So I am Versatile, huh? :)

Yahoooo! The lovely Raksha Bhat from A Canary's Diary has given me this wonderful award! The rules are simple:

1. Express gratitude for the blogger who awarded you this
2. Share 7 random facts about yourself
3. Pass on the award. 

So point 1: Thanks for this, Raksha! I am new to your blog, but I am absolutely enjoying my stay there and catching up on reading on all your previous posts too! :)

And now on to the 7 Random facts about myself:

Random Fact 1:
Most of the conversations I have with new people or strangers begin in the exact same way. Always. 
Me: Hi. I am X.Y.Preeti. You are?

Other Person: What is X.Y.?

Me: Yeah. I am a South Indian. So, I have my initials before my name. Family thing. You are?

Other Person: You are a SOUTH INDIAN? You don't look like one! At all.

Me: Hmm. That's news. And what do we mean by "look like a South Indian" anyway? Hmm? And who the hell are you?

Other Person: Arrrey no no. I meant. You know. Complexion, etc? Err. Generally. Ummm. Oh by the way, I am ABC.

Me: Pleasure. Whatever.

It's always the same. Fine. I have my initials before my real name. Enough Government forms have told me that and laughed that my surname is Preeti. But I still don't get the logic behind the "look like a South Indian" story. Whatever.

Random Fact 2:
I absolutely LOVE ladyfinger. Totally. I am the type of person who never puts her hand in other people's lunch trays. Except. Except when there's Bhindi being served! I know it's silly, but I almost thank God at times that no kidnappers were aware of this small loophole of mine when I was a kid. I would have walked right into the trap.

Random Fact 3:
I love music of almost all genres - Classical, rock, alternate, country. And more often than not, when I go to concerts of geniuses such as Anushka Shankar, I feel like kicking myself for being so talent-less!  Or for that matter, even good sketch-artists impress me. I am quite talent-less, you know?

Random Fact 4:
I am shit scared of dogs. I change my route while walking, just so I could avoid encounters with maniac dogs. I don't think it's fancy to keep dogs as pets if you have no idea how to control them. And I don't think it's funny or cute when your dog jumps at me randomly on the street and starts a barking frenzy as if it could smell my fear.
    Random Fact 5:
    In my opinion, there are two types of people - the Beach people and the Hillside people. I am a sucker for beaches! My idea of perfect vacation is a beach side, a good book, coconut water and raw mango pickle. :)

    Random Fact 6:
    In college, I would often shock friends with a sudden, "Hey, I am writing a book. Should I use your real name or would you like an alias?" It was a joke back then. But of late, I find myself wistfully thinking about writing a book, someday. Not about college, would not go down that lane for Chetan Bhagat's worth load of money. But some other subject. Perhaps. Someday.

    Random Fact 7:
    I cannot, for the love of God, write anything short or precise. Which you might have guessed from the average length of my posts. I mean, come on. 7 random facts should have been:

    (1) I am a girl.
    (2) I like blogging.
    (3) I love music.
    (4) I love reading.
    (5) I am  a Grey's Anatomy fan.
    (6) I wish to see an Eric Clapton concert live someday.
    (7) I like being short and precise.

    And look what I ended up writing. A whole truckload of crap. Maybe I should give up the book idea. For all you know, it'll either replace Mahabharat as the longest epic or run into the most number of sequels ever.

    I'll stop rambling now.

    Oooh. Point 3: Tag others!

    I tag Ajay because he is truly, truly versatile. This guy can write random posts, short stories, poems, he can draw, photograph and on top of all that, he is an IITian. Does it get any better? :)

    Note to self: Next post must be 100 words or less. Okay let's not be too harsh. 500 words.

    Signing out.


    1. Ooohhh.....I'm with you on Random Facts 3, 4 and 5. Woot!

    2. Hehehe, I completely relate with you w.r.t. fact# 4. They all look rabid to me.

      "In my opinion, there are two types of people - the Beach people and the Hillside people."
      And I belong to the second category :-D

    3. Now this stranger (that's me) knows at least 7 facts about u. And sometimes I wonder is this fairer species always that blabbering? just kidding :)

      Nice blog for a lighter moment. Enjoyed reading it :)

    4. @Ramya: Woot! :)
      The beach thing was kinda obvious. I mean, we Vizagites and all? :)

    5. @Rechristened: I was half expecting hate mail for point 4! Pleasant surprise to find myself company on that front! :D
      I don't mind hills, waise. Prefer beaches? :)

    6. @Rakesh: Thanks! Welcome here! :)
      Good thing you didn't start the conversation in the normal way! :P

    7. Same pinch on #2. I love Bhindi. :) You have to write at least one full-length book after an exclusive preview you gave us here. :D So much praise! I'm truly overwhelmed though I must say I don't deserve all that. Thank you so much. :) Will take up the tag soon.

    8. Hey! Congratulations for the award. :) I agree with #1. Being a South Indian, I often experience the same thing. I never understood the "look like a South Indian" story. Nice post! And Ajay truly deserves the tag. :)

    9. ;;)

      wah wah !!

      1. i have small eyes. and all my childhood i was called chinese/ nepali :-|

      2. Hate Ladyfinger :( Love cauliflower

      3. Love music :)


      5. Beach person :)

      6. Not a "writer" *once upon a time believed I was*

      7. random can't get randomer :)

    10. @Ajay: Oh you are welcome! :)
      You are an absolutely versatile blogger! :D
      Is there a Bhindi lover's club somewhere? ;;)

    11. @Harsha: Hi! Welcome here! :)
      I think all South Indians face this stupid question, nai? ;;)

    12. hahaha... its cool... :D
      shit scared of dogs??? why??? :O
      i love dogs... they r so lovely...n cute... spend sometime with them n i can guarantee u tat u wil 4get everythin else.. :D

    13. congrats on the award.

      and ladyfinger BHINDI wowow my favourite vegetable tooo :)

      all the best with the writing of the book


    14. //write anything short or precise.// hhehehe yeah you actually gave 14 points about you :D
      even i love lady finger... deep fried... :D
      nice knowing you :D

    15. @S:
      1. Awww! Wonder why people do that!
      2. If its any solace, I love cauliflower too! :D
      3. Same pinch!
      4. Glad I have company on this one!
      5. Yayyy! :D
      6. God only know if I am one! :P
      7. :))

    16. @Anoop: Umm. Nope. Can't do that! :(

    17. @Bikram: Thanks! :)
      Bhindi Zindabad! :D

    18. @Rajlakshmi: Hahaa! :))
      Yeah. Exactly what I meant! I can talk/write a LOT! :D
      Care to join the Bhindi fan club which I plan to start? :)

    19. Hey Preeti, congrats on the award!! :)
      And Inch pinch for - the SouthIndian question, Bhindi, puppy scare and the Beach love!!


    20. 1. I went to Mumbai, the put my last name first, dad's name in the middle and my name in the end. So in place of xz I became zyx :(
      2. I LOVE bhindi.
      3. Music is the best love. I have is going around me at all times :)
      4. I don't hate dogs as in I am not scared of them, but I don't love dogs either.
      5. Oh I am both a hill person and a beach person. I can be happy in both the places. Love to sit and listen to the waves and love the sound of trees and birds in the hills. :)
      6. Write that book I say. Write it, write it.
      7. If you were not this, how would you write that book. What you will have one sentence each for each chapter?

      Congratulations on the award :D

    21. @Sukanya: Arrey wah! Lots of same pinches! To you too! :)

    22. @Comfy: Oh My God. ZYX is far worse than my case! My sympathies!
      Same pinch on Bhindis, music and dogs! :D
      I don't mind hills waise, as long as its a vacation, but I guess beaches appeal because of all the summer vacations I spent there! :)
      Good point you have about the book. But in my case, each chapter might just become a book in itself! :D
      And Thanks! :)

    23. Dont be scared of dogs! You must must MUST meet Pumbaa!

      I am a sucker for beaches too!

      And someday, i WILL write a book too -- for like you, I can't write short, concise (boring) nothings! :D

    24. with you on the dog thing. I run a mile when I see one. congrats :D

    25. @Scorpia: Pumba is different. Pup, no? I won't be scared. Promise! :)

      You totally should write the book! I am with you on that!

    26. @Chindi: So much support on this point! I am touched and relieved! :D

    27. Lols the random facts are actually quite interesting!!!

    28. Interesting random facts. I don't think you blabber too much in your posts. Look at mine!

      Regarding random fact # 1. I do not understand the logic behind that custom and find it very funny :D. Mint, being a South Indian also had his initial before his name, but he had to change all that once he moved to the US. And I am so glad. I always ask him why anybody would do that? The first name is called 'first' name for a reason. And he says the initials are called 'initials' for a reason. Lol. I think we love arguing over this.

      Sorry for the long and meaningless comment.

    29. @Pepper: Oh well. Yeah. We all blabber, don't we? :D
      I am on Mint's side for this one! I mean, come on. Our fault that Suoth Indians like being stylish with initials and all that? Sigh. Who am I kidding. This sucks. Will get to the long-name as soon as I get the chance! :D


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