2012 And Beyond!

So I turned 24 this week and realized that before I know, I would be in my 30's and wondering where the years flew. Taking cue from DI's post a couple of months back, here's my to-do list which I need to strike out in the years to come, definitely before I turn 30!

  • First the unavoidables, lets get done with them first - Fall in love, get married. :P
  • Travel. A lot. Europe, South America, New Zealand, South East Asia, South Africa, who knows maybe US also!
  • Visit all the major cities - New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, Chicago, Berlin, Sydney.
  • Travel. A Lot. In India.
  • Seriously start thinking about writing a book.
  • Watch Wimbledon live, in the stadium and see Federer squash Nadal. If this doesn't happen in the next couple of years, I might have to change the Federer to Djokovic.
  • Go to Brazil to see 2014 Football World Cup. Nope, I am not a football fan otherwise. But I love the World Cup!
  • Go for a live in concert of atleast 2 or 3 favorite bands - Eric Clapton, John Mayer, Coldplay, Dave Matthews Band, Eagles. Any of these will do!
  • Dance. Atleast once.
  • Fall in love with a city that is not Delhi. #UncharacteristicShowOfMaturity #Turning24
  • Career! I forgot about that one! :P I don't want to be CEO when I'm 30. I think I found my calling and that's Marketing. I'm good at it, and that's what I want to do for a long time to come. But by the time I'm 30, I hope I'm good enough for people to start wanting to hear me talk about marketing. That'd be more than enough for me!
  • Disney Land. #Turning24ButStillAChild
  • Own a house that looks as homely as Konkana Sen's in Wake Up Sid and as classy as Farhan Akhtar's in Rock On! :D
  • Honda CRV. That'll be *my* car and I'll be driving it.
  • Formally learn to play guitar. I am done fiddling with it!
  • Upgrade my reading list to more mature books - Maybe non-fiction? *shudder* We'll keep this for the later years. I can start when I'm 29, read one non fiction and cut it off the list! #Turning24 #BecomingSmarter
  • I hope I continue my blog till I'm 30 so I can cross stuff off this list!

I think I'll keep this list open and keep adding things to it. This seems so short!
And of course, the pre-requisite for any of this is, that the world doesn't end in 2012. :D
Happy new year everyone! :)



  1. good list
    good luck for for each one

  2. Awesome list. Belated happy birthday :) And yes, seriously start thinking about writing a book. Looking forward to when you'd strike it off the list. :D

  3. Belated happy birthday preeti :)
    Start with going to London this year to enjoy the Olympics live :D
    Good luck with the list...may you accomplish much more than this before you hit the 30 mark :)

  4. An awesome and a definitely achievable list! I think you'll be able to strike off most of the things by the time you turn 30. I'm just worried about the second last point, because I know there's been no lack of trying from your side (I have officially given up trying to read non-fiction) :-)

    Good luck with the list!!

  5. The Other Side of LifeSunday, January 15, 2012

    Thanks! :)

  6. The Other Side of LifeSunday, January 15, 2012

    Thanks! I'll send you a free copy of the book! :D

  7. The Other Side of LifeSunday, January 15, 2012

    Thanks CB! :)
    Long time! How are you doing? London Olympics was on my list initially, then I realized I need money for that! :D

  8. The Other Side of LifeSunday, January 15, 2012

    Thanks Aastha! You know my luck with non fiction na? I think I'll stick to my plan of starting when I'm 29 years 11 months and 3 weeks old! :P

  9. let me know when you reach london :)

    and all the best with the list .. and for wimbeldon you WILL have to come ot london.. :)
    and honda Crv i like that car tooo :)


  10. Happy Birthday! :) That's a LOT of clarity at 24 :o !Good for you!
    CRV is an awesome vehicle to own. And now I expect the book written by the time you're 30! :D

  11. The Other Side of LifeWednesday, January 18, 2012

    Hehe. Yeah, please do help me around London! :)

  12. The Other Side of LifeWednesday, January 18, 2012

    Thankfully I said I'll start thinking about writing a book! :D
    No pressures there! :P

  13. Happppy B'day ..belated one though :-|

  14. Heyloo, you have just been awarded! Please hop over to my blog to claim it :) Congrats!

  15. If you can do all this with your finances and sanity intact...let me know how ;-)

  16. Belated happy birthday Preeti... And same pinch on the house dream, that appears on my wish list too... :)

  17. Congratulations and celebrations!
    Hope all your wishes soon come true. :)

  18. Its my fondest wish is to watch federer and nadal one on one live :)

    Belated happy b'day :) This is the 3rd post i'm reading about the B'days in recent times. I celebrated my 26 b'day in november last year. Man, you guys are making me feel old.

    Excellent read :) :)


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