PS: Thanks to a template change, I lost 45 comments on this post. Fear not. I have those comments somewhere on Will figure out a way to get them back! :)

<<Rant Alert>>

I know, I know. My last post was just two days back and it is uncharacteristic of me to post so soon. But like I mentioned above, this is a rant. So, I be excused.

  • It is not fair that I have a bad day *just* because I woke up 10 minutes 45 minutes too late in the morning. It is not fair when I need to be convince my poor little body clock that at 12 degrees maximum and 3 degrees minimum, it still does not get that few extra minutes in the razai. It is not fair that after a mad rush and a fight for the geyser with the maid, I still miss my office bus by 5 minutes. It is not fair that the Auto I take charges me 20 bucks extra because there is no change and well, it is too cold to argue. It is not fair that thanks to frozen hands, I could not feel the vibrator of my phone when a sweet colleague trying to stop the bus for me, called. It is not fair that I now officially hate winter.
  • Need I mention that the rest of the day was on a downward slide from that point onwards?
  • Seriously. Two sweaters, one overcoat, one muffler and I was chilled to the bone. The silver lining, if you are reallllllly looking to see one, is that I like office now. Thanks to the central heating!
  • What is with the goddamn wind? Stop now.
  • My Manager got the Annual Achievement Award. Why am I ranting about it? Go figure.
  • There should be counselling on Wednesdays. 
  • I changed my Template. Needless to say, there's a story behind that too. After much deliberation and trying out colours and pestering my artistic Mum for advice, I finally figured out a good combination. When I clicked "Apply to Blog", Blogger sweetly told me that there was a minor error and that it had "informed the guys at Blogger all about it". I was impressed. I mean, here I am having a bad day, and these guys care so much for me like they know! I was wrong. Of course. So wrong. The idiots never saved my settings. I sat up till 12 last night to recreate the settings. Why? Because my mind refused to let Blogger spoil an already horrible day.
  • While we are on the subject, I wonder how long it will take Blogger to realise that introducing nested comments is NOT equivalent to launching a rocket. I should let you know, dear Blogger, that I managed to insert nested comments thanks to a brilliant suggestion from Bikram.
  • I am done ranting. Actually, I am not done ranting. But whatever. I will save you from further depression.
The title "Pfuit" means "Big deal" in French according to Meg Cabot, whose books I have been reading a lot lately.

I have work to do. So bye! You have a good day, wokay?

Signing out,


  1. Oh! just saw you lost my precious comment :P :)
    Anyway, here I am wishing you a very happy new year once again!

    I hope you get the rest of your comments back.

  2. And now I'm first too, yay :D

  3. @Piyu: Technically, you are 46th, but because of that small tragedy of loosing out on all comments, I hereby declare you "FIRSSSST"! :D

  4. Testing the new smileys! :)) ;)) ;;)

  5. They're working! Yoohoo! :D =))

  6. Here's hoping Blogger returns all your lost comments and makes your day and the year ahead a fantastic one ;;)
    Love the new template :)

  7. @CB: Hey, thanks! :)
    Happy new year to you too! :)

  8. hey Preeti
    Lovely blog.I stop being late for office coz Mrs Boss reprimanded me.Settings,template on blog..getting headache with that.Keep writing whenever u feel like but be regular Im sure yeh dil maange more:)

  9. Template's nice... but my comment has done a Houdini act :(

  10. ... Errr... methinks... its about time you fed your blog :D

    P.S. Don't say... you're too busy trying to acquire a Master's degree ;)

  11. @Vishal: Thanks! Welcome here! :)

  12. @Roshmi: Eehehe. Fed the blog! :D
    I swear I have your comment! It's just not showing here! Stupid blogger che. ~x(

  13. lol...
    managers should nvr get awards unless we get them first!

  14. O seriously !!!
    We should write a petition for Nested comments to Blogger :) That is one reason m contemplating to move to wordpresssss :|

  15. @S: Same here, ya! I have to go on a break anyway. Will probably move to Wordpress when I come back. :|

  16. Love the new template :)
    I agree, they should have counseling on wednesdays.. and maybe mondays too ;D


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