!

  14. Here's wishing you lots of choti si khushis and badi waali khushis too! Much love to you on new year, kiddo! :)

  15. OOh so smart to not call it "resolutions" and escape the guilt later on!!
    *how i never thought of this!!* :i

    Happpppy new year, Soul sistaaaa :a

  16. @Tanishka: Hehe. Yeah well, next post. Definitely about my shopping extravaganza! :c

  17. @Pripat: Thanks! A very happy new year to you too! :a
    Welcome here! :a

  18. @Tamanna: :a
    Thanks! :a
    Believe it or not, it actually felt nice to be called "kiddo"! :a
    A very happy new year to you too! :a

  19. @T: Thanks much! :a
    Wish you a very happy new year too! :a

  20. @S: :c
    Happy new year, gal! :a

  21. now thats really a sweet list :D
    thank god you didnt call it resolution... else all the fun would have been lost
    lovely post

  22. @Rajlakshmi: Hehe! Thanks! :a
    Happy new year to you! :a

  23. Such a simple, cute and lovely list :). Happy New Year :)

  24. @Harini: Thanks, girl! :a
    Warm wishes for an awesome new year to you too! :a

  25. really nice list...specially the "lots of chotisi khushi"....its really tough time in giving me headache to survive here...

  26. Wow! Nice bunch of lazolutions ;)

    Have a fun-filled year ahead... minus the masters degree ;) ;)

    P.S. If you are an avid reader do look up this site:

  27. Excellent List .. Though I ma not good with mine I have made a resolution not to make a resolution cause i cant keep it anyay so why bother ...

    in 2011 EAT DRINK AND BE MERRY :) is the motto :)


  28. @Lemon: Thanks! And yeah, it is reallllly cold here! :f

  29. @Roshmi: HA. Loved that. Lazolutions! Brilliant!
    You have a great year too! With Shona baby of course! :a
    And yeah, I had read your review just before I read your comment! :a

  30. @Bikram: :c
    Have fun in 2011, Bikram! :a

  31. I suggest put the last point first:a...the rest will follow...a happy new year to you:a

  32. @Raksha: Haw. You are so right! :a
    Happy new year to you too! :a
    Welcome here!

  33. What is with you not yet 23 year olds and 23 year old about calling yourself OLD. Oh you are stick to that.. :l

    Have an extra special 2011 Preeti..and may your small (big) wish come true :a

  34. @Comfy: Oye! I didn't call myself old! :l
    Thanks for the wishes! :a
    Wish you, Buzz and D a very happy new year too! :a

  35. 'Baby shona'... is learning to whistle by blowing his lips these days. What fun!

    You can review the books you read/like too... by joining this site (

  36. Nice. :)

    Living is more important than planning, in life. :)

  37. Such a cute list. Btw, I got a huge volume of Calvin collection from office library just today - totally awesome it is :D

    Here is wishing you have loads of chotti chotti khushiyan every day of this new year :)

  38. @Piyu: So nice to see you on my blog again! :) :D
    And wow! Your office library has Calvin? Mine only has stupid technical & business books! :(


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