The Delights of Delhi

Delhi is always in the news for all the wrong reasons. Women safety (or the lack of it!),  VIP Traffic, CWG fiasco. Hell, they made a swanky new awe-inspiring airport, and even that successfully crossed over to the negative side thanks to it's extra long corridors. Seriously? Corridors? That's your problem now? Come on. Be nice? 

I think what the country needs is a dose of some very good Delhi-isms. Things that would make you fall in love with the city! So here's my compilation of must-do things in Saddi Dilli:

Picture Courtesy - The Hindu
  1. Culture Curry! - You have missed a lot if you have not delved into Delhi's culture potpourri. For starters, The "Music in the Park" series. This concert by Spic Macay invites some Maestros of music to perform in the splendid Nehru Park, and here's where you'll find the best of Delhites. You can spend an evening of delight in the pleasant months of February and March, sprawled on carpets on the grass, listening to some mind boggling renditions by artists such as Pdt. Hariprasad Chaurasia, Pdt Ravi Shankar, Mandolin Srinivas, to name a few. There are other good concerts too. For instance, I managed to catch Maestro Shashank in the Dakshinayan concert series last weekend, and suffice to say, he is a genius!
  2. The Green Lungs - Delhi has some beautiful gardens - Lodhi Gardens, Nehru Park, Jamali Kamali (They were two famous poets of the Qutb Era). All you need to do is park yourself at a shady spot in these gardens on a lazy Sunday, and watch as the world goes by. There'll be jolly picnickers, random guitar players, drama groups practising, friendly birds. Trust me on this one.
  3. Andhra Lunch! - I know this sounds like a paradox, but when you gorge on that Thali at Andhra Bhavan, you know this is as less a paradox as you can imagine. Sumptuous Andhra meal, complete with Pachadi and Payasam, this is one place you cannot afford to miss. The portly man with a moustache reminds you of a strict mother - forcing you to eat fast, but making sure you enjoy!
  4. Random Monument Hopping - You may not be a History buff, but Delhi's historical trail will make you one, provided you are accompanied by an enthusiast. My sister managed to get me intrigued by all these monuments, be it Humayun's Tomb, Hauz Khas ruins, Mehruali or Purana Quila. They have a story to tell. Listen carefully!
  5. The Daryaganj Book Market - Every city has one book lover's paradise. This is Delhi's own Koti Market. 4 Km crowded road in Old Delhi, selling second hand books - Doesn't get better. The smell of old paper, mixed with the smell of samosas from nearby Thelas, sigh. If you are really in a  mood, you could always walk down to Red Fort, make your way to Chandni Chowk and gorge on the famed Jalebis. If you are really in a mood.
Picture Courtesy - Wikipedia

So that's  that then. Every city has something to make you fall in love with it. What made you fall in love with yours? :-)

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    1. The salubrious climate. The leisurely pace of life. Abundant greenery. India Coffee House @ M.G. Road. Now all four are a thing of the past... and no longer a joy forever :(

    2. @Roshmi: That's bad! You'll find something else to love! :) Lal Bagh maybe?

    3. WoW! what an enlightening post about Delhi and that massive number of books in the picture are amazing ;;)
      Being able to fetch books at second hand rates is indeed great :)

    4. too bad I haven;t visited Delhi... chalo you have highlighted the good features of this place which is always famous for wrong reasons

    5. Delhi. The place I call home. The place most non natives love to dislike(hate would be too strong). If I had to lure someone to Delhi, what would I offer?
      1. FOOD: Unbeatable range. Ok we aren't very cosmopolitan in our offerings or even pan Indian, but if it's north indian, I'm sure you can find it. Somewhere.
      2. Greenary: No city the size of delhi has even a city forest like we do!
      3. Boulevards: Some of the best I've seen in India...the size of those roads is amazing and driving in central Delhi..aah!
      4. Winter: Lame reason, but anyone heard the song "Dilli ki sardi"? lol. sorry
      Ok so am jobless right now!
      Go Preeti!! Promote Dilli!!

    6. The only thing I like about Delhi is the Mithayi shops all around. YUM :D

    7. @CB: Ha. When you come to India, you know whom to contact for full-time guide services! :)

    8. @Rajlakshmi: Arrey! You need to visit Delhi! :)
      Open invite hai. I'll be your guide!

    9. @Shivani: Boulevards! How did I miss that! We are actually luckier than most other Delhites when it comes to the green bit, thanks to where we live. But even that apart, I agree about Delhi's green lungs! When are you coming home? We'll meet up? ;;)

    10. @Comfy: True that! Lots of Mithais. Not good for the waistline. :D

    11. mom n dad just returned from a dilli visit n cant stop singing praises ;)

      this is a post to be book-marked!!!

    12. Chennai..the city I fell in love with!!!

      Marina beach, Central station, Pondy bazar, Saravana bhavan, Anna university(the place where I spent my lovely four years), Indra nagar (the area I was brought up during my childhood), Spencer plaza, mount road, Satyam theatres, the chennai heat, chennai super kings, Egmore shopping malls, and so many more.

      Gurl now you make me think of writing a post on Chennai :P

    13. Include Akshardhaam Temple in the to-visit list for its sheer beauty, architecture and serenity. :) I missed being to the Daryaganj Book Market. Next time I'm going to get lots of books from there. :)

      PS: India won! India won! :D And we're going to win the Cup too. :)

    14. @Scorpia: Thanks! :)
      You should have come too! :D

    15. @Sukanya: Oh wow! Your list sounds tempting. Go post now! :D

    16. @Ajay: Yeah! Akshardham is truly splendid!


    17. Aha! Reading your blog after a while and this was a lovely post. You really should have tagged people in the end! :)

    18. @Choco: Oye Hey! Long time! :D
      Thanks! :)
      Didn't tag because I seem to have lost quite a few readers thanks to the long break I took. And most blogger friends seem to be on a break, now that I have come back! :((
      Why don't you take it up? Kolkata Delights? :)

    19. I am coming home in May :-)

      Wide roads, bigger houses, houses with gardens!!, superb food, Nirula's!!!, metro

    20. @Rechristened: Yay! :D
      Love it when someone calls Delhi "home"! :)
      BTW, where the hell have you disappeared?

    21. Wow, I have some sweet memories of Delhi too spent a lot of time there.
      and You mentioned so many more I guess next time i land i got ot stay there for a coupole of days to visit these places


    22. Just...stuff happening in life...and too uninspired to write about it :-(
      Maybe Delhi will change the trend (fingers crossed)

      But hey, I always read posts by you :-)

    23. @Bikram: You should definitely! And besides, Delhi has changed a lot over the last few years. You'll love it now! :)

    24. @Rechristened: Thanks for putting up with my posts! :)
      Yeah, I know the feeling! Hope Delhi refreshes you! :)

    25. Aww...I've been looking forward to a possible move to Delhi for the past few months. Its a city I wanted to live in forever now. Instead, I end up leaving lovely old Bangalore for Hyderabad (which I love too, but its not Delhi. Or Bangalore). Sigh!

    26. @Ramya: Wow! You were looking to MOVE to Delhi? You should have told me before. I do a good job convincing people about the city, you know? Would have tried the magic on you too! ;;)

      Hyderabad is good. Sigh.


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